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Boiler Central Reviews

Boiler Central Reviews

Boiler Central Reviews – Everything you need to know about Boiler Central

Do you need a new boiler? Has your old inefficient boiler broken down? Have you been searching online recently for a brand new boiler installation?

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If you have then there is a good chance you may have come across a company called Boiler Central in your google searches.

This is not by accident. This is because Boiler Central are really starting to make waves in the boiler installation industry, installing boilers all over the country for less.

Who are Boiler Central?

Boiler Central are an established online boiler installation company. They have an easy to use website that gives you a fixed price on top of the range boilers everyone has heard of such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Viessmann, Baxi and more.

Using only Gas Safe registered installers, you can be sure that you are getting the best.

Free fixed price quote in under 20 seconds

The price you see is the price you pay. Boiler Central’s website is smart, intuitive, and easy to use and works out which boiler is best for your home. This can be all done in under 20 seconds by answering 10 simple questions and with the minimum of personal information.

All you have to provide is the first part of your postcode. Boiler Central have installed 1000’s of boilers in homes across the country this way. It just works!

Get a fixed price in 20 seconds

What fuel does your boiler use

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Take your time & save money with no pushy salesman

By cutting out the middleman you are saving money, there is no pushy salesman to pay and the price you see online is the price you pay for the installation, providing that you have given accurate information about your boiler, home and other parts that we will discuss later. 

Boiler Central ReviewedBoiler Central Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

It sounds too good to be true, but you can be looking for a boiler online one day, and with Boiler Central, you can be getting your boiler installed the next day!

There is no extra cost for next day installation. You can however save money by choosing dates that are further in the future.

If you don’t need a boiler urgently you can book your boiler installation for a few days later and you could save yourself up to £50!

Where do Boiler Central install?

Boiler Central install everywhere in the mainland UK. They’ve left no one out. So whether you live in London, Lands End, Llandudno or near Loch Lomond, you can be sure that Boiler Central will be able to pride you with the boiler you want along with full installation and aftercare.

Boiler Central have built up a fantastic network of installers across the UK that are on hand in every area to be able to install boilers. 

Gas Safe registered boiler installers only Boiler Central Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

All the boiler installers used by Boiler Central have a Gas Safe registration number.

This means that they have the correct qualifications and have passed the relevant industry tests to ensure they can provide top quality, safe and reliable boiler replacement

What boilers do Boiler Central sell?

Boiler Central offer a fantastic range of boilers. They offer everything from classic well known combi boilers such as the Ideal Logic 30 range, right up to the brand spanking new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 style combi boiler.

If you have a particular boiler that you want installing that can be arranged. There is a wide enough range on-site though to satisfy most people’s needs.

They even have a great budget range in the Vokera EasiHeat which is one of the cheapest boilers on the internet.

Here is a list of the boilers that Boiler Central currently install across the UK

Boiler ManufacturerBoiler RangeBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler Output
Worcester BoschGreenstar2000Combi Boiler25kw
Worcester BoschGreenstar2000Combi Boiler30kw
Worcester BoschGreenstar8000 LifeCombi Boiler30kw
Worcester BoschGreenstar8000 LifeCombi Boiler35kw
Worcester BoschGreenstar8000 StyleCombi Boiler30kw
Worcester BoschGreenstar8000 StyleCombi Boiler35kw
Worcester BoschGreenstar25iCombi Boiler25kw
Worcester BoschGreenstar30iCombi Boiler30kw
ViessmannVitodens050-wCombi Boiler29kw
ViessmannVitodens050-wCombi Boiler35kw
ViessmannVitodens100-wCombi Boiler30kw
ViessmannVitodens100-wCombi Boiler35kw
ViessmannVitodens100-wSystem Boiler26kw
ViessmannVitodens100-wSystem Boiler35kw
IdealLogicC30Combi Boiler30kw
IdealLogicC35Combi Boiler35kw
IdealLogicRRegular Boiler15kw
VokeraEasiHeatCCombi Boiler29kw

Boiler Central: Order process review

Years ago, people would fully expect to get in touch with a boiler installation company and request someone to come round to your home to look at your current heating situation.

If you were lucky you’d get a good deal on a brand new boiler at the right price. If you were unlucky you would get an exaggerated price and even extra added costs along the way. 

No hidden costs

With Boiler Central there are no hidden new boiler costs. They have realised that there are only certain factors that affect the cost of installing a boiler. This is all taken into consideration and calculated online with their boiler installation survey. 

