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Potterton Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Potterton Boiler Prices for Combi and System Boilers

Potterton Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes



Potterton boiler prices start from £680 to £2,500. Prices include VAT costs without installation.

Potterton are a great boiler company which started in 1850 and are also now part of the Baxi boiler family. Using high quality Baxi parts you can be sure that your boiler will be well made and built to last.

With extensive tests taken upon all boilers before they leave the factory, all Potterton boilers must pass before being installed in any homes across the UK

This price guide will take you through the Potterton boiler range including their Assure, Promax, Heatmax & more.

Potterton have wide range of boiler outputs across all their ranges so you can be sure if you want a Potterton boiler in your home then they will have one that suits your needs.

Potterton boilers are a regular choice in new build homes so you may already have one. If your looking for a replacement at a great price check out this guide.

Read on to find out prices for combi boilers, system boilers and heat only that Potterton have on the market: ??

Potterton Combi Boiler Prices £££

Potterton have a few different combi boilers for you to choose from in their range. Each range has a different outputs to suit your home.

(Prices exclude installation costs by Gas Safe engineers)

⭐ Lets take a look at the top 5 Potterton Combi Boilers and their guide prices (Without Installation) ⭐

  1. Potterton Promax Plus 28kw Combi Boiler – Guide Price £840
  2. Potterton Promax Ultra 33kw Combi Boiler – Guide Price £1,225
  3. Potterton Titanium 24kw Combi Boiler – Guide Price £805
  4. Potterton Heatmax HE 33kw Combi Boiler – Guide Price £866
  5. Potterton Assure 36kw Combi Boiler – Guide Price £1,320

Potterton Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Potterton Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Potterton Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

All the combi boilers in the price list above have a different output which means whether you have a small home or a larger home, you can be sure they have a top boiler that will be suited to your needs.

For example, a Potterton Heatmax HE 24kW would be spot on for a small home with one bathroom whereas a Potterton Assure 36kw combi boiler would be more suited to a home with more bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms where hot water demand is higher.

If you need to get a good price on your new Potterton boiler, make sure you use our online boiler price calculator here.

Should you choose a Potterton combi boiler?

Potterton are a great boiler company offering brilliantly made boilers for homes in the UK.

Like most boiler companies they offer a wide range of boilers with lots of different outputs to ensure you get the right powered boiler installed in your home.

All of their boilers are above the required energy efficiency rating of A rated. This means that they can save you money all year round, even as much as £340 from your old inefficient boiler.

Always make sure that you are getting a Potterton boiler installed or any boiler for that matter then you always use a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Potterton Boilers Review – Our verdict on Potterton combi boiler prices ✍

With over 100 years in the heating market Potterton are a reliable and low cost manufacturer that will definitely be able to provide you with a super efficient boiler that will be able to keep your hot water and central heating warm for years to come.

You really can’t choose much better that a Potterton boiler for reliability and value. Just because you may not of heard of them, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one.

You ay of heard of Baxi? Potterton boilers are part of the baxi group. With their backing, excellent parts and well made boilers themselves, you can guarantee your boiler is covered in the unlikely event anything should go wrong.

Below are a full list of combi boilers and their prices from Potterton Boilers:

Boiler BrandModelEnergy EfficiiencyBoiler TypeOutputBoiler Price
PottertonGold Combi HE AA RatedCombi24 kW£690
PottertonHeatmax HEA RatedCombi24 kW£720
PottertonPromax HE Plus AA RatedCombi24 kW£775
PottertonTitanium A RatedCombi24 kW£808
PottertonPromax UltraA RatedCombi24 kW£963
PottertonAssureA RatedCombi25 kW£833
PottertonGold HE AA RatedCombi28 kW£755
PottertonHeatmax HEA RatedCombi28 kW£792
PottertonPromax HE Plus AA RatedCombi28 kW£841
PottertonTitaniumA RatedCombi28 kW£866
PottertonPromax UltraA RatedCombi28 kW£1112
PottertonAssureA RatedCombi30 kW£1105
PottertonGold HE AA RatedCombi33 kW£825
PottertonHeatmax HEA RatedCombi33 kW£866
PottertonTitaniumA RatedCombi33 kW£927
PottertonPromax HE Plus AA RatedCombi33 kW£953
PottertonPromax UltraA RatedCombi33 kW£1224
PottertonAssureA RatedCombi36 kW£1310
PottertonTitanium A RatedCombi40 kW£999
PottertonPromax Ultra A RatedCombi40 kW£1312

So, enough about combi’s, what about Potterton’s system boilers

Potterton System Boiler Prices £££

Potterton Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Potterton’s system boilers are a great alternative to a combi boiler if you a have a larger home where demand for hot water is higher.

