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BOXT Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

BOXT Boiler Prices, Reviews & Benefits

If you have been searching for a new boiler in the past few years, then you may have discovered BOXT. Since 2017, BOXT has made it their goal to revolutionise the boiler purchasing process, allowing customers to compare, buy and arrange the installation of a new boiler from major manufacturers through their website.

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How much does a Boxt Boiler Cost?

Boxt boiler prices start at around £1,800 including installation. You can’t just buy a boiler on it’s own from BOXT, you must use their full boiler replacement service.

At Compare Boiler Quotes, it is our mission to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal on your new boiler. As such, we have conducted extensive research into BOXT to provide you with valuable information, including:

  • Who is BOXT?
  • What boilers do BOXT install?
  • BOXT boiler prices
  • BOXT customer service evaluation

Who are BOXT?

BOXT Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

BOXT is run by the former owners of central heating company Help-Link, alongside a 45% stake from Worcester Bosch.

The goal of BOXT is to bring a fresh outlook to the boiler market by providing customers with the very latest information and technology through their easy-to-use website.

BOXT simplifies the boiler buying process by breaking down various terminologies, providing key information about new boilers, and offering flexible payment options.

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Boxt boiler installation costs

A new boiler from Boxt will cost anything between £1,800 and £4,000 depending on the type of installation you require.

With the help of Worcester Bosch, BOXT is able to deliver and install a boiler at a very competitive price in conjunction with: a solid warranty scheme of up to 10 years, annual service plans and next-day installation.

For all of these reasons, it’s clear to see why BOXT has been receiving so much attention from interested customers. If your in a rush because you have no central heating, then BOXT could be your answer.

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What Boilers Does BOXT Install?

Due to the majority of UK homes being connected to gas mains, BOXT started with and continue to focus on replacing gas boilers in homes. BOXT does not manufacture any of their own boilers, however, they do provide the hardware, installation and warranty services needed.

BOXT provides combi, system, and heat only boilers from all major manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Valliant, and Baxi.

BOXT Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

How Does BOXT Work?

BOXT is really simple; all you have to do is go to the BOXT website and answer a few simple questions (this will only take a few minutes). With these answers, BOXT is able to find you a boiler that they believe will fit your house and needs and fit the boiler tomorrow. great if you have no hot water or a boiler that is leaking!

BOXT Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

Once you have selected the combi boiler that you want, you are able to choose the specific day you would like this boiler installed. Orders placed before 3pm qualify for next-day installation, at which point a Gas Safe registered engineer can be with you in under 24 hours.

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BOXT Boiler Prices

Boxt boiler prices start from £1,600 including installation. You can’t just buy a boiler on its own from them. You have to get the full fitting package.

When you have completed the BOXT quoting process, you will be greeted with the cost. When it comes to choosing a boiler, the price can differ due to these three factors:

  • Size
  • The type of boiler
  • The model

Depending on your choice, you will then be offered different options that BOXT are providing from any well known and reliable boiler brand.

The prices of Viessmann boilers and the cost of an Ideal boiler will be similar, but we suggest weighing up your options through our comparison tool for any new boiler cost from the leading brands.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Additional Features

All BOXT boiler prices are fixed and will include many safety attachments such as a free filter, high-quality fixtures, fittings, etc. This can differ slightly for different types of boilers.

Those who choose to buy from BOXT will also be offered a free of charge, state of the art smart thermostat developed and made by Honeywell.


These prices also include reliable parts and labour manufacturer warranty that lasts up to 10 years. BOXT will ensure that this warranty is activated as soon as your boiler is installed, providing complete peace of mind.

Whilst impressive, this is not the longest warranty available on the market with Boiler Central, our chosen partner, providing a 12 year warranty on Viessmann and Worcester Bosch boilers.

Boxt boiler price guide

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25kW combi boiler£2,035
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kW combi boiler£2,095
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 25kW combi boiler£2,125
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 30kW combi boiler£2,275
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 30kW combi boiler£2,345
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 35kW combi boiler£2.435

The BOXT Boiler Replacement Process

Each boiler replacement offered by BOXT includes the following and is desgined to be as efficient as possible so you can get your hot water back up and running in no time.

A Brand-New Free Filter
During a boiler replacement, some of BOXT’s competitors will prefer to provide cheaper boilers while reusing the existing boiler’s filter. This can cause numerous problems by not correctly flushing out the heating system, subsequently leaving the new boiler unprotected.

