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New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

New Boiler Cost in 2022 – Our New Gas Boiler Prices Guide

To make this super quick, you can use our quick online boiler price calculator and it will give you prices for the best boilers online in 20 seconds, with no personal info required all by just answering a few simple questions

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The cost of a new boiler varies on the type of boiler and other variables that we delve into further to give you the total costs you can expect to pay right now.

Did you know you could pay monthly for your new boiler too if you have been caught short?

Latest boiler prices & full boiler installation costs guide

This comprehensive new boiler cost guide will give you examples for different scenarios so you can be sure to know how much a new boiler will set you back, and you can compare the different boiler costs for each one.

Small boilers with lower outputs generally cost less, but these are suited to smaller homes anyway. Large homes will need at least a powerful 40kw combi boiler.

All the prices given are live prices too for our recommended installation companies so you can be sure that you get the best deals and the price you see is the price you pay. 

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What fuel does your boiler use

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How much does a new boiler cost?

The cost of a new boiler will range from £500 to £3,000 depending on the type of boiler, the make of the boiler, and the model. A boiler unit on its own will start from around £500 for a budget model right up to the high-end powerful units costing over £3,000.

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Generally, one type of boiler will not be any more than another type but ensuring that you get the correct boiler for your home will mean that costs will be less. 

New Combi boiler:

A new combi boiler costs between £550 – £2,950 model-dependent not including installation. A budget or cheap combi boiler costs between £500 – £750,  a mid-range combi boiler will cost between £750 – £1,250, and a top-of-the-range combi boiler will cost between £1,250 to £2,500.

Combi boilers are the most popular type of boilers in the UK. These boilers produce both hot water and heating on demand from a single unit. No tanks are required with the combi, its dual heat exchanger ensures maximum efficiency and low running costs.

New System boiler:

A standalone new system boiler costs £550 – £2,950 model dependent.

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

A system boiler costs between £500 – £750 for budget buys, £750 – £1,250 for a mid-range system boiler, and between £1,250 to £2,500 for high-end system boilers.

System boilers rely on a hot water tank to store hot water for your taps, showers and hot baths.

These are great for larger homes and worth every penny if you want to supply hot water to two or more faucets at one time.

New Regular boiler:

A New regular / heat-only boiler costs between £550 – £2,950 model dependent.

A budget regular boiler costs between £500 – £750,  a mid-range regular boiler £750 – £1,250 and £1,250 to £2,500 for high-end regular boilers.

Regular boilers are becoming less and less common, but they still have their place in older buildings. They are just as economical but they do require an extra cold water expansion tank in the loft to work. A simple regular boiler replacement could save you hundreds of pounds on your bills.

All of the above prices are just for the boiler itself, with no fitting or extras that may be required. Got hot water but no heating? it may be cheaper to buy a new one, so compare and save now.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Boiler installation prices for 2022

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Finding the cost of a new boiler installation is simple with us, as we give your prices from nationwide boiler companies that are trusted and fully vetted. All the installers will be Gas Safe registered engineers.

Keeping new boiler installation costs down is paramount to your happiness, so let’s take a look at the factors below that influence the boiler replacement price.

Compare boiler prices online in just 20 seconds – Click here

How much is it to fit a boiler with labour only?

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Labour costs for boiler fitting start from around £900 including fixtures and fittings that you will need.

You may or may not be aware that the process of fitting a boiler by a heating engineer is likely to be the largest cost when deciding to replace a boiler.

You don’t however have to buy the unit from the person or company that installs the boiler, so is it possible to get it cheaper by splitting it up?

Making sure you get the right installation company definitely matters and you must always check out their reviews

Is it cheaper to buy a boiler separately?

The simple answer is no, basically as usually heating engineers get discounted rates on new boilers due to the fact that they install so many.

So unless you can get these discounts or know of someone who can then it is nearly always cheaper for you to get the person of the company to supply and fit the boiler as a package.

How much is a new combi boiler?

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Although many online boiler companies will offer an average price for a new boiler online, the truth is that there are many factors that can affect your boiler replacement costs.

