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Vaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Vaillant boilers prices, costs & reviews in 2021

In this Vaillant boilers price guide you will find out:

  • Vaillant combi boiler prices
  • Vaillant system boiler prices
  • Vaillant heat only (regular) boiler prices

Vaillant boiler prices range from £1,650 to £2,400

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Vaillant boiler types: ReviewedVaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes

As a trustworthy 140 years old brand, Vaillant has built an irrefutable reputation in the industry. With its award-winning range, Vaillant has been producing highly efficient and reliable boilers. 

Highly popular throughout Europe, Vaillant boilers are widely appreciated for their design and environment friendliness. The Ecotech range of Vaillant boilers comes with guarantee packages and is deemed efficient for its highest quality components. 

Vaillant boilers come in three major types. Let’s delve further into detail.

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Vaillant combi boiler pricesVaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes

If you’re in search of a boiler well-suited to a one-bathroom house, combi boilers are a good choice. These types of boilers do not need a water storage tank as they supply hot water when needed.

In short, combi boilers are perfect for smaller houses due to their compact size. The only drawback of using combi boilers is that they might not be able to maintain high water pressure, especially if multiple taps are being used simultaneously. The combi boiler cost you can expect is averagely priced from Vaillant.

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5 Benefits of a Vaillant combi boiler:


  • Perfect for compact homes
  • Doesn’t need a storage tank and extensive pipework
  • Cost-effective and easy installation as well as repair
  • A constant supply of hot water on demand 
  • Energy-efficient since it heats water only when needed

Vaillant is a UK based company who specialise in reliability. Their boilers are among some of the best on the market. You can’t go wrong with a boiler from Vaillant.

Precision engineered hand made boilers perfect for any home. You can guarantee your new Vaillant boiler will last, backed up with extra-long warranties.

This boiler replacement cost guide will give you an idea of what models they offer and how much a Vaillant boiler will set you back.

Like the other boiler companies, Vaillant aims to have a boiler option for everyone, not just in performance, but in price.

With a wide range to choose from, Vaillant will have a suitable boiler for your home, large or small.

Let’s find out what boiler Vaillant offer and their prices…

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Vaillant combi boiler costs

Offering a wide range of boilers, Vaillant’s combi’s start at around £850 for their ecoFIT Pure 25kW Combi, up to their powerful ecoTEC Exclusive 43kW combi at around £1,700

(Prices exclude installation costs by Gas Safe engineers)


The average prices for the top 5 Vaillant combi boilers (Without Installation)

  1. Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive 843 Combi Boiler – Guide Price £1,700
  2. Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 825 Combi Boiler – Guide Price £880
  3. Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 832 Combi Boiler – Guide Price £1,250
  4. Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 24kw Combi Boiler – Guide Price £990
  5. Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 28kw Combi Boiler – Guide Price £1,050



Vaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler QuotesVaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler QuotesVaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes


All the boilers above vary in output. This means they are all suited better to particular homes. The higher output boilers are more suited to larger homes with high hot water demand. This boiler size calculator guide on what size boiler for your home will help you if you are unsure.

To put it in real-life terms, this means if you have up to 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom you will only need something around 25kW. If you have more rooms or an extra bathroom or shower, you will need a boiler with over 30kW output.

Check out our boiler prices for each of these types of boiler. If you are unsure, please contact a Gas Safe registered engineer for any more information or us.

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Benefits of a Vaillant combi boiler

Choosing a Vaillant boiler to be installed your home isn’t really hard. They are great boilers. But let’s look at what they offer and what types of boilers are best for your home.

Hand made boilers – the time is taken to ensure that the boilers are made properly and not just churned out on machines for attention to detail.

They offer A-rated boilers – saving you money in the long rung. An A-rated boiler can save you up to £340 per year on your energy bills.

You can make sure you get a full 10 years extended warranty by using a Vaillant trusted installer.


Vaillant boiler prices: Our Verdict

Vaillant’s boilers are priced accordingly. They may cost slightly more, but this is due to the nature in which they are built. Reliability is paramount, and the hand made manufacturing process helps.

Which? accredited boiler company as a Best Buy. You can guarantee you are getting a great product. Check out their reviews online.

Vaillant boilers are built to last whilst always providing your home with hot water and central heating all year round.

