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Warranty for a Worcester Bosch Boiler

Worcester Bosch Warranty

Warranty for a Worcester Bosch Boiler

Every boiler brand will offer a manufacturer’s standard warranty for parts and labour to do with your central heating system. Every brand and every range often differs from 2 years to 15 years. Warranty for a Worcester Bosch Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

Warranty is excellent for peace of mind that you have protection for your heating system in case any issues occur.

This means you usually should not have to pay if a manufacturer’s problem occurs during the warranty time.

Always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines to keep your warranty valid.

Worcester Bosch boiler warranties often vary from 2 to 12 years. This depends on which model boiler and which range you and your Gas Safe engineer choose to run your heating and hot water system by. Generally the more a new boiler costs, the higher the warranty will be. 

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Worcester Bosch Boiler Warranty, What is Covered:

Worcester Bosch boilers are built with a warranty to reassure you they will last. Every model and range manufactured by Worcester Bosch ensures you that all parts and faults are covered throughout the warranty time.

Should a error occur with your Worcester boiler, a fault code will appear on the display to make you aware of it, such as the Worcester 224 fault code.

The terms and conditions make it clear that any fault will be replaced or repaired with no charge if it is to do with the manufacturer and has been authorised by Worcester Bosch. Warranty for a Worcester Bosch Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

If you have a houseboat that is moored, you are only covered for parts, unfortunately not labour.

The Length of the Worcester Bosch Warranty

Every Worcester Bosch boiler range and model will differentiate in the length of time the warranty will be valid.

Oil fuelled boilers have a standard two-year warranty. Warranty for a Worcester Bosch Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

Natural Gas fuelled have a standard five-year warranty.

It is in your best interest to use an accredited installer provided by Worcester Bosch as this can lengthen your oil fuelled boiler warranty to five years and your natural gas-fuelled boiler warranty to seven years.

Sometimes, depending on the boiler model, your Gas Safe engineer is allowed to authorise a ten-year warranty.

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12 Year Warranty Worcester Boilers

10 Year Warranty Worcester Boilers

  • Worcester Bosch 4000 – 10 Year stanard
  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar i

7 Year Warranty Worcester Bosch Boilers

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Terms and Conditions of a Worcester Bosch Boiler Warranty

Always ensure to read through the terms and conditions provided as soon as you have purchased a Worcester Bosch boiler.

Certain restrictions, if they are not met, will cancel out the validation of your warranty.

Some of the most important terms and conditions listed:

  • Your boiler has to be registered at during the 30 days after installation.
  • Your boiler has to be used in a domestic or light commercial environment.
  • Worcester Bosch boilers can only be purchased and installed in the following countries: United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
  • Your boiler must stay in the same location once installed unless Worcester Bosch has given authorisation in writing to authorise movement.
  • Your boiler warranty validation time will start from the date of installation.
  • Your boiler must be serviced annually. So remember to have a Worcester boiler service, to be accepted for your warranty.
  • Your boiler has to be maintained in a way that Worcester Bosch’s user instructions state.
  • Any claims made once the warranty is no longer validated will not be covered.

Please go to the Worcester Bosch website to see anymore updated guidelines. Above is only the essential guidelines stated.

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