You need to think beyond the cost of the boiler. From Gas engineer labour costs to purchasing a new one from a reputable retailer, there are many options to choose from to find the perfect replacement boiler at the right price.

These are the most common costs associated with installing a boiler in the UK. always get a boiler warranty of at minimum 10 years. However, Boiler Central offers a 12 year guarantee.

Boiler replacement costs – Quick summary:

New combi boiler with installation£1,795
System boiler to combi boiler conversion£2,350
Regular boiler to combi boiler conversion£2,350
Back boiler replacement with combi£3,100
New boiler with relocation£1,850

Compare Boiler Quotes has already offered you a rough overview of the cost of a boiler replacement and given an estimate of between £1600 and £2500 if you choose the same type of boiler as you already had in your home previously.

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

We’ve also explored the average cost of replacing a combi boiler and how to find the best boiler costs & deals for each different home in the UK. Once you hve chosen your boiler you can then get a quote online for the full cost of the boiler installation in under 1 minute.

Now, we’re going to dig deep into everything you need to know about budgeting for your boiler replacement. If you already want to consider a new boiler and want to get a price online, you can use our boiler size calculator to get the perfect boiler at the best price for your home

Let’s explore how you can work out how much your new boiler will be and find the best deals on the market!

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What fuel does your boiler use

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New combi boiler prices

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Combi boiler prices vary dependent on various factors such as flue type, boiler size and any other work that may need to be carried out.

When you need a new boiler installing, the actual combi boiler units are usually only around half the price of what you are paying, as much is labour and other materials required for your new boiler.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Generally speaking, the cost of a new boiler with installation included, you can expect to pay the below prices for combi boilers:

  • Low-end combi boiler average prices: £1,595 including VAT and installation
  • Mid-range combi boiler average prices: £1,800 including VAT and installation
  • High-end combi boiler average prices: £2,200 including VAT and installation

Why do boilers prices vary so much in the UK

Before we get into the cost of replacing your boiler, let’s first look at why you need it.

Although a new boiler may seem costly, remember that your boiler is there for you all day. It heats and cools your water. Both are vital for a comfortable lifestyle.

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

You can save money by learning why a boiler should be replaced in the summer

You won’t have hot water and a reliable heating system to heat your home.

Your home could be damaged if the heating is turned down or switched off completely. It is essential to have a reliable boiler that keeps your home warm and cozy.

Boiler repairs and maintenance can be costly. If your boiler breaks down frequently, you may need to replace it.

Compare boiler prices online in just 20 seconds – Click here

Compare combi boilers prices from different installation companies

Whilst getting the best deal is high on the list of priorities when buying a boiler, we have hopefully saved you some time and effort with our quick price comparison table from all the top installation companies such as Boiler Central, Boxt, British Gas, Homeserve, Heatable & Warmzilla.

You will quickly notice how much more the large companies charge for a boiler like British Gas and Homeserve which are well over £300 more expensive on some of the combi boiler models shown here. Don’t be fooled, you don’t get anything extra or a better service either as both these companies’ reviews show with a miserable 3 stars.

British GasHomeServeEDF (BOXT)Boiler CentralBOXTWarmzillaHeatable
Ideal Logic C30£2,120£2,225£2,195£2,049£2,195£2,079Unavailable
Worcester Bosch 4000 30kw£2,579£2,325£2,195£2,149 (12 years warranty)£2,195£2,169£2,215
Worcester Bosch 8000 35kw£3,150Unavailable£2,650£2,575£2,650£2,859£2,705
Viessmann Vitodens 050-w 30kwUnavailableUnavailableUnavailable£2,145 (12 years warranty)Unavailable£2,159£2,195

How much is a new boiler?

If you compare boiler quotes, you’ll be provided with a quote for a new boiler that costs between £1600 to £3,700.

When calculating the cost of a new boiler, there are some things that you should not overlook. For example, premium models will have higher prices and a more complicated installation will set you back quite a bit.

Standard labour costs will apply regardless of how long it takes to install the boiler in your home. The cost of the new boiler will depend on which gas company you choose and whether or not you have insurance. However, engineers who do the job must be paid.

Most often, labour costs are based on an estimate of the time required to complete the job.

