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Combi Boiler Prices for UK Properties

Combi boiler prices, system boiler prices and back boiler conversion price guide for 2021. updated regularly with pricing so that you have up to date information on the latest combi boiler prices. This guide will help you with new boiler replacement costs and prices this year from our preferred nationwide boiler installers, Boiler Central.

When you need a new boiler installing, the actual combi boiler prices are usually only around half the price of what you are paying, as much is labour and other materials required for your new combi boiler installation. Hopefully, with this guide on combi boiler prices, we can shed some light on the price you to have to pay for a brand new boiler installed in your property.

Remember, every home is different so what you pay may be slightly different from your next-door neighbour. The price of your new combi boiler may differ from anyone else due to each home being unique & everyone’s heating and hot water usage being different.

Average Combi Boiler Prices with installation

Generally speaking, with installation included, you can expect to pay the below prices for combi boilers:

Range Manufacturer Model Type Boiler Cost With Installation
Budget Boiler Vokera EasiHeat Combi Boiler £1,500
Mid-Range Boiler Viessmann Vitodens 050-w Combi Boiler £1,800
Top Range Boiler Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Combi Boiler £2,300

Low-end combi boiler average prices: £1,500 including VAT and installation
Mid-range combi boiler average prices: £1,800 including VAT and installation
High-end combi boiler average prices: £2,200 including VAT and installation

Gas boiler prices for UK Properties

There are many boiler manufacturers out there wanting you to buy one of their combi boilers and have varying prices. It can be quite confusing as they all vary in price, size, shape & look. You shouldn’t just buy the first boiler you see, you need to check other new boiler cost options.

Definitely shop around! There is tons of information on every boiler on the internet. In this new boiler price and cost guide, we hope to help you choose the right boiler for your home within your budget. Everyone’s budget and needs are different.

It’s like buying a car, do you really need that Ferrari to go to the shops? It would probably be nice, but, if you apply some logic and make an informed decision, you can always get the right boiler at the right price for you. You can pay monthly for a new boiler if you can’t afford the full amount.

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Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Combi boiler deals – Buy now, pay later & more

Combi boiler deals are better than ever this year as you can now get fixed prices online. It really is easier than ever to get the best combi boiler deals in the UK, from companies such as Boiler Central. Whether you are looking for a low, mid or high combi or system boiler, you can get the best deals online in seconds, with fixed online prices. You can also choose your own installation date when you purchase your new gas boiler online.

Click the link below to get the best combi boiler deals in the UK, from our preferred partner Boiler Central. You can even get the best deals with 0% interest-free boiler finance payable over 1 or 2 years meaning you can pay less for your heating and hot water right away.

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Boiler Prices in the UK – A competitive market

Boiler prices in the UK are the lowest they have ever been in the history of gas boilers existence. Whether you are looking for the best prices in the UK from various boiler companies such as the Worcester Bosch Greenstar or Viessmann Vitodens 100 w, you can be sure that you can find some of the best deals at Boiler Central.

The cost of boilers in the UK have been driven down by new entrants to the boiler manufacturing markets such as Viessmann and Vokera boilers. They are not based in the UK, but offer some of the best boilers that you can find, with lengthy warranties.

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Best Boiler Prices – How to make sure you get a good deal

Getting the lowest prices on new boilers is easier than ever with the growth of the largest boiler companies in the UK offering the facility to purchase a new boiler online. This enables you to get a superb value boiler with installation online in seconds.

Not only can you get the best combi, system and regular boiler deals online, but you can also apply for finance with instant decisions. Getting the best deals is not just about the price, but also about the high levels of service that you should expect from the leading boiler companies in the UK. Everyone loves a deal, right? But you need to be savvy enough to know which one is the best boiler for your home and not get drawn in by fantastic deals on new boilers, but poor aftercare.

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Click on a manufacturer logo below to view their combi boiler prices:

Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Combi boiler prices overview – what can you get for your money?

Combi boiler prices vary significantly depending on the type of home and any extras that are required to fit the new boiler. If it is a simple combi boiler replacement then the price would be less than that of a system boiler to a combi conversion, for example.

This guide gives you clear prices for combi boilers and how much you can expect to pay for your gas boiler installation. The costs show average prices for the boiler, installation rates and other prices associated.

If you have any questions on the prices of combi boilers then please contact us.

Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Combi boiler prices for homes with 1-2 bedrooms

Below are the average prices for combi boilers for homes with 1-2 bedrooms. Generally, these sized homes have a lot of lower hot water demand than a home with more rooms. It will have fewer radiators so the boiler won’t have to work as hard to pump the water around the system and keep the temperature at the chosen setting. Combi boilers also require good water pressure into your home.

Buying the right sized boiler for a home with 1-2 bedrooms is crucial in ensuring that you don’t spend more money than necessary on your boiler and keeps running costs down by being more economical.

