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Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

New Boiler Installation London Quotes, Costs & Fitting

In London, a city known for its unpredictable weather and diverse neighbourhoods, having a reliable and efficient boiler system is ideal for home comfort.

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

This guide delves into the essentials of boiler installation in London, highlighting the best practices and regulatory compliance for 2023.

Whether you’re upgrading your heating system or installing a new one, this article provides comprehensive insights tailored to London’s unique requirements.

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Getting a boiler installation in London has never been easier or faster than it is now, thanks to us here at Compare Boiler Quotes.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Boiler Installation in London by Local Gas Safe Registered Engineers

All our online boiler companies offer London boiler installation next-day fitting if ordered by 2 p.m.

So if you are looking for a great deal, our recommended fittters install boilers in London areas daily while receiving excellent customer feedback.

We offer a wide range of new boilers and central heating installations from the best boiler brands for all boiler installers in London.

We compare the best gas boiler installation services in London, ensuring that qualified engineers install only the best gas boilers.

As a result, we compared many companies and discovered that Boiler Central will only install a new boiler using a Gas Safe Registered engineer, and there are plenty of engineers like that throughout the UK nationwide and ready to install your new boiler.

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

Despite this, the boiler installation is often the most expensive part of a Gas Safe installation in London due to the higher labour costs.

Boiler Replacement in London

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

Through our extensive network of London-based Gas Safe engineers and installers, we can provide boiler replacement quotes, boiler servicing, and boiler repairs at the most competitive prices for old and new boiler installations.

This means that you will save money on your initial boiler installation, which will allow you to spend the savings on a cover and service plan.

Purchasing a new boiler in London is a quick and easy process with many boiler finance options for your new boiler, so getting the right new boiler cost is critical to ensuring you’re completely satisfied with your quote.

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Combi boiler installation

The combi boiler is the most popular type of boiler in London, and combi boiler replacement is one of the simplest, quickest, and least expensive types of installation.

If you live in the UK, there is a good chance you have a combi boiler; if you need one, compare the latest London combi boiler installation prices now by clicking get a quote.

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

The benefit of a combi boiler installation is that it makes your home more energy efficient, money-saving, and sustainable. Having this combi boiler installed can save you money and be more economical for your household than regular boilers.

System boiler installation

System boilers are also a popular boiler type in London, particularly for larger homes with higher hot water demands. As a result, if you have a hot water tank in an airing cupboard or your loft, you most likely have one of these, so if you need a system boiler installation in London, you can compare prices now online in under 20 seconds by clicking here.

Don’t worry about the hot water cylinder; if your current tank is in good working order, your new unit can simply be plumbed into it.

Regular boiler installation

Regular boilers are still used in the UK, despite their decline. Fortunately, there are still many manufacturers producing these types of boilers with that condition; if you have both a hot water tank and a cold water expansion tank, you have a regular or conventional boiler, as they are also known.

Get the most recent heat-only boiler installation quotes in London online now and compare prices.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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New boiler installations in London

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

Our London-based boiler installers are recommended for new boiler installations because they have proven year after year that they can deliver next-day boilers throughout London, providing one of the quickest turnarounds and best boiler installations in the UK.

Our London boiler installation team has replaced more boilers than anyone else in the country.

London is very competitive for boiler installation, but we found our recommended fitters to be the most cost-effective and efficient while still providing high-quality installations.

We can install boilers in London as soon as the next day

We optimise your boiler’s efficiency, ensuring that you get an A-rated boiler to power your home’s heating system.

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

Everything from your hot water needs, gas appliances, and the number of showers and bathrooms will be considered to get you the best price on a new boiler in London.

Some boiler installers in the UK’s capital provide free servicing for the first year, and other London boiler companies can provide a 10-year package that includes both boiler servicing and repairs for a long period, ensuring that you are fully covered for a long time.

A service or cover plan for your boiler and heating system provides London customers with peace of mind for years to come.

Compare London boiler costs & prices

Our trusted installer network provides boiler finance such as buy now pay later 6 and 12-month terms, low rate APR finance, 0% finance, and poor credit boiler finance for customers looking for a new boiler in London with bad credit.

What is the cost of installing a boiler in London?

Most residents have an average credit rating, allowing them to choose any central heating system they require for their home in England’s capital.

A Boiler installation in London costs between £1,795 and £2,900 including installation.

See our quick price guide below for some of the most popular boilers in the UK right now for the most recent boiler installation cost or prices in London.

The cost of a boiler installation in London varies depending on the type and model of boiler being installed. However, we recommend that you compare prices to find the best deals.

  • Alpha Boilers – E-Tec range 28kW = £1,995 fitted and installed
  • Worcester Bosch Boilers – Greenstar 4000 30kW = £2,295 fitted and installed
  • Worcester Bosch 2000 combi boiler in 25kW = £2,250 fitted and installed
  • Viessmann Boilers – Vitodens 050-w 25kW = £2,245 fitted and installed

There is no correlation between the prices of a boiler in North West (NW) London or East London (E) and anywhere else, we’re 100% certain about that.

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London Replacement Boiler Costs

Combi to Combi Swap

If you’re considering a Combi to Combi boiler swap in London in 2023, you can expect to pay between £2,025 and £3,225. This type of replacement is relatively straightforward since it involves exchanging your existing combi boiler with a new one.

