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Best Boiler For a 3 Bedroom House

Best boiler for a 3 bedroom house

What is the Best Boiler for a 3 Bedroom House? Best Boiler For a 3 Bedroom House Compare Boiler Quotes

The key factor when trying to find a boiler for your home is the kW (kilowatt) output also known as boiler sizing, this is the power of your boiler controlling how much heating and hot water you can have.

Using a boiler size calculator is a good way to find the right size new boiler for your property. 

The bigger the home with more radiators and bathrooms the more output (KW) you will need, the smaller the home with less bathrooms and radiators the less output (KW) you will need.

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In summary the below boilers are the best for a 3 bedroom home:


The below power ratings area guide for varying property sizes:

  • A 29KW – 35KW is typically the average size combi boiler you would need for a 3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom and 1 ensuite.
  • 25KW – 28KW: apartment/ flat output with around 8 radiators and 1 bathroom
  • 36KW – 43KW: large property with anything above 20 radiators and 3 or more bathrooms

A Combi boiler also known as a combination boiler with its double action of doing the central heating and hot water demands could be a good option with it been a small and compact.

Combi’s are space saving, cost effective, energy efficient, easily fitted boiler that requires no hot water cylinder or cold water tank in the loft but offers this capacity of output.

The main things to think about when choosing a boiler is as follows:

Price, Installation Costs, Warranty, Size Dimensions, KW Options, Wall Mounting, Efficiency Rating and Flow Rate.

The cost of a new boiler is often what we make our final decision on but the cheaper one is not always the boiler which should win.

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Top boilers for 3-bed homes

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 – Designed to provide heating and hot water with 30kW is a great choice for a 3 bedroom home. It is a simple boiler to control and has been awarded Best Buy by Which?

The Worcester 4000 replaces, or upgrades from the ever popular Greenstar 30i that is now discontinued.

Ideal Vogue C32 – As you can see from the name this boiler has a higher output 32Kw, because of this and the high class components used this boiler has been branded Reader Recommended by Good Housekeeping Magazine. This boiler offers full colour display and multi-function buttons.

Ideal Logic C30 – As you can see from the name this boiler has the same output as the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000.

This boiler you can extend the warranty from 2 year warranty to 10years warranty for peace of mind (remember its more what you are covered for rather than the longevity). This boiler will easily fit in a kitchen cupboard and will help lower energy bills and energy wastage.

If you feel a combi boiler is not for you then you may want to look at a system boiler or a heat only boiler.

A system boiler produces hot water from a storage tank meaning you can have more hot water on demand than you can with a combi boiler and it directly produces heat for your central heating system.

A system boiler works the same way as a conventional boiler also known as a regular boiler.

A heat only boiler which is usually found in a larger property but could be used in your traditional 3 bedroom property provides heat which is used as central heating and stores hot water in a cylinder, very similar to a regular boiler system.

Best boiler for a 3-bedroom home: Overview

Now we have provided you with some useful information and given you a few different options of the best boiler brands for your 3 bedroom home have a think which you feel would suit you the best. You can also find out what the best boiler is for a 4 bedroom home in our news section along with advice on boilers 5 bedroom homes.

If you have any more queries or questions on which boiler would be best suited for you please fill in our contact form and somebody will contact you as soon as possible to help and advice you with the best boiler for your 3 bedroom home.


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