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British Gas boiler prices & review Compare Boiler Quotes

British Gas boiler prices, reviews & benefits

British Gas is the UK’s largest energy supplier and boiler installation company. With a history dating as far back as 1812, British Gas provides both gas and electricity to UK homes, whilst also providing boiler installation and maintenance services.   

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Are they any good? Here’s what Trustpilot says about them:

British Gas boiler prices & review Compare Boiler Quotes

As you can see, they have not got the best rating on Trustpilot, with a staggering 30% 1-star negative reviews.

Who do we recommend? Boiler Central – They install nationwide and offer next-day installations. Below is the Trustpilot as of September 2021. Get an online quote from them by clicking here

British Gas boiler prices & review Compare Boiler Quotes

Let’s take a look at British Gas and more about them if you really insist on a gamble!

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Who is British Gas?

British Gas boiler prices & review Compare Boiler Quotes

British Gas has been operating in its current form since 1997 as a subsidiary of Centrica. As the largest energy company in the UK, it supplies over 11.6m homes with gas and electricity and has been replacing and installing boilers for more than 50 years.

With over 8,000 engineers employed, the company is easily the largest supplier in the UK.

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What Boilers Does British Gas Install?

While British Gas does not manufacture boilers, it is able to install all sorts of different types from almost any manufacturer.

From Worcester Bosch to Baxi, combi to heat-only, British Gas are able to provide installation costs for many brands due to their highly skilled engineers with years of experience.  However, it is important to know, given the opportunity, British Gas recommend Worcester Bosch systems.

British Gas boiler prices & review Compare Boiler Quotes

These aren’t the only boilers that British Gas install, so if you want a full installation quote for boilers from Viessmann, Ideal, Vaillant, Vokera, Potterton, Glow Worm, Baxi and more, then contact them for a price.

Not quite sure which type of boiler you need? See our article: Types of Boilers

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How much is a boiler from British Gas?

The first step in acquiring a quote from British Gas is to book an appointment via their website.

After providing a full address, customers are prompted to choose a type of appointment either by video call or home visit before selecting a suitable date.

When the date arrives, a British Gas engineer will assess the current boiler installation and provide a fixed price quote.

Unfortunately, without actually proceeding through this process, it is impossible to achieve a solid price for British Gas’ services.

However, if you’re looking for an instant quote on a new boiler installation, try our comparison tool to receive a fixed price in less than 20 seconds.

There are no definitive boiler installation prices available, but a combi boiler replacement from most installation companies start at around £1,800.

British Gas’ new combi boiler prices vary drastically due to the fact they install many boilers from different boiler companies.

Each boiler is slightly different to install, some easier than others, and they all vary in price coming from the manufacturer.

Every home is different. Some homes use a lot more water as they have more occupants, more rooms or more mains powered showers. These homes will require a bigger boiler with a higher output, which will increase the price of installation.

If you have a smaller home, with one or 2 occupants then the cost of your boiler may be lower as your hot water demand is likely to be a lot lower.

You must tell British Gas all this information as accurately as possible to get the right combi boiler for your home.

Boiler installations in London and the surrounding areas, as with everything else in these areas are generally more costly due to demand. Read our new boiler cost price guide for further information.

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Benefits of British Gas

Choosing a new boiler from British Gas comes with benefits. From the peace of mind that comes with buying from a major company to the sheer size of their workforce, British Gas are able to provide some tempting options to prospective customers.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing British Gas:

A Large Workforce
They are a huge company, so if anything was to ever go wrong, there will be someone readily available to fix it.

Their large workforce also means that they have thousands of boiler installers ready to put one on your wall sooner rather than later. This is excellent for emergencies, where time is of utmost importance.

Boiler Efficiency
Their new boilers are mainly A-rated which can save money each year on gas bills. Who doesn’t like a reduction in energy bills?

Home Care and Boiler Servicing
They have good home care cover. This means that you can pay an amount each month or year to ensure that your boiler is taken care of every day of the year.

This will also include a boiler service which will maintain any warranties on the boiler you choose.

Post-Sale Support
British Gas offers a 5-year standard warranty in addition to a 24/7 support system.

Finance Deals
Boiler installation can be a costly endeavour, which is why British Gas offer monthly payment deals provided by their finance company. This allows customers to spread the cost over a set period of time if funds are unavailable.

The average boiler costs around £2,000, so these payment plans are a very good idea. Sometimes you can get great deals on new boilers with long 3-year interest-free periods.

Here are some of British Gas’ payment plans:

British Gas boiler prices & review Compare Boiler Quotes

Boiler LoanDepositAgreement TermAPRMonthly PaymentInterestTotal Repayment
£2,200£02 Years (24 Months)0%£91.67£0£2,200
£2,200£05 years (60 Months)9.90%£46.18£570.78£2770.78
£2,200£5005 years (60 months)9.90%£35.68£441.06£2641.06
£2,200£010 Years (120 Months)9.90%£28.44£1212.81£3412.81
£2,200£50010 Years (120 Months)9.90%£21.98£937.18£3137.18

Our Verdict on British Gas

In our experience, British Gas is one of the more costly boiler installation companies.

Those looking for a system boiler can expect to pay between £2,000 and £3,000 for a smaller home.

In larger homes, expect to pay at least £2,500. This number may eventually reach £4,000 by the time the amount of work required is complete.

Is British Gas your best option?

If you’re looking for an expensive solution to your energy needs then British Gas may be the choice for you.

However, if you’re looking to save some money, then we suggest you try out our free comparison tool that will get you a fixed price for your next boiler installation in as little as 20 seconds.

Simply answer some questions about your home and Compare Boiler Quotes is able to pick a suitable boiler that meets your needs. Try it out and save money today!

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What our customers think

5 Stars on Trustpilot

Would recommend

Stressed when needed a new boiler but easy process with affordable finance. New boiler installed within a few days with option for next day.

Paul Jones 5 Star on Trustpilot

We were very impressed

On the day, they came on time. Lovely people, they kept everything clean. Explained everything to me. No mess, kept me informed.

Anne Cross 5 Star on Trustpilot

Great Experience

Great experience - quick to arrange, easy to work with the very responsive online team and all installed faster than expected.

Ms Baxter 5 Star on Trustpilot

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