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Baxi Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

Baxi Boiler Prices, Installation Costs & Reviews 2024

Looking for a new boiler without the complications of digital displays? Baxi’s range of easy-to-use, dial-controlled boilers could be what you’re looking for.

One of the best things about this brand is that Baxi boiler prices and installation costs are among the most competitive on the market.

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As part of our goal of helping you save money on new boiler installations, we have reviewed all there is to know about Baxi including its boiler prices, excellent aftersales care features and benefits.

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Who is Baxi?

Baxi Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

Baxi is a well-known brand in the boiler market that has been in operation since the 1860s. The brand offers a range of combi, system and heat-only boilers to power your heating and hot water.

As part of world-leading thermal solutions provider BD Thermea, Baxi has been instrumental in supplying the globe with extremely efficient boilers as the race towards even higher energy efficiency continues.

Why buy a Baxi boiler?

Baxi boilers are a preferred option for UK homeowners due to their reputation for reliability, energy efficiency, and ease of use. They offer a variety of boilers, including combi, system, and heat-only boilers, catering to different household sizes and heating needs.

One of the key features of Baxi boilers is their eco-friendly performance, with many of their products achieving high energy efficiency ratings and emitting low carbon. This can help homeowners reduce their energy bills and environmental impact.

Baxi boilers are also user-friendly, with simple and intuitive controls and interfaces that make them easy to use and adjust, even for those who are not familiar with heating systems.

Furthermore, Baxi has a strong customer support reputation, offering warranties of up to ten years on their products for peace of mind in case of any issues.

How Much Is A New Baxi Boiler?

Baxi boiler prices start from around £600. This is for one of their entry-level models, the Baxi 200.

Being one of the best boiler brands in the UK, keep reading to discover whether or not Baxi’s boilers are a compelling option for your next boiler upgrade and how much each different boiler costs.

We will cover the following areas:

  • Who is Baxi?
  • What Boilers do Baxi manufacture?
  • Baxi Boiler Prices
  • The Benefits of a Baxi Boiler
  • Our Verdict on Baxi

It is also worth noting that all Baxi boilers are hydrogen ready too, which also means that they escape that gas boiler ban!

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What Boilers Do Baxi Manufacture?

As a brand with over 150 years of experience, Baxi’s products have been in continuous development for a very long time. Covering the whole market, Baxi manufactures a boiler perfect for many different situations.

Baxi 200-800 Series

Baxi Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

Most of Baxi’s boilers are produced under its 200-800 series branding. Available in combi, regular and system versions, these boilers are praised for being easy to use, long-lasting, and highly compatible with extra equipment and accessories.

The Baxi 200 starts off with a smaller warranty but is more compact, the Baxi 400 boiler is the mid-range with up to 7 years warranty, whereas the top of the range Baxi 800 combi boiler comes with a huge 10 year warranty but does obviously cost more!

Baxi Platinum

Baxi Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

Baxi’s Platinum is the brand’s take on the higher-end side of the boiler market. Boasting impressive 10-year parts and labour warranty and featuring highly conductive brass components, the Platinum range is ideal for larger homes with increased hot water demands.

Baxi Duo-tec Combi

Baxi Boiler Prices & Review Compare Boiler Quotes

The Baxi Duo-tec combi is a condensing boiler that can be supplied either on or off the gas grid depending on which model you choose. Featuring a 7-year warranty, these Duo-Tec boilers can provide up to 40kW of heating output and produce 16.4 litres of hot water a minute.

Compare Baxi Boiler Prices

Baxi boiler prices start from £1,555 to £2,750, model-dependent without installation. If you want to compare prices with installation for the best combi boilers in the UK then use our online boiler quote calculator for a fixed price in under a minute.

Baxi Combi Boiler Prices

As a guide, a Baxi 100 LPG 24kW combi boiler can be bought for £1,950, whereas a Baxi Platinum HE A 40kW model can be found for £2,150.

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy Efficiency RatingPrice without InstallationPrice with Installation
Baxi100 LPG Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£605£1,555
Baxi400Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£621£1,571
Baxi200Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£633£1,583
Baxi100Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£689£1,639
Baxi600Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£711£1,661
BaxiNeta-tec Plus Combi GACombi Boiler24 kWA Rated£829£1,779
BaxiEcoBlue + Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£835£1,785
BaxiPlatinum HE ACombi Boiler24 kWA Rated£888£1,838
BaxiEcoBlue Advance Combi Boiler24 kWA Rated£905£1,855
Baxi400Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£693£1,643
Baxi200Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£703£1,653
Baxi100Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£737£1,687
Baxi400 LPG Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£738£1,688
Baxi100 LPGCombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£789£1,739
BaxiNeta-tec Combi GACombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£819£1,769
BaxiDuo-tec GACombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£875£1,825
BaxiEcoblue + Combi Boiler28 kWA Rated£936£1,886
BaxiNeta-tec Plus GACombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£939£1,889
BaxiPlatinum HE ACombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£949£1,899
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceCombi Boiler28 kWA Rated£955£1,905
Baxi600Combi Boiler30 kWA Rated£856£1,806
BaxiNeta-tec GACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£859£1,809
BaxiDuo-tec HE ACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£903£1,853
BaxiDuo-Tec GACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£968£1,918
BaxiEcoblue +Combi Boiler33 kWA Rated£1,010£1,960
BaxiNeta-tec Plus GACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£1,036£1,986
BaxiPlatinum HE ACombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£1,050£2,000
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceCombi Boiler33 kWA Rated£1,055£2,005
Baxi600Combi Boiler36 kWA Rated£1,064£2,014
BaxiDuo-Tec GACombi Boiler40 kWA Rated£1,015£1,965
BaxiPlatinum HE ACombi Boiler40 kWA Rated£1,151£2,101

Baxi System Boiler Prices

When it comes to system boilers, you can get a Baxi Megaflo Compact GA 12kW for £640, or a more powerful Baxi EcoBlue 32kW for £1,132.