Below is a list of lower output boilers and their prices. We have ordered them in the lowest output to the highest output but you can arrange by boiler price if you require. All of the below combi boiler prices are recommended for homes with 1 to 2 bedrooms.

Combi boiler prices for homes with 3 – 5 bedrooms

Here you will find the prices for combi boilers for homes that have 3-5 bedrooms. If you have one of these sized homes, then you will require a more powerful boiler. This is to ensure that the water reaches every radiator and tap at the correct heat and can cope with the demand. Your new boiler should not struggle to keep your home warm.

See the list of guide prices for combi boilers over 30kW. These combi boilers are easily powerful enough for homes with 3-5 bedrooms. If you have a home with this many rooms and hot water demand is higher, and you have multiple bathrooms or extra shower rooms that run off the mains, you may want to consider a system or a regular boiler. These types are also better if you have low water pressure due to their hot water cylinder.

The price list of combi boilers is sorted in output order, lowest first. All of the below units are recommended for homes with 3 to 5 bedrooms with a larger heating system. Anything over 5 bedrooms we recommend a boiler with a hot water tank to cope with demand.

Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Combi boiler installation prices –  What are your options?

Another factor that can affect how much you pay is where they are being installed. If you are simply swapping your old boiler for a new one, and it is staying in the same place, this will help to keep installation costs down.

If you fancy moving your boiler to a different location or are required to move your boiler then you can pretty much guarantee the price will be at least £200 more due to labour costs.

How much it will cost will depend on which room you are planning on moving your new boiler to, or how far away from your old one. It will all depend on the amount of work involved and the materials involved in the move. So if you are moving quite far, expect to pay more for the pipes extending just to start with.

Moving your boiler will be an added extra cost

If you are moving to a room that doesn’t have an outside wall or into the loft or attic, then you may need a vertical flue. This will be an extra added cost also. The extra piping and the extra work involved will be where the price will add up.

You are looking at around £200 for moving to a different location. Some boilers have to be fitted to an outside wall so always check with your engineer before you start. Most are capable of using a vertical flue but some aren’t so this is something to take into consideration if you find yourself in this situation.

How much will it cost to move my gas combi boiler?

See the below table for the extra costs involved in moving your boiler. It shows the guide price for a standard ‘swap’, which is basically a quick half day job removing one type of boiler replacement and replacing with the same type in the same place. It also shows this type of boiler install and the cost of relocating your boiler under 5 metres away from where it is currently, and the price of moving it over 5 metres away. The further you move your boiler the higher the cost.

Gas boiler prices for installation and labour

The type of boiler that is already in your house can be the main cost factor depending on the type of new boiler you want to have installed. If you have a combi boiler and you just want to swap it for another new combi boiler you are going to save yourself a lot of money.

This is called a combi swap. This is basically the easiest boiler install for any heating engineers. If you currently have a system boiler, one with a tank, and just want another to replace it then this will also save costs too!

On the other hand, if you fancy a change, say from a system to a combi boiler, this involves a lot more work. View the combi boiler cost guide on Boiler Central, if this is what you a looking for next. This is called a conversion. Hence, this will incur extra costs. If you are wanting to change to a new combi boiler then you are looking at at least £300 extra on top to do the conversion. This will involve changing all the gas pipework and the removal of any water tanks that you currently have out of your airing cupboard.

Examples of gas boiler prices in the UK

If you’re looking at moving your boiler and ‘converting’ to another type then as you can see your costs will be greatly increased. This may be a larger initial outlay but if it means saving you money in the long run by having a more economical boiler it may be worth it.

If you have a system boiler for example and you think your property could run on a combi (get some expert advice if needed) then converting may be for you.

A lot of combi boilers these days can do the job of system boilers at a much more economical price. And they usually cost less and take up less room!

Viessmann Vitodens 111-W
Super powerful combi storage boiler for demanding households with the hot water cylinder built-in. The benefits of system boilers without a separate hot water tank. A superb boiler worth every penny.
£3,899 or £50.40/month
  • Boiler & Installation Price
  • Must already have a combi boiler
  • Must be staying in the same place
  • Ideal for family homes with high demand
  • 4+ Bedrooms
  • 2+ Bathrooms/ Shower rooms
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W 26kw System Boiler
If you have a system boiler (one with a hot water tank) and just want to replace it, then look no further than the Viessmann 100-W System
£2,199 or £28.43/Month
  • Boiler & Installation Price
  • Straight system boiler swap
  • Your boiler is staying in the same place
  • Ideal for larger homes
  • up to 4 bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Hot water tank not included
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life
Brand new top of the range Worcester Bosch system boiler. The pinnacle of current boiler engineering and heating technologies.
£2,899 or £37.48/month
  • Boiler & Installation Price
  • Must have a system boiler already
  • Must be staying in the same place
  • Ideal for larger family homes
  • 4+ bedrooms
  • 2+ Bathrooms / Shower rooms
  • Hot water tank not included
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Gas combi boiler prices and costs

The price of installing a new combi boiler can vary from company to company. This is due to different companies charging different prices for labour, parts and other costs that aren’t part of the initial boiler price. There is no hard a fast cost for any of the parts or boiler service so here we look at a guide for different size homes to help you out.


