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Vaillant Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

Vaillant Boiler Prices, Reviews & Benefits

Vaillant is a UK-based company that specialises in reliability with its boilers being among some of the best on the market.

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Like its competitors, Vaillant aims to have a boiler option for everyone; not just in performance, but the price.

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How much do Vaillant boilers cost?

Vaillant boiler prices start at around £750 for the basic ecoTEC model. Cost go up to around £1,700 for the Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive.

This boiler replacement & price guides will give you an idea of what models Vaillant offer and how much a Vaillant boiler will set you back.

In this guide, we will discuss:

  • Who is Vaillant?
  • What Boilers Do Vaillant Manufacture?
  • Vaillant Boiler Prices
  • Benefits of a Vaillant Boiler
  • Our Verdict on Vaillant

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Who is Vaillant?

Vaillant Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

As a trustworthy, 140-year-old brand, Vaillant has built an irrefutable reputation in the heating industry. Having received multiple awards for its products, Vaillant is vastly recognised as being a highly dependable boiler manufacturer.

Mostly popular throughout Europe, Vaillant boilers are widely appreciated for their design and environmental friendliness. With a wide range to choose from, Vaillant is sure to have a suitable boiler for your home, large or small.

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What Boilers Do Vaillant Manufacture?

Vaillant produces boilers to suit every usage scenario. Whether it be economical combi boilers, highly powerful system boilers, or versatile regular boilers. Read our full guide on the best boiler brands for more information on which is the best manufacturer.

Vaillant ecoTEC

Vaillant Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

Most of Vaillant’s boilers are produced under its ecoTEC branding, which contains several options:

Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive
The ecoTEC Exclusive range is the brand’s flagship model; this winner of the 2018 Housebuilder Products Awards brings with it impeccable efficiency and controls, allowing homeowners to finetune their central heating with ease. This is one of the most energy efficient combi boilers right now. Look out for the ecoTEC Exclusive with Green IQ range.

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus
The second option in the ecoTEC lineup is the ecoTEC Plus model. Available in combi and system formats, the ecoTEC Plus model is pitched as being a competent all-rounder, capable of powering homes of various sizes.

Vaillant ecoFIT Pure
The ecoFIT Pure range packs all of the same features as other ecoTEC boilers, albeit within a reduced physical footprint. This ecoFIT pure is as you can probably guess from the name, perfect for kitchen cupboards.

Vaillant ecoTEC Pro
Finally, the ecoTEC Pro range of combi boilers offers a no-nonsense approach to central heating. With easily adjustable controls and formidable performance, the ecoTEC pro is a great option for homeowners looking for a simplistic boiler to complement their home’s heating system.

Vaillant ecoFIT

Vaillant Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

The ecoFIT boiler range is designed to be as compact as possible coming in at just 700mm tall. Able to fit in regular kitchen cupboards, this boiler is designed with versatility in mind. Moreover, a 94% efficiency rating across all outputs means that ecoFIT boilers will provide consistent performance no matter the circumstance.

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Vaillant Boiler Prices

Depending on which model and output rating and type of boiler that you choose, Vaillant boiler prices range from £732 to £2,810 excluding boiler installation costs.

Vaillant Combi Boiler Prices

Vaillant’s combi boilers start at around £850 for its ecoFIT Pure 25kW, up to its powerful ecoTEC Plus 38kW at around £1,500.

Boiler brandModelBoiler TypeEnergy EfficiencyOutputBoiler price
VaillantecoTEC Pro CombiA Rated24 kW£910
VaillantecoTEC Plus 824CombiA Rated24 kW£965
VaillantecoFIT Pure CombiA Rated25 kW£852
VaillantecoTEC plusCombiA Rated25 kW£1112
VaillantecoTEC Pro CombiA Rated28 kW£880
VaillantecoTEC ProCombiA Rated28 kW£1402
VaillantecoFIT PureCombiA Rated30 kW£1001
VaillantecoTEC ProCombiA Rated30 kW£1815
VaillantecoTEC Plus 831CombiA Rated31 kW£1062
VaillantecoTEC Exclusive 832CombiA Rated32 kW£1227
VaillantecoTEC plusCombiA Rated32 kW£1255
VaillantecoFIT PureCombiA Rated35 kW£1110
VaillantecoTEC plusCombiA Rated35 kW£1389
VaillantecoTEC Plus 937CombiA Rated37 kW£1209
VaillantecoTEC Plus 837CombiA Rated37 kW£1275
VaillantecoTEC Exclusive 838CombiA Rated38 kW£1307
VaillantecoTEC PlusCombiA Rated38 kW£1505

Vaillant System Boiler Prices

Vaillant’s system boiler range contains lower output models such as the ecoTEC plus 12kW at around £750, right up to the ecoTEC 65kW at around £2,800.

