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New boiler costs in 2021 -Boiler installation costs & prices guide Compare Boiler Quotes

New boiler cost – Boiler installation costs & prices in 2021

The cost of a new boiler installation varies on the type of boiler and other variables that we delve into further to give you the total costs you can expect to pay right now.

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This comprehensive new boiler cost guide will give you examples for different scenarios so you can be sure to know how much a new boiler will set you back.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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The cost of a new boiler installation in 2021 – Full boiler price guide

Finding the cost of a new boiler is simple with us, as we give your prices from nationwide boiler companies that are trusted and fully vetted.

Getting the right new boiler installation cost is paramount to your happiness, so let’s take a look at factors below that influence the boiler replacement cost.

Boiler prices: How much does a new boiler cost?

Many online boiler companies offer average boiler prices online for a new boiler, but the reality is that there are many factors that influence your boiler replacement cost that make up these complex prices.

It’s not just the price of the boiler that you need to consider; from new boiler installation costs to buying a new one from the right retailer, you’ve got to make a lot of choices to get the perfect new boiler replacement at the right price.

How much is a standalone boiler?

A standalone new combi boiler costs £550 – £2,950 model dependent. A combi boiler costs £500 – £750 for budget buys, £750 – £1,250 for mid-range, and £1,250 to £2,500 for high-end combi boilers.

A standalone new system boiler costs £550 – £2,950 model dependent. A combi boiler costs £500 – £750 for budget buys, £750 – £1,250 for mid-range, and £1,250 to £2,500 for high-end combi boilers.

A standalone new regular / heat only boiler costs £550 – £2,950 model dependent. A combi boiler costs £500 – £750 for budget buys, £750 – £1,250 for mid-range, and £1,250 to £2,500 for high-end combi boilers.

All of the above prices are just for the boiler itself, no fitting or extras that may be required.

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Here are some common boiler installation cost averages you can expect to pay in the UK:

New boiler replacement costs:

 Type of Boiler Installation  Boiler Size  Home Size  Approx. Cost
 Combi boiler replacement  30kW  Medium  £1,800
 Convert a system to combi  30kW  Medium  £2,400
 System boiler replacement  30kW  Medium  £1,950
 Back boiler to combi  30kW  Medium  £3,400
 Convert regular to combi  30kW  Medium  £2,400
 Regular boiler replacement  30kW  Medium  1,994

Compare Boiler Quotes has already offered you a rough overview of the cost of a boiler replacement and given an estimate of between £1600 and £2500 if you choose the same type of boiler as you already had in your home previously.

We’ve also explored the average cost of replacing a combi boiler and how to find the best boiler costs & deals.

Now, we’re going to dig deep into everything you need to know about budgeting for your boiler replacement.

Let’s explore how you can work out your boiler replacement cost and find the best deals on the market!

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Combi boiler prices & costs – including installation

New boiler costs in 2021 -Boiler installation costs & prices guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Combi boiler prices vary dependent on various factors such as flue type, boiler size and any other work that may need to be carried out.

When you need a new boiler installing, the actual combi boiler prices are usually only around half the price of what you are paying, as much is labour and other materials required for your new combi boiler installation.

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Generally speaking, the cost of a new boiler with installation included, you can expect to pay the below prices for combi boilers:

  • Low-end combi boiler average prices: £1,595 including VAT and installation
  • Mid-range combi boiler average prices: £1,800 including VAT and installation
  • High-end combi boiler average prices: £2,200 including VAT and installation

Replacement boiler cost for UK homes

Before we look into the cost of a replacement boiler, we’re going to explore why you need one, so that you understand why a new boiler is worth investing in despite the high costs.

While a new boiler might seem expensive, it’s important to remember that your boiler works for most of the day, every day.

It runs your heating and hot water, both of which are essential to a comfortable life.

Without a reliable heating system and hot water, you won’t be able to keep your home warm and get clean water for cooking, washing, and cleaning both your clothes and yourself.