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Vaillant combi boilers: Full price list

Boiler brandModelBoiler TypeEnergy EfficiencyOutputBoiler price
VaillantecoTEC Pro CombiA Rated24 kW£910
VaillantecoTEC Plus 824CombiA Rated24 kW£965
VaillantecoFIT Pure CombiA Rated25 kW£852
VaillantecoTEC plusCombiA Rated25 kW£1112
VaillantecoTEC Pro CombiA Rated28 kW£880
VaillantecoTEC ProCombiA Rated28 kW£1402
VaillantecoFIT PureCombiA Rated30 kW£1001
VaillantecoTEC ProCombiA Rated30 kW£1815
VaillantecoTEC Plus 831CombiA Rated31 kW£1062
VaillantecoTEC Exclusive 832CombiA Rated32 kW£1227
VaillantecoTEC plusCombiA Rated32 kW£1255
VaillantecoFIT PureCombiA Rated35 kW£1110
VaillantecoTEC plusCombiA Rated35 kW£1389
VaillantecoTEC Plus 937CombiA Rated37 kW£1209
VaillantecoTEC Plus 837CombiA Rated37 kW£1275
VaillantecoTEC Exclusive 838CombiA Rated38 kW£1307
VaillantecoTEC PlusCombiA Rated38 kW£1505


Vaillant also does other types of boilers. Let’s take a look at their system boilers (ones with a separate tank)


Vaillant system boiler pricesVaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes

In search of the most eco-friendly boiler that is well adaptable too?

Your search stops with Vaillant system boilers. For modern dwellers who are already tackling space constraints and aren’t too keen on a bulky cold water storage tank, system boilers are a perfect choice.

This type of boiler has a sealed system tank, placed inside an airing cupboard, to provide hot water supply. Despite being cold water storage tank independent, system boilers can meet higher demand for hot water.

This makes them energy efficient as compared to the regular boilers. Vaillant system boilers are compatible with green energy systems like solar thermal panels. 

These system boilers are better for homes with a high hot water demand at the taps, usually for families with a few teenagers. They do require extra space though due to the hot water cylinder, which again makes bigger homes more suited as they need the space.

If you need a lot of hot water at multiple shower points on a morning before work, then a system boiler may be your answer.

Vaillant’s system boiler range from their lower output model such as the ecoTEC plus 12kw system boiler at around £750 right up to their ecoTEC 35kK system boiler at around £2,700

This is just the price of the boiler. If you require your new boiler installing there will be additional costs on top.

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Top Vaillant system boilers & prices (Without Installation)

  1. Vaillant ecoTEC plus 624 System Boiler – Guide Price £1,200
  2. Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive 627 System Boiler – Guide Price £1,330
  3. Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 618 System Boiler – Guide Price £1,080
  4. Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 630 System Boiler – Guide Price £1,200


All the above boilers come in a range of different outputs to suit most homes. They will all include a hot water cylinder to which is required with a system boiler.

An ecoFIT pure would be perfect for a smaller home with up to 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Whereas the Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive 627 would be more suited with homes with an extra bathroom or shower that is on the main system.

All of the above boilers can be purchased with 0% interest boiler finance.


Choosing a Vaillant System Boiler

With their hand made pedigree, Vaillant boilers are a great addition to any home. You can ensure that they are built to last

With a wide range of outputs, their system boilers will keep your hot water flowing when demand is high and your home warm even in the depths of winter.

Always ensure that you are aware of the fact a system boiler will require a separate water tank, usually installed in an airing cupboard or the loft.

You will require extra space for this so ensure that you have the room for this if you don’t already have a system boiler installed in your home.

Running 2 showers at once whilst filling a bath is no problem for a high output Vaillant system boiler.


Benefits of a Vaillant system boiler


  • Easy installation as components are built-in
  • No storage cold water tank is needed, hence, space saver
  • Meets high hot water demands without sacrificing water pressure 
  • Energy saver as well as compatible with green renewable sources of energy like solar thermal power

Vaillant system boilers review & prices: Our Verdict

Vaillant’s range of system boilers features a wide range of pricing from their budget boilers to higher-end boilers that come with longer warranties and somewhat better reviews online.