You will probably need a larger home regardless as a system boiler is a boiler that requires an extra storage tank where hot water is stored for instant hot water to your taps.

Having this hot water storage cylinder means that you always have a large amount of hot water ready to be able to be sent to any bath or shower at the same time. Great for bigger family homes

“Combi boilers are great for instant hot water, but system boilers just perform better under higher demand”

System boilers from Potterton vary in size and output depending on the model you choose. They have a range of outputs from 12k right up to 32kw. They also have a range of 5 models in their system boilers too. Always make sure that you choose the perfect boiler for your home at the best price.

The prices below do not include installation prices / costs.

⭐ Prices of Potterton System Boilers – Our top 5 choices (Without Installation) ⭐

  1. Potterton Ultra 18kw System Boiler – Guide Price £1,214
  2. Potterton Promax 24kw System Boiler – Guide Price £934
  3. Potterton Assure 18kw System Boiler – Guide Price £807
  4. Potterton Promax Plus 32kw System Boiler – Guide Price £778
  5. Potterton Ultra 24kw System Boiler – Guide Price £1,365

All of the 5 system boilers above come in varying Kilowatt (kW) output rating which is suitable for the size of your home.

The Potterton Assure 18kw would be better suited to smaller homes with reasonable demand, whereas the Potterton Ultra 24kw would be more suited to larger homes with higher hot water demand at peak times like on a morning or night when everyone is at home.

Thinking about getting a Potterton boiler installed in your home? Why not get an online price right away to ensure you get the best deals. These prices will include installation too which can make up a large amount of the cost of a new boiler.

Benefits of a Potterton System Boiler

Great boilers that are put together properly and tested before leaving the factory. If the boiler isn’t up to scratch upon testing then it will not make it out to be installed in anyones home.

A boiler in every price range means that they will have a boiler within your budget. The varying outputs also mean that these Potterton boilers will be able to cope with demand in any home.

They will all require a separate water tank to ensure that there is somewhere to store the hot water, which how a system boiler works. This means you can have hot water at the ready when you need it.

The hot water cylinder and boiler mean that you can fill a bath and run a shower with no drop in water pressure.

With Potterton’s larger output boilers, usually ones over 20 kw you can guarantee they will be able to keep even the largest homes warm all year round.

Potterton Boilers Review – System boilers prices and cost ✍

The Potterton system boiler range is competitively price for the quality of engineering and reliability. From the Potterton Gold System boiler at £562 right up to their top of the range Potterton Ultra at £1365, you can be sure there will be one in there somewhere that will suit your home.

Most of their boilers come with 2 years standard warranties. 

As they are part of the Baxi boilers group you can be sure that there will always be an engineer and parts available to fix any issues you have with your new boiler.

With a great range of boilers, Potterton would be a great choice for your home. Although they are great, make sure you look at other boiler manufacturers too who may have more to offer for your home type.

See our list of boiler prices for Potterton’s system boilers:

Boiler BrandModelBoiler Type OutputEnery EfficiencyBoiler Price
PottertonPromax HE Plus ASystem12 kWA£646
PottertonPromaxSystem12 kWA£812
PottertonUltra System12 kWA£912
PottertonPromax HE Plus ASystem15 kWA£658
PottertonAssureSystem15 kWA£795
PottertonPromaxSystem15 kWA£856
PottertonUltraSystem15 kWA£1066
PottertonGoldSystem18 kWA£592
PottertonPromax HE Plus ASystem18 kWA£673
PottertonAssureSystem18 kWA£807
PottertonPromaxSystem18 kWA£895
PottertonUltraSystem18 kWA£1214
PottertonGoldSystem24 kWA£610
PottertonPromax HE Plus ASystem24 kWA£886
PottertonPromaxSystem24 kWA£934
PottertonUltra System24 kWA£1365
PottertonGoldSystem28 kWA£612
PottertonUltraSystem28 kWA£1505
PottertonPromax HE Plus ASystem32 kWA£778
PottertonPromaxSystem32 kWA£986

So, let’s take a look at Potterton heat only boilers:

Potterton Regular Heat Only Boiler Prices

Potterton heat only or regular boilers are the ideal addition to any larger home. Using up to 2 tanks to store and distribute water around the home to taps and central heating, they can cope with high demands at any time of day.

Potterton have a range of regular boilers to enable them to be installed in most homes. Due the the fact that tanks are required, you may need to take this into consideration if you have a home with limited space. If this is the case you may want to consider a combi boiler instead.

