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Potterton Ultra System Boiler

Potterton’s Ultra System is a lightweight, compact gas condensing boiler with five different output flow rates to suit all size homes – 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW or 28kW. Your Gas Safe engineer will make the decision of which size you need. A 12kW would be great for a flat, apartment or 2 bed home and the 28kW would be suited to a large 5 bed home.

The boiler can live in a standard kitchen cupboard, like all system boilers this model does require a hot water cylinder. System boilers are great if you require water to multiple taps at once.

This boiler is highly efficient and costs around £920 to £1800 depending on which size output you need to suit your size home.

Always remember the price does not include installation fees. If you would prefer a boiler to include installation fees and to have your boiler fitted before you pay a penny, go to

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High Efficiency Boiler:

This boiler is recognised by the Energy Saving Trust and has a ErP A rating for for efficiency. If you are replacing an old inefficient boiler you will notice a great difference in the fuel bills.

The boiler will control your central heating automatically to avoid waste and lower the fuel bills.


The Potterton Ultra System boiler comes with a reset button, pressure gauge, adjustable temperature control and the controls are covered on the front panel out of reach of children. To control the reliability of the boiler it has robust hydraulic connections, it also has optional flues to help decide on desired location and is simple to install due to the pre-plumbing work.

The boiler can connect with the Multifit GasSaver heat recovery system to lower the usage of gas you use for hot water by up to 37%. You can also connect the Megaflow Eco Cylinder to also reduce the fuel bills.

You can add a Potterton EP2 Programmer that Will control your central heating system by altering the on and off times to avoid extra costs and wasted fuel.


Warranty on this Boiler:

The Potterton Ultra System boiler comes with a standard two-year parts and labour warranty. Read the guidelines here to validate your warranty.



Ultra System 12 System H – 700 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 300 mm
N/A 12 kW A 90% AND ABOVE £910
Ultra System 15 System H – 700 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 300 mm
N/A 15 kW A 90% AND ABOVE £1060
Ultra System 18 System H – 700 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 300 mm
N/A 18 kW A 90% AND ABOVE £1210
Ultra System 24 System H – 700 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 300 mm
N/A 24 kW A 90% AND ABOVE £1360
Ultra System 28 System H – 700 mm
W – 390 mm
D – 300 mm
N/A 28 kW A 90% AND ABOVE £1500

Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages below and decide if this is the boiler for you:


  • Suitable for all size homes
  • The boiler controls the correct amount of fuel needed
  • Optional flues available
  • Controls are out of reach of small children
  • Simple to install, maintain and servicee
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pre-plumbing jig to make installation fast and simple
  • High-efficiency boiler
  • Megaflo Eco Cylinders can connect to this system to improve comfort, performance and maximise energy efficiency
  • Baxi Multifit GasSaver heat recovery system Can connect and lower the gas used to heat water by up to 37% per year


  • Which? Give Potterton a score of 54%
  • Extra tanks needed so more space needed
  • Has a 2-year warranty which is not very lengthy

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What fuel does your boiler use

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