Their system boilers are suitable for UK homes due to their reliability, and they currently have a decent market share in the boiler industry.

You may get more bang for your buck in terms of warranty with other manufacturers, so it’s worth checking out the prices of Viessmann boilers and also the prices of Ideal boilers to compare similar price points.

That being said, system boilers from Vaillant are reliable and recommended by Compare Boiler Quotes.

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Vaillant system boilers: Full price list

Boiler BrandModelTypeEnergy RatingOutputBoiler Price
VaillantecoTEC PlusSystem BoilerA Rated12 kW£735
VaillantecoFIT Pure System BoilerA Rated12 kW£844
VaillantecoTEC Plus 615System BoilerA Rated15 kW£865
VaillantecoTEC Plus 618System BoilerA Rated18 kW£962
VaillantecoFIT PureSystem BoilerA Rated18 kW£1005
VaillantecoFIT Pure System BoilerA Rated25 kW£1059
VaillantecoTEC Plus 624System BoilerA Rated24 kW£1086
VaillantecoFIT PureSystem BoilerA Rated30 kW£1164
VaillantecoTEC Plus 630System BoilerA Rated30 kW£1190
VaillantecoTEC Plus 637System BoilerA Rated37 kW£1259
VaillantecoTEC Exclusive Green iQ System 27System BoilerA Rated27 kW£1310
VaillantecoTEC PlusSystem BoilerA Rated37 kW£1375
VaillantecoTECSystem BoilerA Rated46 kW£2210
VaillantecoTEC PlusSystem BoilerA Rated48 kW£2215
VaillantecoTEC PlusSystem BoilerA Rated64 kW£2630
VaillantecoTEC System BoilerA Rated65 kW£2810


So, let’s take a look the boiler range from Vaillant for heat only, regular boilers below:


Vaillant regular (Open Vent) Heat Only boiler prices Vaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Conventional Vaillant boilers, more popularly known as open vent or heat only boilers, are the perfect match for large homes with multiple bathrooms.

Open vent regular boilers have a cold water tank, a storage cylinder placed inside the airing cupboard, and a boiler to provide hot water and central heating. The cold water tank, placed in the loft, uses water from the mains supply to feed to the boiler.

The heated water is then supplied throughout the home via different supply channels. The biggest benefit of an open vent boiler is multiple taps and showers can be used simultaneously without compromising on the water pressure.

This makes it ideal for big families living in large homes. However, open vents do take some time to reheat or start afresh after the water runs out. 


Vaillant regular boilers: Benefits


  • Allows use of hot water in multiple bathrooms simultaneously
  • Doesn’t compromise on the water pressure
  • Ideal for older properties looking to install a new boiler as they already have a similar pipe system in place
  • Compatible with solar panels as well as heat pump based heating systems

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Top 4 Vaillant regular boilers & prices:

Developed keeping needs of every type of house in mind, Vaillant open vent boilers include:

  1. Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 418 Regular Boiler – Guide Price £873
  2. Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 428 Regular Boiler – Guide Price £988
  3. Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 12kw Regular Boiler – Guide Price £732
  4. Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 35kw Regular Boiler – Guide Price £1,442

As with the other boilers, Vaillant offers a range of outputs to ensure they have one which would be suited to your homes hot water demand.

The bigger your home, the higher output you would generally choose to ensure you get fast hot water as and when you need it.


Vaillant regular boilers: Our verdict 

Vaillant’s hand made boilers are made with precision and care. They are built to last and rely on their solid reputation and extended warranties to enable them to compete in the boiler market.

Their boilers are easy to install, and if you use a Vaillant trained and registered installer, then you can make sure you get the full extended warranty cover on your boiler. You must ensure that you service your boiler every year.

The ecoFIT range is a great boiler for smaller spaces, so if you need to squeeze a boiler in somewhere, then this is probably the Vaillant Boiler for you.

Always ensure you read any boiler companies reviews. You can always find these online. You can also check Which? as Vaillant will be on there as the best buy boiler company. Worcester Bosch has some low prices on regular boilers so check out the prices of Worcester Boilers here.


Vaillant prices review – Our review on Vaillant regular heat only boiler prices

Vaillant’s boiler pricing is slightly higher than some on the market for a similar output boiler. This is mainly due to the fact they believe that they are better made. This is arguably true, but you need to weigh this up in your decision making.