Boiler BrandModelTypeEnergy RatingOutputBoiler Price
VaillantecoTEC PlusSystem BoilerA Rated12 kW£735
VaillantecoFIT Pure System BoilerA Rated12 kW£844
VaillantecoTEC Plus 615System BoilerA Rated15 kW£865
VaillantecoTEC Plus 618System BoilerA Rated18 kW£962
VaillantecoFIT PureSystem BoilerA Rated18 kW£1005
VaillantecoFIT Pure System BoilerA Rated25 kW£1059
VaillantecoTEC Plus 624System BoilerA Rated24 kW£1086
VaillantecoFIT PureSystem BoilerA Rated30 kW£1164
VaillantecoTEC Plus 630System BoilerA Rated30 kW£1190
VaillantecoTEC Plus 637System BoilerA Rated37 kW£1259
VaillantecoTEC Exclusive Green iQ System 27System BoilerA Rated27 kW£1310
VaillantecoTEC PlusSystem BoilerA Rated37 kW£1375
VaillantecoTECSystem BoilerA Rated46 kW£2210
VaillantecoTEC PlusSystem BoilerA Rated48 kW£2215
VaillantecoTEC PlusSystem BoilerA Rated64 kW£2630
VaillantecoTEC System BoilerA Rated65 kW£2810

Vaillant Regular Boiler Prices

A Vaillant regular boiler can be bought for as little as £732 for the ecoFIT Pure 12kW, but prices range all the way up to £1,430 for its ecoTEC Plus 38kW.

Boiler BrandModelBoiler TypeEnergy EfficiencyOutputBoiler price
VaillantecoFIT PureRegularA Rated 12 kW£732
VaillantecoTEC Plus 415RegularA Rated 15 kW£797
VaillantecoFIT PureRegularA Rated 15 kW£855
VaillantecoTEC Plus 418RegularA Rated 18 kW£873
VaillantecoFIT Pure RegularA Rated 18 kW£956
VaillantecoFIT PureRegularA Rated 25 kW£1110
VaillantecoTEC Plus 428RegularA Rated 28 kW£988
VaillantecoFIT Pure RegularA Rated 30 kW£1255
VaillantecoFIT PureRegularA Rated 35 kW£1442
VaillantecoTEC Plus 438RegularA Rated 38 kW£1430

Benefits of a Vaillant Boiler

Thanks to a long history in boiler manufacturing, Vaillant has made continual adjustments to its product range throughout the years. This means that buying a boiler from this highly experienced company comes with some key benefits.

All of Vaillant’s products are handmade. This allows for finer inspection and greater quality control to ensure your new boiler is up to spec.

Almost all of Vaillant’s boilers are A-rated. Not only does this save money, but it helps reduce the environmental impact of a huge number of boiler replacement upgrades each year.

Excellent Customer Service
Besides the customer feedback shared on its website, Vaillant boasts around 14,000 excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot – one of the most trusted review platforms all around the world.

With an average score of four stars out of five, this amazing popularity among customers testifies that the brand is headed in the right direction.

High Which? Scores
Awarded with the Which? ‘Best Buy’ tag, Vaillant boilers score top marks in almost every category, such as build quality, engineer recommendations, ease of servicing, customer scores, ease of fixing a common fault, and availability of parts and spares.

Compelling Service Plans
Vaillant’s boiler servicing plans are some of the most feature-rich available. They keep newer boilers running for longer and can sometimes work out cheaper than occasional engineer call-outs.

Here are some key aspects of Vaillant’s service plans:

  • Boiler repairs are covered for up to £1,500
  • Replacement options are available (for boilers beyond repair) up to £750
  • Repairs are made using genuine Vaillant spare parts

Diverse Heating Controls
Vaillant allows customers to choose from an extensive range of thermostats and controls that help in reducing fuel costs. You should get a free wireless thermostat but you can upgrade to a smart thermostat with these boilers.

Compatible with both modern and traditional thermostats, Vaillant’s vSMART technology can even allow homeowners to control their new boiler from a smartphone.

Warranty Options
Many of Vaillant’s products come with a standard warranty of between 2 and 5 years. However, this warranty can be extended up to 10 years if the boiler is installed by a Vaillant advance installer.

You can get 12 years warranty with some manufacturers so if you compare boiler quotes you can ensure you get the best deal.

Vaillant Boilers – Our verdict

If you’re looking for a well-built boiler that can handle almost anything, a Vaillant boiler could be your best choice.

Due to its handmade nature, a Vaillant boiler may cost slightly higher than the competition. However, reliability is paramount and the handmade manufacturing process helps ensure each and every model is built with precision.

Do they offer the best combi boiler, system or regular boilers? We’re not convinced.

One aspect in which Vaillant, unfortunately, falls short is through its warranty periods. Vaillant’s standard warranties are by far some of the shortest we’ve seen, with many other manufacturers offering a 10-year warranty without any additional cost.

Despite this, all in all, we have no trouble recommending a Vaillant boiler to anyone looking for a heating upgrade, small combi boiler, or new installation.

Compare Vaillant Boilers Prices and Save

We hope that our Vaillant price guide has helped you determine if this manufacturer is the right one for you.

Before you decide, be sure to check if you could get a better deal by using our comparison tool or checking out our other comparison pages such as our Worcester Bosch boiler prices or the latest and arguably best value boilers on our Viessmann boiler prices page.

Simply provide your postcode and some details about your home and we are able to show you some tempting deals on new boiler installations from all manufacturers.

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