Turning the heating down low, or switching it off altogether, could cause damage to your home, including mould, damp and much more. As such, it’s essential that you always have a reliable boiler that will keep your home cosy and snug.

A boiler that breaks regularly could cost you a lot of money in repairs and servicing. As such, if you notice that your boiler is breaking down often, then you might need a new boiler.


How much does boiler installation cost?

On average, boilers last around 10-15 years, but this depends on a wide variety of factors. Depending on the type of boiler you have, the brand, and the size of your house, you might need a new boiler sooner.

When deciding on whether to get a new boiler, you should consider your family’s needs and whether your current boiler is meeting them.

If not then you should get a new boiler installation cost that is within budget and look to purchase a new one.

There are many types of boilers that can be installed, including combi boilers, system boilers, and more.

If you’re not sure if your current boiler type is right for your property, then you can check out the different types to see if a new type of boiler will benefit your home and lifestyle.

It is possible to extend the life of your boiler by taking a few basic steps. The most important is to work with a Gas Safe heating engineer and getting them to service your boiler at least once a year.

They will be able to identify common boiler problems and repair them before they become much worse. Your boiler expert can also advise you on how to take better care of your boiler and when you should start looking for a new boiler.

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Cost of a new boiler – FAQ’s

Now that you’ve determined that you need a new boiler, it’s time to consider the factors that drive the cost, so that you can budget accordingly.

Many different factors will influence your new boiler cost. It’s not just about the price of the boiler either; there’s the boiler installation costs, the charges for getting rid of the existing boiler, and more.

Read on, and we’ll explore all the new boiler costs that you could encounter and the factors that influence them, so you can budget accordingly and find the right solution at a price that fits your budget.


Get the best boiler replacement costs in the UK online

One of the biggest factors in your new boiler cost will be the brand of boiler that you choose.

The brand of boiler that you buy will not only affect the price of your new boiler, but it could also affect the lifespan of your new boiler, irrespective of the boiler replacement cost.

Some boiler manufacturers, including Worcester Bosch, Valliant, and Viessmann, offer top quality boilers throughout their ranges.

As such, you’ll get a reliable boiler if you buy one of their new boilers, as long as you choose the right type and make an effort to get one with all the features and functions you need.

Make sure that the cost of the boiler is within your budget as getting the best boiler prices are usually key to a great deal.

However, if you choose a cheaper boiler brand, then you could find that you’ll need another boiler replacement sooner than expected.

You might also expect to pay more for repairs and servicing, particularly if you buy a new boiler from smaller boiler manufacturers. This needs to be taken into account when working out the total new boiler cost over the projected lifespan.

As such, you should take the time to explore the new boilers on the market currently, and read reviews of the manufacturers before you commit to a new boiler.

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Some new models from respected brands offer energy-efficient features that can reduce the cost of your heating bills, so it might be worth paying more for your boiler now to save on the cost of heating your home in the future.

Compare Boiler Quotes doesn’t just allow you to find the best price for your new boiler; we also offer you insight into the different boilers and brands on the market. We regularly review new makes and models, such as the Baxi combi boiler, and many others.

Our reviews show you the functions and features that each boiler offers, as well as giving you a brief overview of the brand that created the boiler.

As such, we would recommend that you check out our reviews when you’re buying a new boiler.

All of the boiler brands that we offer are top-quality, so you can find only the best new boilers on our site. We work hard to provide a selection of boilers that will meet the needs of a range of households.

If you want to find the rough price of the latest boiler models on the market, then we offer a selection of boiler price guides to help you get an idea of how much you will pay.

The boiler replacement price guides also give you the chance to check out the specs of each boiler and make sure that you’ve chosen the right model.

So, you can use our site to find out more about how each boiler works, what issues it has, and more.

All that info means you choose the new boiler that will give you many years of satisfaction.

Thermostat costs for your new boiler

There are several functions and factors that could affect the cost of your new boiler, both in the long and short term. One long-term factor is the energy efficiency of your new boiler.

