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ATAG Boilers Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

ATAG Boiler Prices, Reviews & Benefits

Looking for an all-encompassing solution to your central heating? ATAG may have you covered.

From boilers to smart controls, ATAG’s entire product line-up allows you to power your home’s central heating without requiring any 3rd party equipment.

To help you get the best deal possible, Compare Boiler Quotes is on a mission to review the prices of all major boiler manufacturers.

Discover more about ATAG’s boiler prices and more, as we cover the following areas:

  • Who is ATAG?
  • What Boilers do ATAG Manufacture?
  • ATAG Boiler Prices
  • Our Verdict on ATAG

Who is ATAG?

ATAG Boilers Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

For over 70 years, ATAG has been manufacturing and distributing boilers on a global scale. With extremely high standards in energy efficiency and expert engineering, ATAG boilers truly are   exceptional pieces of equipment.

By conforming to a wide set of standards, ATAG boilers are recognised as being some of the most efficient in the world.

What Boilers Do ATAG Manufacture?

ATAG offer combi, system and regular open vent boilers of the highest quality. The majority of its products are manufactured under ATAG’s ‘i’ branding, with one slight exception for the Economiser range.

ATAG i Range

ATAG Boilers Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

The ATAG i range of system, combi and regular boilers is held in high regard by boiler installers and customers alike. With warranty periods frequently lasting up to 14 years via extension, this range of boilers boasts incredible features for all homeowners to enjoy.

ATAG iC Economiser

With a strict focus on being economical and energy efficient, ATAG’s economiser range of combi boilers is sure to please many frugal homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills.

Read our full ATAG iC Economiser 27kW Plus review.

ATAG Boiler Prices

ATAG boiler prices usually cost between £2,100 – £2,750, model dependent, which includes fitting. The average cost of a new ATAG boiler, fully fitted, is £2,100

ATAG Combi Boiler Prices
As its largest category, ATAG’s combi boilers are perfect for many different usage scenarios. Prices range from £2,100 to £2,750 depending on the model and its output rating.

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler OutputEnergy RatingBoiler Price
ATAGIC Economiser 27 PlusCombi Boiler27kwA Rated£2,100
ATAGIC Economiser 35 PlusCombi Boiler35kwA Rated£2,300
ATAGIC Economiser 39 PlusCombi Boiler39kwA Rated£2,400
ATAGI24CCombi Boiler24kwA Rated£0
ATAGI28CCombi Boiler28kwA Rated£0
ATAGI36CCombi Boiler36kwA Rated£0
ATAGI40CCombi Boiler40kwA Rated£0

ATAG System Boiler Prices
ATAG only produces one style of system boiler, which requires a water cylinder to retain increased amounts of residual water throughout the day. Prices start at £1,995 without installation.

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler OutputEnergy RatingBoiler Price
ATAGI15SSystem Boiler15kwA Rated£0
ATAGI18SSystem Boiler18kwA Rated£0
ATAGI24SSystem Boiler24kwA Rated£0
ATAGI28SSystem Boiler28kwA Rated£0
ATAGI32SSystem Boiler32kwA Rated£0
ATAGI40SSystem Boiler40kwA Rated£0

ATAG Regular Boiler Prices
ATAG’s regular boilers are again manufactured under its ‘i’ branding. With an average cost  these boilers retain many of the benefits found within its combi and system counterparts, in addition to an external water tank.

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler OutputEnergy RatingBoiler Price
ATAGI15RRegular Boiler15kwA Rated£0
ATAGI18RRegular Boiler18kwA Rated£0
ATAGI24RRegular Boiler24kwA Rated£0
ATAGI32RRegular Boiler32kwA Rated£0
ATAGI40RRegular Boiler40kwA Rated£0

Benefits of an ATAG Boiler

With ATAG being a market-leader in the heating industry, many of its products come with multiple benefits for homeowners to enjoy.

ATAG boilers are fully expected to last well beyond 20 years after their installation date.

Extremely Efficient
ATAG’s Economiser boiler range has received an Energy-related Products (ErP) efficiency rating of an outstanding 98%. This is one of the highest ratings in the industry.

Trusted Installation Partners
ATAG only sell to the trade and trusted installers. This means that they can even control the quality of installations so there are no issues arising with your boiler moving forward. In the event of any issues, they will provide superb customer service to get things sorted as soon as possible.

Updating Older Homes
ATAG’s regular boilers are fantastic for powering older homes with up-to-date technology. This is due to their ability to be installed alongside existing pipework, removing the need for additional construction across the home.

10 Year Average Warranty
All of ATAG’s boilers come with a 10-year warranty period, proving their ability to last for many years to come.

ATAG Boilers Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

First-Party Control Systems
To control your new boiler, you can choose to use some of ATAG’s own heating control devices. All of which are built to integrate within your central heating system effortlessly.

Our Verdict on ATAG Boilers

If ATAG’s Trustpilot reviews are anything to go by, then its products are by far some of the most impressive on the market. Well-priced with a vast range of features, we strongly believe that an ATAG boiler will make a solid contribution to almost any heating setup.

Having said this, it’s important to consider the rest of the market before committing to one brand. So, be sure to try our comparison tool before buying to check the entire market for better deals.

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