You may be charged for additional parts and labour, as well as the price of the boiler.

If the pipework has to be replaced before the new combi boiler is installed, you may be charged additional labor charges and possibly the cost of materials.

Replacement boiler costs

The cost of replacing your boiler is not lower, but you will still have to pay the same fees as if you bought a new boiler.

You will have to pay both the price of the boiler and the installation cost for a new combi boiler when you replace it.

It is possible that installation costs for new boilers will differ depending on how much work the engineer must do. Although replacing a boiler may make it easier as the boiler can be placed on the main water supply in the same way as the older one, this is not always true.

When deciding on whether to get a new boiler, you should consider your family’s needs and whether your current boiler is meeting them, especially if your in a rush to buy, check out the main boiler types

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

If not then you should get a new boiler installation cost that is within budget and look to purchase a new one.

There are many types of boilers that can be installed, including combi boilers, system boilers, and more.

If you’re not sure if your current boiler type is right for your property, then you can check out the different types to see if a new type of boiler will benefit your home and lifestyle.

It is possible to extend the life of your boiler by taking a few basic steps. The most important is to work with a Gas Safe heating engineer and get them to service your boiler at least once a year.

They will be able to identify common boiler problems and repair them before they become much worse.

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Buying a new boiler – FAQ’s

Now that you’ve determined that you need a new boiler, it’s time to consider the factors that drive the cost, so that you can budget accordingly.

Many different factors will influence your new boiler cost. It’s not just about the price of the boiler either; there’s the boiler installation, the charges for getting rid of the existing boiler, and more.

Read on, and we’ll explore all the new boiler costs that you could encounter and the factors that influence them, so you can budget accordingly and find the right solution at a price that fits your budget.

How much is a British Gas boiler?

One of the most asked questions in the UK is “how much does a British Gas new boiler cost”. And that’s because many people think they are the go-to people for a boiler. The worst part of this is that they are by far the most expensive company to use.

Unfortunately, British gas boiler prices include all their overheads and salespeople costs, and these are politely handed down to you, the customer. Just be aware you are not getting ripped off and always compare boiler quotes.

British gas replacement boiler cost

If you use the online British Gas boiler quote calculator tool it gives you the prices they charge for various types of boiler installation jobs. For small-sized combi boiler replacement jobs, the cost is £2,500 to install the new boiler in the exact same place as the old one. 

British Gas will charge £300 more if you want the new boiler installed in another room. The cost to have your boiler moved up to two floors or in a different room on the same floor is more than £400.

British Gas charges £3,300 to replace a conventional boiler with a mid range combi boiler. If you want to replace a combi boiler with a more premium combi boiler it will cost £3,600, which is enough to heat a detached home with up to five bedrooms and two bathrooms.  While if you want to convert from a system boiler or conventional boiler to a high output combi boiler it would cost £4,150.


How to get the best boilers in the UK online as cheap as possible.

One of the biggest factors in your new boiler cost will be the brand of boiler that you choose.

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

The brand of boiler that you buy will not only affect the price of your new boiler, but it could also affect the lifespan of your new boiler, irrespective of the boiler replacement cost.

Some boiler manufacturers, including Worcester Bosch, Valliant, and Viessmann, offer top quality boilers throughout their ranges.

As such, you’ll get a reliable boiler if you buy one of their new boilers, as long as you choose the right type and make an effort to get one with all the features and functions you need.

Make sure that the cost of the boiler is within your budget as getting the best boiler prices are usually key to a great deal.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Thermostat costs for your new boiler

Thermostats can add costs to the purchase price of your boiler depending on the type you choose.

Most boilers come with a free thermostat however you can upgrade at extra cost to smart thermostats such as the Google Nest, Hive Heating or Salus IT500 to name a few.

These can add anything from £120 to £250 depending on the manufacturer you choose. Below are some pricing examples from the best smart thermostats on the market right now:

  • Google Learning Nest – £199
  • Hive Active Heating – £199
  • Salus IT500 – £129

It is widely available with most smart thermostats to be able to control your thermostat from your phone or tablet, which can save you money on your heating bills.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Factors that affect the price of new boilers

While functions and features, and the brand of boiler you choose will both affect the boiler costs that you pay, there are other factors to consider when trying to work out the cost of a new boiler.