Energy-efficient boilers not only save you money on your heating and hot water bills, but you might also be eligible for a Government Energy Grant.

Check if you can make the most of one of these grants for your new boiler to save yourself money and reduce your carbon footprint.

The energy efficiency of your new boiler can be determined by the ERP rating. Older boilers were ranked on the Seasonal Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK (SEDBUK) scale, but in 2015 this was replaced.

Now, all new boilers have an ERP rating, and the higher the rating, the more efficient the boiler will be, and the more savings you can make on your home’s energy bills.

The rating reflects both the boiler’s water use and fuel use for heating, so you can get an overall view of how efficient your potential new boiler will be and how much you could save on your energy bills.

You also need to make sure that the new solution that you add to your home is compatible with the gas or electricity solutions you use; for example, if you use LPG gas, then you need to make sure that the boiler you choose is LPG compatible.

All of these factors can contribute to your boiler replacement cost, as brands will charge more money for boilers that have greater compatibility and that are more energy efficient.

However, the higher cost can be factored into the lifetime cost of your new boiler, as investing more money in an eco-friendly boiler now could save you money over the coming decade.

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Boiler replacement cost factors to consider

While functions and features, and the brand of boiler you choose will both affect the boiler costs that you pay, there are other factors to consider when trying to work out the cost of a boiler.

When you’re making your budget and considering all of the new boiler costs that you’ll need to pay, you need to include the below. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it is the most common factors that can affect your boiler replacement costs.

The type of boiler can alter the price

The type of boiler is different from the brand, and many brands offer several different types of boilers in their product ranges.

Here are some of the main types of boiler that you can get for your home:

  • Combi Boiler: One of the most common types of boiler on the market right now, a combi, or combination, boiler works in a similar way to a kettle, in that it automatically heats your water when you need hot water, rather than storing it in a water tank. These boilers are ideal for small homes and apartments where there aren’t many bathrooms or sinks. They use innovative modern technology, and give impressive results, making them a popular choice for many homeowners.
  • System Boiler: A system boiler stores hot water in a hot water tank, which is usually in an airing cupboard. When you need to get hot water for your taps, washing machine, central heating, or another appliance, the hot water is waiting in the hot water tank. System boilers work well for large homes with an extensive heating system and a lot of occupants.
  • Traditional Boiler: Traditional boilers are like system boilers, but they have two water tanks, one for hot water and one for cold water. They are also known as heat-only boilers, regular boilers, and by many other names. They take up more space than most system boilers, which means that they work well for large houses with lots of storage space for your water tank.
  • Condensing Boiler: A condensing boiler uses a flue system to condense escaped fuel and turn it into water vapour, which can then be reused to heat your home. As such, these solutions are eco-friendly and can help you to save money on your heating bills, as well as allowing you to do your bit for the environment. They are often gas boiler, but you can also get oil condensation boilers.
  • Back Boiler: Back boilers are an older form of heating that is fitted behind a gas or electric fire. Popular during the mid-1900s up until around the 1980s, these boilers are now out of date, and they’re no longer manufactured, meaning you can’t get a new back boiler for your home. If you already have a back boiler, then you can get a back boiler replacement and upgrade it with a combi boiler or look into other alternatives, such as upgrading your fire. Often, back boilers are used in a conjunction with another main boiler, so you should check to see if you actually need to replace it at all, or if you can simply get rid of your back boiler and replace it with a new fire to keep the back of your house snug during the colder months.
  • Oil Boiler: Oil boilers are a traditional form of home heating that stores oil in an outdoor tank to give hot water and heating to the property. Oil boilers can be expensive to run and install, so if you still have an oil boiler and need a new one, then it might be worth checking out the options to get a new heating solution for your home.
  • Gas Boiler: As the name suggests, a gas boiler is powered by mains gas supplies. They can be a system or a combi boiler. Gas boilers are slowly being phased out, so if you’re looking to replace your gas boiler then you might consider finding an alternative, such as an electric boiler.
  • Electric Boiler: Again, an electric boiler is fairly obvious; it’s a boiler that’s powered by electricity, rather than by gas or oil. It takes its electricity from the mains and turns it into heat that keeps your home, and your water, nice and warm.