Buying a similar boiler at a cheaper price probably isn’t that big a risk if you have a similar warranty.

Like any boiler company, you can get a boiler that breaks down. This doesn’t mean they are bad boilers, it could be a whole host of things, but standards are high across the board.

What else could it be?

If you like Vaillant and can afford one, you should also consider looking at Baxi boiler prices for comparison.

They are competitive on price and provide the same cost savings due to high energy efficiency ratings.

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Vaillant regular boilers: Full price list

Boiler BrandModelBoiler TypeEnergy EfficiencyOutputBoiler price
VaillantecoFIT PureRegularA Rated 12 kW£732
VaillantecoTEC Plus 415RegularA Rated 15 kW£797
VaillantecoFIT PureRegularA Rated 15 kW£855
VaillantecoTEC Plus 418RegularA Rated 18 kW£873
VaillantecoFIT Pure RegularA Rated 18 kW£956
VaillantecoFIT PureRegularA Rated 25 kW£1110
VaillantecoTEC Plus 428RegularA Rated 28 kW£988
VaillantecoFIT Pure RegularA Rated 30 kW£1255
VaillantecoFIT PureRegularA Rated 35 kW£1442
VaillantecoTEC Plus 438RegularA Rated 38 kW£1430



Why get a Vaillant regular boiler? Are they worth the cost?Vaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes


Vaillant is a leading reputed brand that has been consistently delivering high-quality products for the last 140 years.

Well known to manufacture high performing, energy-efficient, and reliable boilers, Vaillant are one of the most popular boiler manufacturers throughout Europe.

From urban dwellers to commercial complexes, these Vaillant boiler prices may be suitable as they are widely loved for their performance and price range that stands tall on all three parameters- environment friendliness, adaptability, and hot water output.

Here are some more reasons why investing in a Vaillant boiler could be a wise choice: 


  • Excellent Customer Feedback Vaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes


It is impossible to maintain such high esteem in the industry, as the Vaillant’s, without enthusiastic customer feedback.

Besides the customer feedback shared on their website, Vaillant boasts of around 6000 excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot- one of the most trusted review platforms all around the world.

With an average score of four stars out of five, Vaillant received nearly three-fourths of all their reviews as five-star ratings. This amazing popularity among customers testifies that the brand is headed in the right direction.

After all, real experience is always reliable than claims on paper. And Vaillant seems to hit the ball right out of the park!


  • Best in Every Range

Vaillant offers the best combi boiler , system, and regular boilers suiting every pocket and need. In 2012, Vaillant adopted the new Hybrid heat pump system integrating renewable green energy into existing properties, buildings, and complexes.

The brand uses the best quality materials to produce energy-efficient products featuring lower emissions. This commitment to quality is the reason why every third boiler sold in the country is from the Vaillant brand.

These boilers are certainly the best ones you can buy and even the ‘Which?’ has awarded Vaillant’s entire range with the ‘Best Buy’ tag similar to those of Viessmann


  • High Which? Scores 

Not just the customers, even the website shows trust in the boiler range by Vaillant.

Awarded with the ‘Best Buy’ tag, Vaillant boilers range scores top marks in almost every category from engineer recommendation to quality.

Which? gives top-rated five stars to Vaillant in build quality, engineer recommendation, ease of servicing, customer score, ease of fixing a common fault, and availability of parts and spares.

With four stars for reliability, the brand has an overall score of 80% approval rating. 



Overall Score by Which?

Build Quality ✸✸✸✸✸
Engineer Recommendation ✸✸✸✸✸
Customer Score ✸✸✸✸✸
Ease of Fixing a Common Fault ✸✸✸✸✸
Availability of Parts and Spares ✸✸✸✸✸
Ease of Servicing ✸✸✸✸✸
Reliability ✸✸✸✸

(Based on a May 2018 survey among the ‘Which?’ website members


  • User-friendly


Vaillant is constantly updating itself in terms with the latest developments and manufactures one of the most user-friendly boilers. Their installation, repair, and maintenance is a lot easier.

Service parts are readily available and the build quality is excellent. All of these factors make Vaillant boilers an excellent choice. 