The type of boiler matters

The type of boiler is different from the brand, and many brands offer several different types of boilers in their product ranges.

How much are boiler warranties?

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Another factor to consider is the length of the boiler warranty that you get with your new boiler. Every boiler comes with a warranty from the boiler manufacturer, but the length of the cover and the terms vary.

Choosing the best boiler warranty can save you money throughout the lifetime of the appliance. As such, you should take the time to review the options before you commit to a specific brand for your new boiler.

You can sometimes get an extra warranty on your boiler, so check if this is included or will cost you extra on top of your base boiler cost that you have got for your new boiler quote.

Disposing of your old boiler

With your new boiler installed, it’s easy to think that you’ve paid all of your boiler installation costs. However, there’s one more thing you need to consider: getting rid of the existing boiler that’s already in your home.

If you buy from a company such as Boiler Central, they will take away your old boiler and any tanks, so that is one less hassle to worry about.

New boiler and installation

When you’re researching the cost of a new boiler, you need to remember that installation isn’t free. The installation cost can add hundreds or even thousands of pounds to your boiler replacement costs.

When using a company that we recommend, all of the prices shown on our boiler quotation tool include the boiler installation cost as standard.

The cost of installing your new boiler will depend on where you’re putting it, and if you’re getting a new type of boiler or just replacing the same type.

While you might think that you can save on the installation cost, installing a boiler isn’t something you should skimp on, or even worse, try to do it yourself.

Every gas boiler in the UK needs a Gas Safe installation certificate, to prove that it was installed by a certified engineer and that it is safe to use.

When you work with one of our networks of reliable boiler installation experts, you’ll receive your certificate after the job is complete.

If you work with another installer, then make sure that you ask them for their certification and credentials.

Read online reviews to find out more about them and decide if they’re worth saving money on, or if you would be better working with experts and paying slightly more.

If you’re worried about the installation cost for your boiler, then you can spread it by using our boilers on finance options.

How to get the best new boiler deals online

Working with an online retailer like Compare Boiler Quotes allows you to buy a selection of boilers at the best prices on the market. You need to make sure that if you have a large house a system boiler is a better option.

All of our boiler prices are highly competitive, so you know you’re getting a great deal. Working with us, you’ll find great prices and a low installation cost, combined with a great service that you can rely on.

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New gas boiler prices for UK homes

It can be quite confusing as they all vary in price, size, shape & look.

It’s like buying a car, do you really need that Ferrari to go to the shops? It would probably be nice, but, if you apply some logic and make an informed decision, you can always get the right boiler at the right price for you.

You can pay monthly for a new boiler if you can’t afford the full amount which helps your spread the cost.

Read our best boiler brands guide for more information on which brand or manufacturer is the best.


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What fuel does your boiler use

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Cheap boilers – Where to find them

Getting the best boilers prices is easier than ever with the growth of the largest boiler companies in the UK offering the facility to purchase a new boiler online.

Our recommendation would be Boiler Central. They offer exclusive 12-year warranties on Worcester Bosch boilers as well as Viessmann boilers as well as online finance approvals.

Not only can you get the best combi, system and regular boiler installation deals online, but they price check daily and probably have the cheapest boiler prices on the market.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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How much does a new combi boiler cost?

Below are the average prices for combi boilers for homes with 1-2 bedrooms. Generally, these sized homes have a lot of lower hot water demand than a home with more rooms.

Buying the right sized boiler for a home with 1-2 bedrooms is crucial in ensuring that you don’t spend more money than necessary on your boiler and keeps running costs down by being more economical.

Read more: Best boiler for a 2 bedroom home

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Combi boiler prices for homes with 3-5 bedrooms

Prices for combi boilers vary again for homes that have 3-5 bedrooms. If you have one of these sized homes, then you will require a more powerful boiler.

New boiler cost in 2022 - New gas boiler price guide Compare Boiler Quotes

This is to ensure that the water reaches every radiator and tap at the correct heat and can cope with the demand. Your new boiler should not struggle to keep your home warm.