These are the main types of boiler on the market. Each one suits a different home, so take the time to review your hot water consumption and heating situation to make sure you choose the right option.

If you choose a new boiler that is the same type as your existing boiler, then your new boiler installation costs will be lower than if you change to a new type of boiler.

That’s because your new type of boiler might need additional equipment, such as a water tank, which will raise the cost of installation. As such, you need to make sure that you think long and hard about whether or not you want to get a new type of boiler, or if you’re happy with the type you have currently.

If you’re planning on moving your boiler to a new location in your home, then your plumber might need to add additional piping, which will increase the cost further.

A new location for your boiler could also mean that you need to change the structure of your home to accommodate your boiler, and this will add to the new boiler costs. You might need to work with a professional builder, and this could raise the boiler replacement cost even further.

As such, you need to make sure that you check if you need to change the type of boiler in your home, or if you can go for a like-for-like boiler replacement.

Generally, the type of boiler you need depends on your central heating system and the size of your home.

If you’re extending your property, and plan to add additional bathrooms or radiators, then you might need to change your boiler.

In this case, you might also want to consider a new location for a larger boiler, such as a system solution or a regular boiler, both of which work well in larger homes with bigger requirements.

You should also check that the type of boiler you want is still in use- if it’s one of the options that’s being phased out, then you might want to get ahead of the game and replace yours before you can no longer find parts and your boiler costs, such as servicing and repairs, rise.

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Boiler finance costs for a new boiler

As highlighted earlier and in a previous blog post, the cost of a new boiler can range from £1600 and £2500, which is a lot of money to spend at once. It’s often that finance is required due to the higher price tag on a replacement heating system.

If you have a lot of savings then you might be able to cover these costs in one go, but for many UK homeowners, this is simply impossible.

Luckily, there is a solution. Many boiler retailers offer boiler finance solutions so that you can spread your new boiler cost across several months or even years.

Compare Boiler Quotes specialises in offering UK homeowners the chance to spread the cost of a new boiler by providing finance that ranges from short-term to longer plans.

You can get interest-free credit for your new boiler for up to 2 years. If you need more time to repay your boiler replacement costs, then we also offer interest-bearing credit from a selection of respected lenders.

Our market-leading offering gives you a 9.9% Apr representative for as long as 10 years, giving you a decade to pay off the cost of your new boiler and boiler installation.

You can borrow between £1,250 and £10,000, meaning that you can cover the cost of your new boiler and boiler installation, and pay just 9.9% Apr representative interest.

These finance solutions will benefit you if you’re looking for a new boiler but don’t have the money to pay the boiler costs upfront.

However, if you’re choosing long-term, interest-bearing boiler finance, then you need to factor the interest payments into your new boiler costs.

How much does boiler cover cost?

Unfortunately, even relatively new boilers break down occasionally. When they do, you might find yourself left with a heavy bill to cover the cost of fixing your boiler.

As mentioned earlier, the boiler is one of the most important appliances in your home, as it powers the hot water and the central heating. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get your boiler fixed promptly.

One of the best ways to reduce your emergency boiler repair bill is to take out boiler insurance. Often, the boiler isn’t part of your standard home insurance policy, but you should check before you take out boiler insurance.

Some home insurance providers will allow you to add boiler cover to your existing home insurance policy for a reduced cost, so check this price and then explore all of the other boiler insurance options on the market.

When comparing the price of boiler insurance, it’s important that you check the terms of your policy, so that you know you’re getting the right service at the best price.

If you want a quote for a quality boiler insurance policy, then visit Boiler Central to see their plans and how they could save you money on your boiler repairs.

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How much do boiler warranties cost?

Another factor to consider is the length of the warranty that you get with your new boiler. Every new boiler comes with a warranty from the boiler manufacturer, but the length of the cover and the terms vary.