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy Efficiency RatingPrice without InstallationPrice with Installation
BaxiMegaflo Compact GASystem Boiler12 kWA Rated£640£1,590
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler15 kWA Rated£669£1,619
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler15 kWA Rated£671£1,621
BaxiMegaflo Compact 15 GASystem Boiler15 kWA Rated£673£1,623
BaxiMegaflo Compact 18 GASystem Boiler18 kWA Rated£675£1,625
BaxiMegaflo Compact 24 GASystem Boiler24 kWA Rated£739£1,689
BaxiMegaflo Compact 28 GASystem Boiler28 kWA Rated£745£1,695
BaxiMegaflo Compact 32 GASystem Boiler32 kWA Rated£756£1,706
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler24 kWA Rated£808£1,758
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler28 kWA Rated£830£1,780
BaxiMegaflo HE ASystem Boiler32 kWA Rated£852£1,802
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler12 kWA Rated£912£1,862
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler18 kWA Rated£993£1,943
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler24 kWA Rated£1,055£2,005
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler28 kWA Rated£1,110£2,060
BaxiEcoBlueSystem Boiler32 kWA Rated£1,132£2,082

Baxi Regular Boiler Prices

As the brand’s second largest product line, Baxi’s regular boilers come in a wide variety of pricing options. For example, a Baxi solo HE A 12kW costs £571 without installation, and a Baxi EcoBlue Advance costs just under £1,000

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy Efficiency RatingPrice without InstallationPrice with Installation
BaxiSolo HE AHeat Only12 kWA Rated£571£1,521
BaxiSolo HE AHeat Only15 kWA Rated£599£1,549
BaxiSolo HE AHeat Only18 kWA Rated£644£1,594
Baxi200Heat Only12 kWA Rated£655£1,605
Baxi200Heat Only15 kWA Rated£677£1,627
BaxiSolo HE AHeat Only24 kWA Rated£679£1,629
Baxi400Heat Only12 kWA Rated£697£1,647
Baxi200Heat Only18 kWA Rated£705£1,655
Baxi400Heat Only15 kWA Rated£711£1,661
BaxiSolo 30 HE AHeat Only30 kWA Rated£726£1,676
Baxi200Heat Only24 kWA Rated£753£1,703
Baxi400Heat Only18 kWA Rated£755£1,705
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only12 kWA Rated£763£1,713
Baxi200Heat Only30 kWA Rated£775£1,725
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only13 kWA Rated£776£1,726
Baxi400Heat Only24 kWA Rated£805£1,755
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only16 kWA Rated£808£1,758
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only15 kWA Rated£810£1,760
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only19 kWA Rated£821£1,771
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only19 kWA Rated£825£1,775
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only18 kWA Rated£835£1,785
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only18 kWA Rated£838£1,788
Baxi400Heat Only30 kWA Rated£845£1,795
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only21 kWA Rated£871£1,821
BaxiEcoBlueHeat Only21 kWA Rated£874£1,824
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only25 kWA Rated£901£1,851
BaxiEcoBlue Heat Only24 kWA Rated£912£1,862
BaxiEcoBlue AdvanceHeat Only30 kWA Rated£990£1,940

Benefits of a Baxi Boiler

Purchasing a Baxi boiler comes with many benefits. The range covers the whole market with each model possessing its own unique features.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits that we could find:

Strong Performance
Baxi boilers are mainly A-rated which, as a result, can save you money each year on gas bills.

These gradual savings can be used to recoup the upfront cost of a boiler installation, reducing the price even further. We very rarely hear of many errors or faults with Baxi boilers too which is great.

Intuitive Controls
The neglect to include a digital display on some of its boilers has meant that Baxi’s products can be controlled by simply turning a dial. This is a major benefit for homeowners that want a traditional approach towards tuning their boiler’s settings while avoiding confusion with various menus and options.

However, Baxi has not ignored the industry’s move towards smart technology. All Baxi boilers can be controlled by their uSense smart thermostat and are compatible with Google’s Nest technology that allows central heating to be controlled remotely.

Pricing Variety
Baxi’s boilers come in a range of prices for all budgets, allowing most homeowners to find something to their needs.

Long Warranties
Many of Baxi’s boilers feature a parts and labour warranty period of between 5 and 10 years. Be sure to get Baxi boiler service every year to keep this warranty valid.

Our Verdict on Baxi Boilers

As with many of our new boiler prices and reviews, we have seen that most manufacturers have a large price range for a wide variety of budgets.

However, with Baxi, a lower price does not mean a compromise on features. Whatever you spend, you can be sure that your new boiler will perform as good as its more costly counterparts, or perhaps even better.

Consulting consumer review websites like Trustpilot reveal that customers are very quick to praise Baxi for its customer service and the general quality of its products. With an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars, Baxi is one of the highest rated boiler manufacturers in the UK.

We particularly like Baxi for its flexible warranty schemes. This instils a great sense of confidence and belief that Baxi’s boilers will last well beyond their proposed timeframe, and allows us to strongly recommend a reliable, Baxi boiler for any home.

Baxi Boilers Prices We Can Help

We know how difficult choosing a new boiler can be. As heating experts, we are aiming to make it even easier for homeowners to find a suitable boiler for their home, with a great price to match.

We compare installation quotes for boilers from all manufacturers such as Viessmann boilers & Ideal Boilers providing you with a conclusive list of models that will fit your home at a great price.

If you would like to know more about Baxi, click here to read through our comparison between them and Valliant where we discuss the pros and cons of both brands.

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