System Boiler to Combi Conversion

Transitioning from a system boiler to a combi boiler in London can cost you between £2,775 and £3,975. This change involves replacing your system boiler, which heats water in a separate cylinder, with a combi boiler that provides hot water on-demand without the need for a separate tank.

System Swap

If you’re considering a system boiler swap in London, be prepared to invest between £3,279 and £3,579. This replacement involves replacing your existing system boiler with a new one.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Fixed Price Quote for London Boiler Installations

Our London-based boiler installers companies are heating experts, so you can have peace of mind with whatever you need and the service they provide.

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

From new combi boiler installations in London to full central heating replacements, using a boiler company based outside of London will result in lower prices.

Our recommended boiler engineers can install one or all new radiators, smart thermostats, or flues.

We only work with leading new boiler brands like Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Ideal, Vokera, and many more to ensure you get the best boiler for your home, which can be purchased outright or through a boiler finance plan.

Pay monthly boilers available

Our network of boiler installers in London can provide a variety of boilers on finance to meet your needs.

Getting a new and best combi boiler is not only affordable but also accessible to all.

Some companies provide £0 deposit boiler finance for residents of the United Kingdom’s capital, as well as super-low rate boiler finance.

Simply select your fuel type below for more information and details about flexible payment plans for new boiler installation in London:

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

Gas Safe Registered Boiler Installers in London

The Gas Safe Register exists to protect the public from unsafe gas work; therefore, our gas engineers ensure that your gas boiler is safely registered for any boiler installation, and all of our recommended boiler installation companies in London are Gas Safe registered.

Get a fixed price guarantee – no hidden costs

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

We aren’t transparent as a company because we deal with hundreds of calls about boiler quotes and different ways to pay, and because we manage a large company, our customer service is user-friendly and comfortable because it isn’t automated; human interaction is more helpful in understanding your issues and difficulties.

Do I need a new boiler?

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

When a boiler makes noises, struggles to heat your home, or is temperamental and prone to breaking down, it is time to replace it.

Your boiler may be old; they don’t last forever, so if you’re finding it erratic, it’s time to ask yourself: do I need a new boiler?

What Type of Boiler Do I Need?

Natural gas is the most common fuel source for homes in the London, and you have a few different options:

  • Combi Boiler
  • System Boiler 
  • Conventional Boiler 
  • Oil Boiler 
  • Electric Boiler 
  • Hydrogen Boiler 

If you have a gas boiler, use a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to complete the installation. Your boiler also needs to be serviced every year, so get a service plan.

Providing and installing your new boiler

Our fixed price quote includes boiler costs and central heating cleaning options as well as filters if you have included them as a result, adding a filter removes contaminants from your boiler that can cause your central heating system to perform less efficiently, leading to fluctuating hot water temperatures and even damaging your new boiler. 

The highest number of boiler repairs was found in London with 2.91% of the capital’s households requesting boiler repair quotes in 2019.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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New central heating system in London

Boiler Installation London Compare Boiler Quotes

Your boiler and central heating system provide functioning heating energy by boiling water throughout your system through the usage of fuel.

Compare London Boiler Quotes

In central London, or around the same location, you can see other big-name brands offering boiler quotes, however, with our recommended partners are at a cheap fixed price and can easily be arranged by our specialist local London boiler engineers.

The type of installation London homes need can sometimes be challenging due to the complexity of changing boiler types but we can get a boiler and installation included in the cost, as a result, our next-day services including installation, are covered in this fantastic deal.

How much does a boiler service cost in London?

A boiler service in London will cost £125 on average, which is much higher than the national average annual boiler service cost of £100.

An annual boiler service is so important as it ensures that your boiler is running properly as well as keeping your manufacturer warranty valid. You can book a boiler service online with our recommended Gas Safe engineers or request a quote here:


Choosing the right boiler for your London home

Before diving into boiler options, assess your heating needs. Consider the size of your home, the number of radiators, and your hot water requirements. This information will guide your choice.

Londoners are increasingly conscious of energy efficiency. Opt for a high-efficiency boiler with an ‘A’ rating. This will not only save you money on bills but also reduce your carbon footprint.

Research reputable boiler brands like Worcester Bosch, Viessmann and Vaillant. These brands are known for reliability and performance, which is essential in the ever-changing London weather.

What is the most popular combi boiler in London?

We found that when it comes to the best combi boiler in London, the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W takes the trophy.

Can I get a boiler financed in London?

Yes, the majority of our London customers choose Boilers on Finance as a handy method to pay for a new installation.

Where in London do you install boilers?

In London, we can install boilers in various areas across the city. Here is a list of different areas in London where our boiler installation services are typically available:

  • Central London
  • East London
  • West London
  • North London
  • South London
  • City of London
  • Westminster
  • Kensington and Chelsea
  • Hammersmith and Fulham
  • Wandsworth
  • Lambeth
  • Southwark
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Hackney
  • Islington
  • Camden
  • Brent
  • Ealing
  • Hounslow
  • Richmond upon Thames
  • Kingston upon Thames
  • Merton
  • Sutton
  • Croydon
  • Bromley
  • Lewisham
  • Greenwich
  • Bexley
  • Havering
  • Barking and Dagenham
  • Redbridge
  • Newham
  • Waltham Forest
  • Haringey
  • Enfield
  • Barnet
  • Harrow
  • Hillingdon

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What fuel does your boiler use

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