As such, you should research the warranties that your chosen brand offers for their boilers. If the boiler breaks down while it’s under warranty, and the issue isn’t your fault, then they can repair or replace the boiler for free.

Check the warranty options available on your chosen boiler model, to make sure that you get a good deal. The longer the warranty period, the more time you will have before you have to start paying for many boiler repairs.

Choosing the best boiler warranty can save you money throughout the lifetime of the appliance. As such, you should take the time to review the options before you commit to a specific brand for your new boiler.

You can sometimes get an extra warranty on your boiler, so check if this is included or will cost you extra on top of your base boiler cost that you have got for your new boiler quote.

Cost of disposing of your old boiler

With your new boiler installed, it’s easy to think that you’ve paid all of your boiler installation costs. However, there’s one more thing you need to consider: getting rid of the existing boiler that’s already in your home.

A boiler is a large appliance, and so it takes a lot of effort to transport it and take it apart ready for disposal. If you have access to a large car, then you can take it to a refuse centre yourself. While they might charge you to leave your boiler with them, this approach will save you money on transport costs.

However, not everyone is able to transport their own boiler for various reasons, and if this is the case for you, then you need to explore alternative options.

First, talk to the heating engineer who is installing your new boiler. When you speak to your boiler installation expert, check if they can help you to get rid of your old boiler. If they can’t, then you can ask your local council or a reputable waste removal service.

Most councils will charge to remove your old boiler, so compare the prices from the council and a selection of private firms before you commit.

The cost of getting rid of your previous boiler might seem like a small part of your expenses, but it all adds up over time, so make sure that you factor it into your budget for boiler costs.

Boiler installation cost

When you’re researching the cost of a new boiler, you need to remember that installation isn’t free. The installation cost can add hundreds or even thousands of pounds to your boiler replacement costs.

When using a company that we recommend, all of the prices shown on our boiler quotation tool include the boiler installation cost as standard.

The cost of installing your new boiler will depend on where you’re putting it, and if you’re getting a new type of boiler or just replacing the same type.

While you might think that you can save on the installation cost, installing a boiler isn’t something you should skimp on, or even worse, try to do it yourself.

Every gas boiler in the UK needs a Gas Safe installation certificate, to prove that it was installed by a certified engineer and that it is safe to use.

When you work with one of our network of reliable boiler installation experts, you’ll receive your certificate after the job is complete.

If you work with another installer, then make sure that you ask them for their certification and credentials.

Read online reviews to find out more about them and decide if they’re worth saving money on, or if you would be better working with experts and paying slightly more.

If you’re worried about the installation cost for your boiler, then you can spread it by using our boiler finance options.

Don’t settle for the first price you get unless it’s online

Buying a replacement boiler for your home is a major undertaking; it can cost thousands of pounds, so you must make sure that you find the right solution.

Once you’ve found your dream boiler, you need to get it at a good cost. It might seem tempting to buy your new boiler from the manufacturer, but you might be able to find better boiler prices if you shop around and see what other retailers have to offer.

Shopping around can help you to find a price for your new boiler that suits your budget. You can also explore boiler finance solutions that will allow you to spread the cost of your boiler, without paying hefty interest rates.

How to get the best costs for new boilers online

This article should give you an idea of all of the factors that you need to consider when working out the cost of a new boiler for your home.

None of the costs is set; the cost of a new boiler depends on all of these factors, as well as the most crucial one of all; where you buy your boiler.

Working with an online retailer like Compare Boiler Quotes allows you to buy a selection of boilers at the best prices on the market.

All of our boiler prices are highly competitive, so you know you’re getting a great deal. Working with us, you’ll find great boiler prices and a low installation cost, combined with a great service that you can rely on.

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Gas boiler prices for UK Properties

There are many boiler manufacturers out there wanting you to buy one of their combi boilers and have varying prices.

It can be quite confusing as they all vary in price, size, shape & look. You shouldn’t just buy the first boiler you see, you need to check other new boiler cost options.