See the list of guide prices for combi boilers over 30kW. These combi boilers are easily powerful enough for homes with 3-5 bedrooms.

If you have a home with this many rooms and hot water demand is higher, and you have multiple bathrooms or extra shower rooms that run off the mains, you may want to consider a system boiler or a regular boiler.

Read more: Best boiler for a 3 bedroom home

We also have a guide for larger homes here: best boiler for 5 bedroom and larger homes.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Moving a boiler cost

If you’re looking at moving your boiler and ‘converting’ to another type then as you can see your costs will be greatly increased.

If you are planning on moving a boiler, this may be a larger initial outlay but if it means saving you money in the long run by having a more economical boiler in a better place it may be worth it.

If you have a system boiler for example and you think your property could run on a combi (get some expert advice if needed) then converting may be for you.

A lot of combi boilers these days can do the job of a system boiler at a much more economical price.


A guide to top boiler manufacturers & their boilers prices

If your pocket is going to take a decent hit, you want to make sure you are getting the best value. Buying a boiler that lasts is easy enough, there are plenty out there, is just making sure that you get your monies worth.

Do you really need to spend extra money on a new boiler that looks good but performs pretty much the same?


Viessmann Boiler Prices

Check out the prices for this exceptional German boiler manufacturer. The Vitodens range is a brilliant choice of boiler for any home and there is the choice of their entry level Vitdoens 050-w which. is currently one of the best selling combi boilers right now in a 30kw output. If you want something that is a bit more powerful, then they do have the Vitodens 100-w combi boiler which. is Viessmanns best selling boiler ever accross Europe. Renowned for reliability, these boilers should cost more than they do but they are some of the best value boilers available right now

Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices

UK wide renowned boiler manufacturer with their market-leading Greenstar Boilers. Worcester Bosch will have a perfect boiler for your home. Their Greenstar combi boiler range has dominated the boiler market for over 10 years and has recently been revamped and upgraded. The brand new Worcester Bosch 4000 combi has taken off right where the old Greenstar i range left off and is flying off the shelves at the plumbing merchants. If you think you want something a bit mroe stylish then you have the option of the Black Worcester Bosch 8000 Style. Built to be the same size as kitchen cupboards so it slots in perfectly on show, this combi boiler is available in huge outputs of up to 50kw! You can compare these combi boiler prices on line now with us

Vaillant Boiler Prices

Hand made boilers perfect for any UK Home. Ultra-reliable boilers for your peace of mind from Vaillant are made with energy efficiency at the forefront. Their ecoTEC combi boiler range are some of the most energy efficient boilers on the market. Although thei boilers are a little bit more expensive than most, at lease you know you are getting your money’s worth. You pay for the attention to detail with a Vaillant boiler and you can get a great deal if you shop around to get the best prices.

Baxi Boiler Prices

British made Baxi boilers are a great cost-effective choice for your home without compromise. Baxi pride themselves with top of the range customer service and high qulaity products that are perfect for most homes in the UK. Their mid range Baxi 600 boilers are some of the most installed boilers in the UK and the bigger range the Baxi 800 boilers are their premium range with a whopping 10 years warranty. These compact combi boilers are a great kitchen cupboard fit and are even more competitively priced than most in the mid range boiler market

Ideal Boiler Prices

Ideal in every sense of the word. Great boilers at great prices for any UK home. The Ideal Logic combi boiler is the go to choice for new build companies in the UK. The ease of installation and their compact size makes them the perfect boiler for almost every small to medium sized home in the UK. Add to that up to 10 years warranty and the relentless reliability of thes super simple combis, when you see how little these boilers cost compared to it’s rivals, then it may just be the perfect boiler for you.

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New boiler costs: Final overview

If you choose to use an online buying service then you will see just how efficient and cost-effective it will be, rather than spending time on the phone or booking time off work to wait for an engineer to come round at an inconvenient time.

You can choose any gas boiler price you like, and you will get a range of choices suitable for your home starting with a budget option, right up to the top of the range of expensive ones.

If you want to check how much installation will cost, use the below free quotation tool that will give you an online price on a gas boiler:


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What fuel does your boiler use

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