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Vaillant Boiler Service Cost & Booking Guide

Vaillant boiler service cost and how to book a Vaillant service

Vaillant boilers are ones that often need boiler servicing to assess the boiler and ensure that they are functioning as they should and without this service when most modern-day boilers start to get older they would likely need constant repair due to breakdowns.

An annual Vaillant service helps keep your boiler working to the best of its ability by keeping it energy efficient which in turn helps to keep your energy bills down. You can get your Vaillant boiler serviced by our recommended service company by clicking book my service now.

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Why is Vaillant boiler servicing important?

Boiler servicing is important as it ensures that your boiler is working properly, is safe to use and is as energy efficient as possible. As part of the Vaillant boiler terms and conditions, you must get your Vaillant boiler serviced every year to maintain its warry.

If you invalidate your warranty you will not be entitled to free boiler repairs or in the worst case scenarios a free replacement boiler. You can get a Vaillant service from any Gas Safe registered heating engineers or you can book online now using our recommended service company.

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What is a Vaillant boiler service?

Boiler services usually start with an engineer making their way to your property to check over your boiler, starting from how it looks externally.

They will make sure that looking at the boiler from the outside that there are no obvious issues with it, like your boiler light not being on, as this may be a sign that it isn’t working properly.

Vaillant Boiler Service Cost & Booking Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

After that, your engineer will move on to looking at the components inside the boiler, like the heat exchanger and safety devices to ensure that they are all in check and don’t need a fix.

They would then move onto the boiler pipes and the flue so that there aren’t any holes or a leak that they would need to repair.

The boiler would then be fired up to observe it in operation and then, once this is complete, engineers will then make a report of the condition of your boiler, letting you know if any components require fixing.

Usually, a boiler service can take from about half an hour to an hour but can take up to 2 hours if there are additional features to check. For example, if you have a system boiler, which comes with a tank, the heating engineer will need to check this for maintenance and make certain it isn’t broken.

It can also take more time if you have more items covered under your boiler plan such as your central heating system or your gas piping.

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Annual Vaillant boiler service cost

A standard Vaillant boiler service costs between £80-£125, which is common across the board for all brands of boilers. There are other factors which can affect the price of your annual servicing, one of them being where you reside in the UK, as there are different hourly rates for engineers in different parts of the country.

Another element that can change the cost of a boiler service is the type of boiler that you have, so system boilers or oil boilers which both have tanks will probably cost more as there is more to inspect and potentially replace.

Vaillant Boiler Service Cost & Booking Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

The model of your Vaillant boiler can also change the cost of a boiler service, as newer or bigger models are likely to be a bit more expensive.

When getting a boiler service done, you are probably better going for a local boiler company rather than the big names as more well-known brands can sometimes charge a premium for their servicing.

Boiler Central are nationwide boiler installers that offer great boiler cover and service at some of the best prices on the market.

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Vaillant boilers warranty

Vaillant Boiler Service Cost & Booking Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Warranties for a Vaillant boiler can help you save tons of money on boiler parts as they will be covered by this, meaning no additional costs for them.

Warranty allows you to keep your Vaillant boiler running, so if there is anything wrong with it, all part expenses and installation will be performed by your gas-safe registered engineer.

Typically, warranties for Vaillant boilers range between 2-5 years and up to 10 with an extended warranty. Compared to some other top brands like Viessmann or Worcester, this might not be as long, but a minimum of 5 years is standard for a lot of companies and there is a possibility to extend which is quite good.

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Vaillant Service FAQs

Is Vaillant boiler service important?

Service for your boiler is crucial to you getting the absolute most out of your boiler and helping it run as efficiently as possible. Annual service will mean that your boiler will constantly be checked for any leaks or damage to your boiler, as well as repairs that it might need coming under your cover plan.

It can help if your boiler has a breakdown or displays an error code, like the Vaillant F22 fault code, as engineers will be able to see what is wrong with the boiler and repair it.

Vaillant Boiler Service Cost & Booking Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

It’s also vital for you and your household’s safety, as a broken boiler could cause harmful things to happen, such as fires or carbon monoxide poisoning, so getting this done will help prevent these.

Most companies will not approve the warranty for your boiler year after year if you don’t get this annual service, so to save yourself as much money as you can, make sure to get this done due to the huge benefit it offers.

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How do I know if my Vaillant boiler needs repair?

Be on the lookout for any strange activity from your Vaillant boiler to see if it might have any damage to it, including the likes of strange noises or your hot water not running as it should be.

A fault code can also come up on your Vaillant boiler’s display, such as the Vaillant F29 fault code or the Vaillant F75 fault code, meaning that something is wrong with your boiler and requires fixing.

If you do notice anything like this happening, you should call an engineer to come and service your boiler to find out what is wrong with it. Then, assuming you have boiler warranty, any part replacement or repairs should be covered by this, meaning no additional costs.

If your boiler is beyond repair, however, chances are you may need a replacement boiler, which isn’t always protected by boiler plans.

If that is the case, be sure to check out Boiler Central to get great deals on brand-new boiler quotes and compare boiler cover!

What is included in a Vaillant boiler service plan?

Vaillant Boiler Service Cost & Booking Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Vaillant service plans or boiler plans usually cover everything that is considered part of the boiler, under the most basic plans.

This will mean the internal and external parts of the boiler, as well as pipes and the flue. There are more advanced plans that offer plenty of services for your electrics, radiators and central heating.

To get a look at what can come under some boiler plans, check Boiler Central and their cover for great offers and prices!

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Getting a Vaillant boiler service

We’ve shown you how important it really is to get your boiler serviced every year, as it is not only beneficial for your safety and for having hot water but also financially, being a much better deal for everyone long-term.

Be sure to book your service if you haven’t this year and get one of the many professional engineers out to your property to maintain it.

Boiler Central offer great prices on Vaillant boilers, as well as boiler cover and servicing for your boiler, so be sure to have a look online or call up to get this done!

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