Definitely shop around! There is tons of information on every boiler on the internet. In this new boiler price and cost guide, we hope to help you choose the right boiler for your home within your budget. Everyone’s budget and needs are different.

It’s like buying a car, do you really need that Ferrari to go to the shops? It would probably be nice, but, if you apply some logic and make an informed decision, you can always get the right boiler at the right price for you. You can pay monthly for a new boiler if you can’t afford the full amount.

Boiler prices in the UK

Boiler prices in the UK are the lowest they have ever been in the history of gas boilers existence.

Whether you are looking for the best boiler prices in the UK from various boiler companies, you can be sure that you can find some of the best deals at Boiler Central.

Combi boiler prices in the UK have been driven down by new entrants to the boiler manufacturing markets such as Viessmann and Vokera boilers. They are not based in the UK, but offer some of the best boiler prices that you can find, with lengthy warranties.

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Best boiler prices online

Getting the best boiler prices is easier than ever with the growth of the largest boiler companies in the UK offering the facility to purchase a new boiler online. This enables you to get the best boiler prices around online in seconds.

Not only can you get the best combi, system and regular boiler deals online, but you can also apply for finance with instant decisions. Getting the best deals is not just about the price, but also about the high levels of service that you should expect from the leading boiler companies in the UK.

Everyone loves a deal, right? But you need to be savvy enough to know which ones are the best and not get drawn in by fantastic deals on new boilers, but poor aftercare.

Click the link below to go through to Boiler Central who we believe have the best boiler deals in the UK right now, and they also offer exceptional customer service:

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Click on a manufacturer logo below to view their combi boiler prices:

New boiler costs in 2021 -Boiler installation costs & prices guide Compare Boiler Quotes
New boiler costs in 2021 -Boiler installation costs & prices guide Compare Boiler Quotes
New boiler costs in 2021 -Boiler installation costs & prices guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Combi boiler prices – Overview

Combi boiler prices vary significantly depending on the type of home and any extras that are required to fit the new boiler.

If it is a simple combi boiler replacement then the price would be less than that of a system to combi conversion, for example.

This guide gives you clear prices for combi boilers and how much you can expect to pay for your new gas boiler installation. The costs show average prices for the boiler, installation rates and other prices associated.

If you have any questions on the prices of combi boilers then please contact us.

New boiler costs in 2021 -Boiler installation costs & prices guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Combi boiler prices for homes with 1-2 bedrooms

Below are the average prices for combi boilers for homes with 1-2 bedrooms. Generally, these sized homes have a lot of lower hot water demand than a home with more rooms.

Buying the right sized boiler for a home with 1-2 bedrooms is crucial in ensuring that you don’t spend more money than necessary on your boiler and keeps running costs down by being more economical.

Below is a list of lower output boilers and their prices. We have ordered them from the lowest output to the highest output but you can arrange by boiler price if you require.

All of the below combi boiler prices are recommended for homes with 1 to 2 bedrooms.

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Combi boiler prices for homes with 3 – 5 bedrooms

Here you will find the prices for combi boilers for homes that have 3-5 bedrooms. If you have one of these sized homes, then you will require a more powerful boiler.

This is to ensure that the water reaches every radiator and tap at the correct heat and can cope with the demand. Your new boiler should not struggle to keep your home warm.

See the list of guide prices for combi boilers over 30kW. These combi boilers are easily powerful enough for homes with 3-5 bedrooms.

If you have a home with this many rooms and hot water demand is higher, and you have multiple bathrooms or extra shower rooms that run off the mains, you may want to consider a system boiler or a regular boiler.

The price list of combi boilers is sorted in output order, lowest first. All of the below combi boiler prices are recommended for homes with 3 to 5 bedrooms.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Combi boiler installation prices

Another factor that can affect new boiler prices is where they are being installed. If you are simply swapping your old boiler for a new one, and it is staying in the same place, this will help to keep installation costs down.