The boiler installation surveyBoiler Central Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

A minimum of 10 questions is all it takes to get a price for a brand new boiler depending on your situation. All the questions will have multiple choice answers. The questions you will be asked are as follows:

  1. What kind of fuel does your boiler use?
  2. What type of boiler do you have?
  3. Do you want your new boiler in a different place?
  4. If yes – Where is your current boiler?
  5. If you want to move your boiler – Where do you want your new boiler?
  6. Which of these best describes your home?
  7. How many bedrooms do you have? 
  8. How many bathrooms do you have?
  9. Do you have any separate showers?
  10. Where does your flue come out of?
  11. Is the flue 30cm+ away from a window or door?
  12. Is the flue under any structure or roof?

Once you have answered the multiple-choice questions you will have to put the first part of your postcode in e.g. WF1, and then select “get my quote”

Get a fixed price in 20 seconds

What fuel does your boiler use

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Choosing from the list of recommended boilers

Once you have clicked “get my new boiler quotes” you will be shown a list of recommended boiler tailored to your situation.

This is why it is important that you provide accurate information about your home to ensure that the list of boilers provided are suitable boilers.

Included in the list of boilers will be budget or ‘cheap’ boilers all the way up to top of the range premium boilers.

This is to cater for everyone. If you have the extra cash for a top of the range, all singing all dancing boiler, then why not. If you are on a tighter budget then there will be boilers that cost you less.

You can look deeper into each boiler if you desire to ensure the boiler will be right for you. You may need to check a boilers dimensions to make sure it will fit in a cupboard space. 

Choosing your boiler installation date Boiler Central Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

Once you have decided on your new replacement boiler, you will then need to choose your new boiler installation date. You will then be taken to a page which shows a calendar for you to choose a suitable date for you. Do be aware though that this is just a booking date, this will have to be confirmed with Boiler Central.

It is very rare that it will be changed but your installation date could change depending on how busy the installers are. If the day you choose is free, you should get your boilerinstalled on that day. 

Boiler Central: Thermostat review

The next stage in your Boiler Central buying process is to choose how you want to control your new boiler and the heating in your home. Here you have 3 options to choose from as follows:

FREE wireless thermostat – £0

Honeywell T6 thermostat – £199

Google Nest 3rd Gen thermostat – £199

Salus IT500 smart thermostat – £129

Hive Active Heating thermostat

The free wireless thermostat is just basic controls that your pre-set and use around your home to tell your boiler when you want it to be turned on or off at certain times of the day.

The thermostats that cost £199 are both smart thermostats. This means that you can control your new boiler with an app on your phone. If you’re at work at it drops cold, you can simply warm your house up while you drive home. Great on those cold winter evenings.

Read more: Best smart thermostats

How do I pay Boiler Central? Boiler Central Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

You can pay the full amount by card or PayPal. You can buy now and pay later. You can also pay monthly. Just choose the option that suits your needs the most. 

Your details and paying for your new boiler

Therefore, the last thing to do is to pay for your new replacement boiler. At this point, you will have to enter your details and choose how you want to pay.

You don’t actually pay a thing until the boiler itself is on your wall and working properly. Your money will be pending payment up until this point.

Can I pay monthly with Boiler Central?

If you have been caught short by a boiler breakdown or alike, then it is likely you may not have the cash ready to pay for a boiler outright. If this is the case you can set up a payment plan with Boiler Central using boiler finance.

You can spread the cost of the boiler over 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years or 10 years! The choice is yours. The longer the repayment period, the lower the payments, but you will pay more in interest in the long run.

You can pay as little as £10 per month for a brand new boiler.

Boiler Central Reviews: Overview

Boiler Central really do seem to have nailed the boiler ordering and installation market. You would be making a good decision if you ordered your new boiler from Boiler Central.

Use our free tool below to price up a new boiler and see if Boiler Central offers the best rates.

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What our customers think

5 Stars on Trustpilot

Would recommend

Stressed when needed a new boiler but easy process with affordable finance. New boiler installed within a few days with option for next day.

Paul Jones 5 Star on Trustpilot

We were very impressed

On the day, they came on time. Lovely people, they kept everything clean. Explained everything to me. No mess, kept me informed.

Anne Cross 5 Star on Trustpilot

Great Experience

Great experience - quick to arrange, easy to work with the very responsive online team and all installed faster than expected.

Ms Baxter 5 Star on Trustpilot

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