BOXT naturally want the best for their customers, which is why they offer a brand new filter in all of their boiler replacements.

Smart Thermostat
Every boiler installation provided by BOXT will also include a smart thermostat from brands such as Honeywell, Nest, or Tado, with a value of up to £199.99.

Once the smart thermostat is installed, you are able to track exactly how much you are spending, allowing you to save more than 2% on your energy bills.

A System Clean
Boiler sludge can be the main cause of a faulty boiler. This is why using a new inhibitor to flush the system and collect the waste is always recommended during a boiler replacement.

BOXT will offer you a system clean for when your new boiler is installed. This removes all of the debris and junk that has collected in your radiators, ensuring that it won’t find its way to your brand new boiler.

Payment Options

BOXT offers a few different boiler finance options when it comes to buying a new boiler. Customers  can either pay for their boiler in full or choose a plan that allows monthly payments with prices starting from just £12.00 per month.

BOXT Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

BOXT accepts most card payments online such as Visa Debit, American Express, and Mastercard. All transactions that are made on the BOXT website are secured and powered by Divido.

Paying monthly is just as simple, all you have to do is apply for credit through Divido; just make sure that you select “pay monthly” at checkout. You will then be directed to the Divido website where you can apply for the credit provided by Shawbrook Bank (terms and conditions apply).

Here are some of the finance packages that are offered:

  • 5 or 10-year credit term at an APR of 9.9%
  • No deposit required (but you can put down up to 50% of the total price)
  • Early repayments
  • Once approved for credit from Divido, you will then be sent back to the BOXT website where you can complete the order.

Boxt Boilers and B & Q – What is the deal?

Did you know you could buy a boiler from the Boxt brand from B&Q. They have since joined forces to help tackle the rising energy crisis to give everyone access to a better boiler, although we expect prices will be higher for the boiler.

You don’t however know if you are getting the best prices and it remains to be seen if boiler prices in comparison will be higher due to the fact that B&Q will somehow be making some money along the way.

We always believe it is better to buy a boiler without a middleman and compare the best boiler prices online. It’s quicker, easier, and much more cost-effective.

BOXT Reviews and Complaints

If you’re still not 100% sure if BOXT is the right place for you to buy your new boiler, then why not have a look at some of their online reviews?

They are rated excellent on Trustpilot as a boiler installation company and the brand currently has a rating of 9.9 from over 2k customers. Considering BOXT has only been trading since 2017, this is very impressive.

Those with any concerns about their installation are encouraged to reach out to their customer service team who are available from 8 am – 8 pm.

Should You Choose BOXT?

From the areas covered, it’s clear to see that BOXT is viewed as a trustworthy company that offer some of the best prices in the industry. They have the backing of a huge boiler company in addition to some of the most talented heating engineers.

They also offer some of the best perks, including a smart thermostat, full system clean and a brand new magnetic filter. As such, we have no reason to not suggest considering BOXT for your next boiler replacement.

However, we work closely with BOXT’s competitor, Boiler Central.

If you compare with Compare Boiler Quotes and decide to purchase with us, you will automatically be introduced to the brand.

Like BOXT, Boiler Central offers fixed price boilers with nationwide next-day installation. Plus they’re rated excellent on Trustpilot. So Boiler Central is a great choice for all your boiler needs.

Still Not Sure? – Compare Boxt boilers prices online

The boiler market is fiercely competitive. With multiple brands and boiler models, choosing your next boiler can be a complicated process.

To ensure that you get the best deal possible, try our intuitive comparison tool that will provide you with a fixed price in just 20 seconds.

By answering some simple questions about your current heating setup, Compare Boiler Quotes is able to suggest a suitable boiler from a reliable manufacturer with a payment scheme that suits you. Compare and save today – choose your fuel type below now:

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What our customers think

5 Stars on Trustpilot

Would recommend

Stressed when needed a new boiler but easy process with affordable finance. New boiler installed within a few days with option for next day.

Paul Jones 5 Star on Trustpilot

We were very impressed

On the day, they came on time. Lovely people, they kept everything clean. Explained everything to me. No mess, kept me informed.

Anne Cross 5 Star on Trustpilot

Great Experience

Great experience - quick to arrange, easy to work with the very responsive online team and all installed faster than expected.

Ms Baxter 5 Star on Trustpilot

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