If you fancy a move or are required to move your boiler then you can pretty much guarantee the price will be at least £200 more.

How much it will cost will depend on which room you are planning on moving your new boiler to, or how far away from your old one.

It will all depend on the amount of work involved and the materials involved in the move. So if you are moving quite far, expect to pay more for the pipes extending just to start with.

If you are moving to a room that doesn’t have an outside wall or into the loft or attic, then you may need a vertical flue. This will be an extra added cost also. The extra piping and the extra work involved will be where the price will add up.

You are looking at around £200 for this extra work. Some boilers have to be fitted to an outside wall so always check with your engineer before you start.

Most are capable of using a vertical flue but some aren’t so this is something to take into consideration if you find yourself in this situation.

How much will it cost to move my gas combi boiler?

See the below table for the extra costs involved in moving your boiler. It shows the guide price for a standard ‘swap’, which is basically a quick half day job removing one type of boiler replacement and replacing it with the same type in the same place.

It also shows this type of boiler install and the cost of relocating your boiler under 5 metres away from where it is currently, and the price of moving it over 5 metres away. The further you move your boiler the higher the cost.

Gas boiler prices for installation and labour

The type of boiler that is already in your house can be the main cost factor depending on the type of new boiler you want to have installed.

If you have a gas combi boiler and you just want to swap it for another gas combi boiler you are going to save yourself a lot of money.

This is called a combi swap. This is basically the easiest boiler install for any heating engineers. If you currently have a system boiler, one with a tank, and just want another system boiler to replace it then this will also save costs too!

On the other hand, if you fancy a change, say from a system boiler to a combi boiler, this involves a lot more work.

This is called a conversion. Hence, this will incur extra costs. If you are wanting to change to a gas combi boiler then you are looking at at least £300 extra on top to do the conversion.

This will involve changing all the gas pipework and possible removing any tanks that you currently have.

Examples of gas boiler prices in the UK

If you’re looking at moving your boiler and ‘converting’ to another type then as you can see your costs will be greatly increased.

This may be a larger initial outlay but if it means saving you money in the long run by having a more economical boiler it may be worth it.

If you have s system boiler for example and you think your property could run on a combi (get some expert advice if needed) then converting may be for you.

A lot of combi boilers these days can do the job of a system boiler at a much more economical price. And they usually cost less and take up less room!

Viessmann Vitodens 111-W

Super powerful combi storage boiler for demanding households. The benefits of a system boiler without a tank. A superb boiler worth every penny.
£3,399 or £50.40/month
  • Boiler & Installation Price
  • Must already have a combi boiler
  • Must be staying in the same place
  • Ideal for family homes with high demand
  • 4+ Bedrooms
  • 2+ Bathrooms/ Shower rooms
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W 26kw System Boiler
If you have a system boiler (one with a tank) and want another system boiler then look no further than the Viessmann 100-W System
£2,199 or £28.43/Month
  • Boiler & Installation Price
  • Straight system boiler swap
  • Your boiler is staying in the same place
  • Ideal for larger homes
  • up to 4 bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life
Brand new top of the range Worcester Bosch system boiler. The pinnacle of current boiler engineering and heating technologies.
£2,899 or £37.48/month
  • Boiler & Installation Price
  • Must have a system boiler already
  • Must be staying in the same place
  • Ideal for larger family homes
  • 4+ bedrooms
  • 2+ Bathrooms / Shower rooms
New boiler costs in 2021 -Boiler installation costs & prices guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Gas combi boiler prices and costs

The price of installing a new combi boiler can vary from company to company. This is due to different companies charging different prices for labour, parts and other costs that aren’t part of the initial boiler price.

There is no hard or fast cost for any of the parts or boiler service so here we look at a guide for different size homes to help you out.

Budget Boiler Price Guide:

House with 4 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom  – £2,500 – £4,500

House with 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom – £1,700 – £3,000

This is a guide price for the installation of a cheaper brand new combi boiler including parts, labour and a basic radiator in each room.