Vaillant boilers: Maintenance & service costs reviewVaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes


Like every other heating output device, boilers also experience issues with time. The best practice, to prolong your boiler’s life, is to get it serviced annually by an experienced professional engineer.

Regular service by a professional ensures your boiler unit performs at optimum levels without raising heating bills. Potential safety concerns are also weeded out with timely service. 

Another benefit of regular service is it catches faults right in their nascent stage, thereby preventing them from worsening. As such, your repair bills will be minimum. Expensive breakdowns can be a huge headache!  

Benefits of an annual boiler service


  • Lower heating bills with A-Rated Efficiency

A thorough checkup by a professional ensures that each component of the boiler is running efficiently. Fault in any component causes the boiler to consume more energy. This energy compensation is easily avoidable by regular service and keeps your heating bills as low as possible.


  • Safety

Over time boilers can pose safety threats if not maintained regularly. There could be carbon monoxide leaks that generally go undetected. It is a deadly, colourless and odourless gas formed when there is an insufficient supply of oxygen during combustion.

Fault in the boiler can facilitate carbon monoxide production that might leak into the house. Regular service makes sure your boiler is absolutely safe to use.

If you happen to notice that the gas boiler has an orange/ yellow flame instead of the usual blue one, do not wait till your next service and call a professional engineer immediately. 


  • Keeps Warranty Valid

Vaillant boilers come with a warranty but in order to keep them valid, you need to get your unit examined by a certified Gas Safe engineer annually.

The standard warranty for Vaillant boilers is anywhere from 2 to 5 years. In case the unit was installed by a Vaillant Advance Installer, the warranty might get extended up to 10 years.

The gist is if you do not hire a professional, your warranty will be invalid. Remember to ask the professional for a Benchmark Checklist on completion of the service. You will need this checklist to prove the validity of your boiler’s warranty.


  • No Expensive Breakdowns 

It is no secret that every major fault starts with something very minor initially. It is the minor issues that cause major problems if left unattended for a long period of time. If you are wary of major breakdowns that might cause havoc on your pocket, the wisest solution is to prevent them from occurring by nipping them in their budding stage. Escape large bills by paying the smaller ones at annual service. 

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What to Expect During a Boiler Service? Vaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes


When you book a boiler service, a qualified professional heating engineer shall carry out a series of tests and thorough inspection of the entire unit (including the extensive pipework in case of open vent boilers). 

Do not know how to find out if the engineer is a Gas Safe engineer? Ask for their Gas Safe ID when they visit you. Alternatively, you can also access a list of Gas Safe engineers on the Gas Safe Register website. 


Vaillant boiler service checklist

After you have checked the Gas Safe engineer’s ID card, they will begin with the service. Here is a quick list of what to expect:


  • The engineer would thoroughly inspect the boiler to check for signs of corrosion or leakage. 
  • The engineer would check the blue pilot flame. The flame should never be orange or yellow in colour. This is a sign of insufficient supply of oxygen during combustion and can cause carbon monoxide leakage, which has an adverse effect on health. 
  • The engineer would remove the casing and inspect the internal parts. They would clean burner, heat exchanger, main injector, spark probe, and safety devices. 
  • The engineer would inspect the flue terminal for any obstruction. It should also be safely installed with gas and water pipework and seals undamaged. 
  • The engineer would note the gas pressure readings and check flow settings. For a safe and efficient unit, all of these must be at the correct level. 
  • Towards the end, the engineer would operate the boiler to check for any fault while running. Temperature levels should be properly maintained. 


After the inspection, the engineer will give you a thorough report of everything done. Remember to correlate with the above checklist ensuring the engineer has performed all of the checks described above. When in doubt, always ask. Safety comes first. 



Vaillant boiler service cost Vaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes


Warning: DO NOT attempt to service a boiler on your own. ALWAYS hire a Gas Safe engineer. 


Usually, a one-time basic boiler servicing costs anywhere between £60 to £120. However, various factors can influence the cost, such as the city you are living in, boiler specifications and type, age of the boiler unit, and the Gas Safe engineer you have hired.

For example, if you are living in London the boiler servicing cost might be a bit more expensive. 

Ask for quotes from multiple Gas Safe engineers and compare them. You can get quotes from three or more qualified engineers and compare them to check you are getting a good price as per your location and boiler type. 

