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Potterton Boiler Controls

Potterton Boiler Controls

Potterton Boiler Controls

Keeping your home cosy and well-heated is always a priority. With everyone wanting to be kinder to the planet, plus the spiralling cost of energy bills, making the heating of our houses more efficient is also a popular topic. That’s why homeowners across the UK are looking into boiler controls and accessories.

These devices can help to regulate your heating system, making your boiler far more efficient, improving the warmth and comfort of your home and even bringing down your heating bills as well as reducing your environmental impact. Now that has to be something worth looking into.

We’re here to provide expert guidance in the different controls that can be used with your heating and hot water system.

Here we look at all the types of boiler control you could have fitted, and what benefits they have for your home.

There are lots of options available, so take the time to assess what’s out there.

You can then make the right choice for you and your home and focus on enjoying your warmer, greener house!


24 Hour Electromechanical Boiler Timer

Wish that you had a home that was warm and toasty when you wake up in the morning and get home in the evening, but that didn’t waste energy in between?

An Electro Mechanical Timer for your boiler could be the answer, as it allows you to pre-programme the times of day your central heating system comes on and switches off. This allows you to create a daily routine with a comfortable temperature at home when you need it.

The large dial makes it very easy to use as well. As well as setting your heating to be permanently on if you’re at home all day, or permanently off if you’re out of the house, you can also use an Electromechanical Boiler Timer to improve the performance of your heating system, setting it at 15 minute intervals.

The system works with all combi-boilers and means there is always hot water for a bath right when you need it.

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24 Hour Programmable Wireless Sensor

With certain models of boiler, you can opt for a 24-hour wireless sensor, that makes it easy for you to pre-select your heating options over the course of a whole day.

Once again, this is not only brilliant news for your bank account, but also for the planet.

Your single channel timer and room sensor can act intelligently, by learning exactly how long your home takes to reach it’s optimal temperature.

With a clear LCD display, you can get the information you need at a glance.

There’s also what’s known as a ‘night set-back’ functionality on the device. This lowers the temperature of your home while you sleep, making sure there is no wasted energy.


7 Day Programmable Twin Channel Sensor

If you’d like even longer periods of control, then this installation has all your needs covered.

The central technology is radiofrequency, which gives you the control to choose exactly what heating you want for a whole week.

The timer installation can ‘speak’ to your boiler wirelessly, to communicate what times you need the heating and hot water on or off.

It couldn’t be easier to use, as it features a backlit screen and clear digital display to help you stay on track of what you’re programming into the boiler.

There’s a smart optimal start feature which learns how long it will take your home to reach a preset temperature, making the whole system more efficient and intelligent. With this option, you also have the night set back feature that cools your home while you’re sleeping so you aren’t wasting energy, but are warm when you need to be.


MultiFit Saver

Another option that is available to you is a control that fits on next to the flue, and can recycle heat which would normally be wasted from the flue gases.

This innovation can really help to make your home greener and use energy better.

The energy that is recovered by the device is then used to pre-heat the boiler, meaning that less gas is used overall to heat your water.

In fact, testing has demonstrated that up 37% of the energy required to create hot water can be saved along with 7% of the volume of water you use – because the hot water you need for baths, showers, or washing up can be delivered much more quickly. This means lower carbon emissions and lower energy bills, while not compromising on comfort and convenience.


Multifit IFOS

Want to take your energy efficiency one step further?

This external sensor features separate time and energy control for maximum savings.

It can actually pick up data about the outside temperature and weather conditions, and use this information to work out the right indoor temperature and make the right adjustments.  It clips easily onto the air duct of the flue terminal, and works with both horizontal and vertical flues for maximum energy savings.


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