The end price will all depend on the radiators you choose, the cost of labour (expect around £200 per day) and the parts required.

Some houses will be easier to install a new boiler in so it will take less time to fit meaning lower prices.

You can check all this before you go ahead as any good boiler company will lay out to you what needs to be done and be able to go through it step by step.

You should always get more than one quote from several boiler companies to ensure that you get the best price for your new boiler. Installing a new boiler isn’t cheap, but you want to ensure that you get the best deal and best service from any boiler company.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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A guide to top boiler companies & their boiler prices

If your looking for a new boiler and you have managed to narrow down which manufacturer or manufacturers you are leaning towards then you will obviously want to know how much each boiler is going to set you back.

If your pocket is going to take a decent hit, you want to make sure you are getting the best value. Buying a boiler that lasts is easy enough, there are plenty out there, is just making sure that you get your monies worth.

Do you really need to spend an extra grand on a boiler that looks good but performs pretty much the same?

Not really but each to their own. Anyway, here is a guide to some of the top boiler companies you will no doubt come across on your boiler buying journey.

Viessmann Boiler Prices

Check out the prices for this exceptional German boiler manufacturer. The Vitodens range is a brilliant choice of boiler for any home.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices

UK wide renowned boiler manufacturer with their market-leading Greenstar Boilers. Worcester Bosch will have a perfect boiler for your home.

Vaillant Boiler Prices

Hand made boilers perfect for any UK Home. Ultra-reliable boilers for your peace of mind. See the range now.

Baxi Boiler Prices

British made Baxi boilers are a great cost-effective choice for your home without compromise. Check out their fantastic range now.

Ideal Boiler Prices

Ideal in every sense of the word. Great boilers at great prices for any UK home. Find one here.

Vokera Boiler Prices

Fantastic low-cost boilers. Check out these boilers if you’re on a tight budget. Find your boiler now.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Need prices for a new gas combi boiler installation?

If you think choosing a boiler is a minefield, then you may know how the added problem of choosing the right person or company to come and put it on your wall.

The boiler installation price is probably going to cost you more than your actual boiler, but in most cases, it is more than acceptable.

Installing a boiler is a big and complicated job, not to mention dangerous due to gas and electricity being involved.

This means you need to make sure you choose the right people to do the job. Make sure you check previous work from reviews and do your research.

This extra work beforehand will pay dividends in the long run and save you from having any problems or issues in the future. Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer. Most large boiler companies will not employ anyone who isn’t but it doesn’t harm to check.

Which boiler installation company has the best prices…

When taking into consideration new boiler prices, getting a cheap combi boiler isn’t always the best way to go. There are many boiler companies out there but buying the right one can make the difference.

This is even more apparent when choosing boilers on finance. A lot of boiler companies nowadays offer great new boiler finance deals.

These companies let you spread the cost of your new boiler by paying monthly. This can sometimes mean your boiler can cost a little more due to low-interest rates, but it also means you can buy a better boiler.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Should you get a fixed online price for your boiler installation?

If you have been looking at replacing your boiler, you may have come across some installation companies that offer fixed online prices.

These are relatively new in the world of boiler installation but they are definitely the way that everything is going.

We imagine that in about 5 years time, most boilers will be ordered and booked for installation totally online. It just works and it keeps boiler prices low due to not having to pay salespeople their commission and other costs.

Fast & free combi boiler prices

If you choose to use an online buying service then you will see just how efficient and cost-effective it will be, rather than spending time on the phone or booking time off work to wait for an engineer to come round at an inconvenient time.

You can choose any gas boiler price you like, and you will get a range of choices suitable for your home starting with a budget option, right up to the top of the range of expensive ones.

All in all the service will not cost you any more than what it would have done if you had used a real person.

All prices quoted are a guide price and prices are constantly changing so ensure that you check before you buy.

Also, these prices do not include installation. If you want to check how much installation will cost, either have a quick read of our information above or contact us now for a quick free new boiler quote.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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