Lower Budget Boiler Installation Prices Guide

House with 4 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom  – £2,500 – £4,500

House with 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bathroom – £1,700 – £3,000

This is a guide price for the installation of a cheaper brand new combi boiler including parts, labour and a basic radiator in each room. The end price will all depend on the radiators you choose, the cost of labour (expect around £200 per day) and parts required. Some houses will be easier to install a new boiler in so it will take less time to fit meaning lower prices.

You can check all this before you go ahead as any good boiler company will layout to you what needs to be done and be able to go through it step by step. You should always get more that one quote from several boiler companies to ensure that you get the best price for your new boiler. Installing a new boiler isn’t cheap, but you want to ensure that you get the best deal and best service from any boiler company.

Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

A guide to top boiler companies & their boiler prices

If your looking for a new boiler and you have managed to narrow down which manufacturer or manufacturers you are leaning towards then you will obviously want to know how much each boiler is going to set you back. If your pocket is going to take a decent hit, you want to make sure you are getting the best value. Buying a boiler that lasts is easy enough, there are plenty out there, is just making sure that you get your monies worth.

Do you really need to spend an extra grand on a boiler that looks good but performs pretty much the same? Not really but each to their own. Anyway, here is a guide to some of the top boiler companies you will no doubt come across on your boiler buying journey.

Viessmann Boiler Prices

Check out the prices for this exceptional German boiler manufacturer. The Vitodens Range is a brilliant choice of boiler for any home.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices

UK wide renowned boiler manufacturer with their market-leading Greenstar Boilers. Worcester Bosch will have a perfect boiler for your home.

Vaillant Boiler Prices

Hand made boilers perfect for any UK Home. Ultra-reliable boilers for your peace of mind. See the range now.

Baxi Boiler Prices

British made Baxi boilers are a great cost-effective choice for your home without compromise. Check out their fantastic range now.

Ideal Boiler Prices

Ideal in every sense of the word. Great boilers at great prices for any UK home. Find one here.

Vokera Boiler Prices

Fantastic low-cost boilers. Check out these boilers if you’re on a tight budget. Find your boiler now.

Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Need prices for a new gas combi boiler installation?

If you think choosing the right type of boiler is a minefield, then you may now how the added problem of choosing the right person or company to come and put it on your wall. The boiler installation price is probably going to cost you more than your actual boiler, but in most cases, it is more than acceptable.

Installing a boiler is a big and complicated job, not to mention dangerous due to gas and electricity being involved. This means you need to make sure you choose the right people to do the job. Make sure you check previous work from reviews and do your research.

This extra work beforehand will pay dividends in the long run and save you from having any problems or issues in the future. Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer. Most large boiler companies will not employ anyone who isn’t but it doesn’t harm to check.

Which boiler installation company has the best prices…

When taking into consideration new boiler prices, getting a cheap combi boiler isn’t always the best way to go. There are many boiler companies out there but buying the right one can make the difference. This is even more apparent when choosing boilers on finance. A lot of boiler companies nowadays offer great new boiler finance deals.

These companies let you spread the cost of your new boiler by paying monthly. This can sometimes mean your boiler can cost a little more due to low-interest rates, but it also means you can buy a better boiler.

Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Should you get a fixed online price for your boiler installation?

If you have been looking at replacing your boiler, you may have come across some installation companies that offer fixed online prices. These are relatively new in the world of boiler installation but they are definitely the way that everything is going.

We imagine that in about 5 years time, most boilers will be ordered and booked for installation totally online. It just works and it keeps costs low due to not having to pay salespeople their commission and other costs.

Fast & free combi boiler prices for your home

If you choose to use an online buying service then you will see just how efficient and cost-effective it will be, rather than spending time on the phone or booking time off work to wait for an engineer to come round at an inconvenient time.

You can choose any gas boiler price you like, and you will get a range of choices suitable for your home starting with a budget option, right up to the top of the range expensive ones. All in all the service will not cost you any more than what it would have done if you had used a ‘real person’. All installers are Gas Safe registered.

All prices quoted are a guide price. Prices are constantly changing so ensure that you check before you buy. Also, these prices do not include the installation of your heating system. If you want to check how much installation will cost, either have a quick read of our information above or contact us now for a quick free new boiler quote

Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
Boiler Prices Compare Boiler Quotes
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