Lets take a look at some of the heat only or regular boilers that potterton have to offer

Below are the top 5 Potterton Regular Heat Only Boilers and their Average Prices (Without Installation)

  1. Ultra 21kw Regular Boiler – Guide Price £1,144
  2. Titanium 30kw Regular Boiler – Guide Price £844
  3. Promax Plus 30kw Regular Boiler – Guide Price £936
  4. Assure 25kw Regular Boiler – Guide Price £855
  5. Ultra 15kw Regular Boiler – Guide price £985

Potterton’s heat only range come in a different range of outputs like all of their other boilers. Choosing the right boiler for your home is essential.

The larger the output the more powerful the boiler is with regards to distributing the hot water around your home.

With a range of prices available across the Potterton range you can be sure to find a heat only boiler that will suit your needs.

Benefits of Potterton Regular Boilers

Superb value for money, the Potterton ranges of heat only boilers are competitively matched to other boiler companies in their performance and reliability.  ✅

Potterton’s boiler ranges are at the top of the energy efficiency rating, rated A or above. This means buying a new boiler may save you money on your gas and electricity bills over time. 

Potterton engineer boilers that are capable of been hidden away in kitchen cupboards. Although heat only boilers need extra tanks, the actual unit can be quite compact. 

If you are looking for a boiler that lasts then Potterton would be a good choice, although there are other boiler companies out there such as Viessmann & Worcester Bosch that offer longer warranties for similar prices.

Potterton Price Review – Our verdict on Potterton’s regular heat only boiler prices ✍

Potterton have a great range of boilers to choose from in all the boiler types. Choosing one can be a bit difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for but if you speak to any Potterton engineer they would be more than happy to advise which boiler would be perfect for your home.

Shorter warranties on their boilers is slightly off putting but they are built to last. You can however take out extended warranties, usually at a cost to yourself.

Are there better choices?

We think there are better options to go for in a regular boiler such as the Viessmann range.

They are competitive on price and provide the same cost savings due to high energy efficiency ratings.

Below are a full list of heat only boilers and their prices from Potterton:

Boiler BrandModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy EfficiencyBoiler Price
PottertonPromax SLRegular12 kWA Rated£562
PottertonPromax HE PlusRegular15 kWA Rated£662
PottertonPromax SLRegular15 kWA Rated£680
PottertonPromax SLRegular18 kWA Rated£693
PottertonAssureRegular13 kWA Rated£705
PottertonTitaniumRegular12 kWA Rated£706
PottertonPromax HE PlusRegular24 kWA Rated£725
PottertonPromax SLRegular24 kWA Rated£738
PottertonTitaniumRegular15 kWA Rated£744
PottertonAssureRegular16 kWA Rated£755
PottertonTitaniumRegular18 kWA Rated£772
PottertonPromaxRegular30 kWA Rated£789
PottertonAssureRegular19 kWA Rated£802
PottertonTitaniumRegular24 kWA Rated£805
PottertonTitaniumRegular30 kWA Rated£844
PottertonAssure Regular25 kWA Rated£855
PottertonUltra Regular12 kWA Rated£903
PottertonPromax HE PlusRegular30 kWA Rated£936
PottertonAssure Regular30 kWA Rated£966
PottertonAssureRegular30 kWA Rated£967
PottertonUltraRegular15 kWA Rated£985
PottertonUltra Regular18 kWA Rated£1066
PottertonUltraRegular21 kWA Rated£1144
PottertonUltraRegular24 kWA Rated£1204
PottertonPromax Store 90LRegular24 kWA Rated£1903
PottertonPromax Store 115LRegular24 kWA Rated£2010
PottertonPromax Store 150LRegular24 kWA Rated£2144


Why choose Potterton and are their prices good?

Potterton boilers aren’t as well knows as some of the major brands such as Ideal or Baxi, but they are part of the Baxi boiler group which would give you more confidence in buying a Potterton boiler

Potterton are a regular feature in new build homes across the country. So with thousands of new homes having them installed you would like to think that they know what they are doing.

Always ensure that you don’t always go for the first boiler you see. Make sure you get the best prices available by comparing boiler prices online or over the phone.

Rigorous testing procedures ensure that Potterton boilers are well made and built to last. No boiler leaves the factory until it passes every test.

What about Potterton heating controls?

There are a wide range of heating controls available for their boiler range.

Some options to control the Potterton range of boilers include voice recognition and App powered heating possibilities. Alexa, Google Chrome and more are able to power your home’s heating and hot water.

Alongside voice and App controls, Ideal have electronic thermostats and touch thermostats that can control your new boiler with ease.

So, what next?

If you would like to get a fixed online price for your new boiler click here. ✅

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