Pro tip: If you are looking to save money on boiler service, hire a Gas Safe engineer during the summers when they are much less busy. This is not only an effective cost-cutting measure but also makes sure your home is absolutely ready to take on the cold winter.


Vaillant boiler service plans

Not too keen on paying one-off boiler servicing costs?

You can get a cover, i.e., a boiler service plan to cover your boiler for an entire year. This would include paying a fixed monthly fee which covers service as well as repairs.

However, if your boiler unit is still under warranty, it is wise to pay a one-off boiler servicing fee as the service plan would likely cost you £100 onwards.

The gist is getting a service plan is beneficial for older boilers no longer covered under warranty. In fact, older boilers need more rigorous checks and repairs, thereby, you save more money by getting a service plan. 

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Vaillant service plan benefits & features:

  • Boiler repairs up to £1,500 annually
  • Boiler service
  • Replacement option (for boiler beyond repair) up to £750
  • Vaillant spare parts
  • Trained boiler engineers by Vaillant



Basic boiler checks that anyone can carry outVaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes


Of course, regular services are necessary. But in between those services, there are various checks you can carry out yourself to make sure the boiler is running safely. These are:


  • Blue Pilot Light

Remember to check your Vaillant gas boiler’s pilot light every now and then. Make sure the pilot light is blue in colour. If you spot yellow or orange pilot light, do not wait till the next service and call a Gas Safe engineer immediately. 


  • Pressure Monitoring

A boiler, performing at its optimum level, maintains air pressure between 1 to 1.5 bar. Look at the pressure gauge every few days and note the readings. A drop in the air pressure can result in the boiler struggling to ignite, thereby, consuming more energy. This also makes your heat utility bills go up. To re-pressurise your boiler, you can check the instructional manual provided by Vaillant. 


  • Pipe Insulation

It is important to get pipes insulated as they are susceptible to freezing. Uninsulated pipes during winters can freeze and cause the boiler to have high pressure. This results in leakage and breakdowns. 


  • Insulate Home

At the risk of stating the obvious, getting your home insulated is paramount. Even if you get a brand new boiler, an uninsulated home means loss of heat energy. The result is you will be unable to draw full benefits from your new boiler and the heating bills would increase because the boiler would work hard constantly to heat your home. 


  • Ensure Good Boiler Ventilation

Boilers are prone to get cluttered if you do not maintain good ventilation. To ensure the boiler runs safely, keep it well ventilated. 

Note: While it may be tempting to avoid annual boiler service, please do not do so for your own safety. The above self-checks are not a replacement for thorough checks and inspections by a qualified professional. 



What about Vaillant Heating Controls?


Vaillant allows customers to choose from an extensive range of thermostats and controls that help in reducing fuel costs and ensure boiler runs with maximum efficiency. You can choose from traditional and simple controls to smartphone application-based thermostats. vSMART control by Vaillant allows you to manage and regulate heating through a smartphone. 


What warranty do Vaillant offer included in the price of their boilers?


Warranty is like an insurance policy that safeguards your pocket from faults developing in the product when it is well within the warranty period. Standard Vaillant warranty, depending upon the type of boiler, is anywhere 2 to 5 years for parts and labour.

Warranty can be extended up to 10 years if the boiler is installed by a Vaillant advance installer. The warranty covers failures in the components of the boiler. 


How do i buy a Vaillant boiler at the best price?Vaillant boilers prices Compare Boiler Quotes


Here is how to choose the right Vaillant boiler for your home:

Simply, go to – click here

  1. Narrow down your research by sorting your needs first. Decide on your requirements like the number of bathrooms you have, budget capacity, and the scope of pipework. For example, if you have an old home with pipework already in place, it is easier to go with a regular boiler. 
  2. Get a free no-obligation quote from multiple Gas Safe registered boiler installers. Hiring a Vaillant advance installer is a good idea. Compare quotes and get the one that gives you good value. 
  3. Register your guarantee online after the installation is complete. You can ask your installer to do this on your behalf. 
  4. Get your boiler serviced timely to keep your warranty valid. 
So, what next?

We hope that our Vaillant price guide has helped you decide if this manufacturer is the right one for you. Check out our other boiler prices guides below:


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