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Worcester Bosch GB162 System Boiler

The Worcester Bosch GB162 is the ultimate choice for large domestic and commercial environments seeking a high-efficiency, discreet, and reliable heating system. Worcester Bosch GB162 System Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

This system is available in a range of models with several high heat outputs, spanning from 50kW to 65, 85 and 100kW. 

While known for its impressive efficiency, the Worcester Bosch GB162 is also a highly versatile device that can be installed as part of a cascade system of up to 800kW.

For increased performances, the GB162 System Boiler can be combined with several other boilers, from 2 to 8 units, through the unique Bosch cascade kit.

At the same time, the compact size and dimensions of this device make it the best choice if you have only limited available space. Indeed, the boiler can be hung on a wall and fit in hidden corners so as not to cause disturbances in the environment’s ambience.


Who is the Worcester Bosch GB162 System Boiler for?

This high-efficiency unit is ideal for heating up and supply hot water to large environments and commercial establishments.

With an efficiency rating of 93% and the ability to modulate its output, the Worcester Bosch GB162 makes for a flexible solution for most environments. Worcester Bosch GB162 System Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

Indeed, no matter whether you need to heat several rooms in your house or keep your customers warm and comfortable, this smart boiler allows you to control the temperature in the room entirely. 

At the same time, this unit is ideal if you are budget-conscious and wish to reduce the environmental impact caused by the heating system. Indeed, with its A energy rating and low NOx emissions, it helps you control your energy usage and expenditures. 

Additional smart features include lead and weather compensation and compatibility with solar thermal panels and installations. All this is easily adjustable through straightforward controls that allow you to obtain the exact outcome you wished for, effortlessly.



This boiler has much more to offer than what we can include in a simple list, yet here you can find the highlights of this innovative Bosch unit.


  • Offers its users the chance to create a tailor-made cascade of up to 8 boilers.


  • The units in a cascade can be fit back to back or in line to best suit your environment’s needs. 


  • The overall cascade output can reach maximums of 1.6MW, which is suitable to heat any domestic and commercial environments. 


  • The cascades – as well as a simple unit – can be fitted in any corner or restricted space, to save other precious space on floors, walls, and storage cabinets.


  • The user can have full control over the units of a cascade, and they can be set to come into operation only when you need them.


  • The unit modulates its output automatically, lowering it to 30% or less, which allows you to set the temperature you prefer.


  • Compatible with solar thermal systems.


  • Comes in different outputs to suit different size properties: 100kW, 80kW, 65kW, 50kW 


  • Compact design, with dimensions of 141cm (H) x 52 cm (W) x 46.5 (D)


  • Boast an A energy efficiency rating


Technical details


Model  GB162 System 50 GB162 System 65 GB162 System 80 GB162 System 100
ERP Efficiency Rating A A A A
NOx rating (mg/kWh) 21 32 39 42
Central heating output (kW) 49.9 69.5 84.5 99.5
Rated maximum net heat input (kW) 47.5 64.3 82 96.5
Price range £1980 £2300 £2500 £3600


All models are also:

  • Compatible with solar thermal systems
  • Compatible with a low-energy modulating pump
  • Compatible with plate heat exchanger
  • Easy to install with an opportunity to hang them on walls
  • Condensing

Before purchase, buyers should notice that the Worcester Bosch GB162 System Boiler requires separate cylinders which will take up more space.


Warranty & Accessories

A Worcester Bosch GB162 boiler or cascade will undoubtedly be warming up your home or business for years to come. However, all units come with a 2-year warranty that allows you to enjoy the purchase with better peace of mind. Always follow the guidelines to keep the warranty valid. Worcester Bosch GB162 System Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

You can read the warranty guidelines here.

Additionally, accessories can be included in the package to enhance the performances of these boilers, both as unit or cascade.

Some of the ones you should consider when purchasing the GB162 include:

  • Load and weather compensated adjustments control– ideal to limit your usage and control expenditures.
  • Cascade load managing controls – the right accessory to control the usage of multiple units.
  • Pumps and valves for a secondary heating circuit sensor
  • Simple management interface – while the units are not equipped with such a feature, this accessory allows you to control adjustments, temperature, and usage through a simple interface.


Ultimately, the Worcester Bosch GB162 System Boiler is perfect for larger environments and commercial establishment that have precise heating and hot water needs. However, the units can be mounted on walls and kept away from the eyes of customers and family member. Such a discreet but powerful solution is unique in its kind. Worcester Bosch GB162 System Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes



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