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Worcester Bosch Gas Greenstar 34CDi & 42CDi Classic Boilers

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Range:

With almost 50 years in the boiler industry, Worcester Bosch has built and maintained a significant reputation for making dependable boilers with economical and environmentally friendly features to meet the demands of customers and need to protect the world too. Worcester Bosch Gas Greenstar 34CDi & 42CDi Classic Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

For those who are vigilant about reducing their carbon footprint, while also reducing their energy costs, the award-winning Greenstar range, designed by Worcester Bosch, is built with your requirements in mind. With an interest in providing eco-friendly products to support the environment, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar range seeks to offer innovative energy-efficient items at reasonable prices.

For those looking for a boiler, here are two options plucked from the Greenstar range you may want to consider for your home or business premises.

These are the 34CDi and 42CDi classic boilers.

By reading the below guide, you’ll get a better idea of what these boilers have to offer you to help you conclude why buying a classic boiler from the Greenstar range is necessary.

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Boiler Costs and Installation Fees:

The price of these two classic boilers vary by a few hundred.

For the 34CDi classic boiler, you can expect to pay £1000 or more. However, it’s important to note this price excludes installation fees. Worcester Bosch Gas Greenstar 34CDi & 42CDi Classic Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

For the 42CDi Combi Classic Boiler, the starting price begins around the £1300 mark; as expected, this price too doesn’t include installation by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

When searching for an engineer to install your chosen boiler, ensure they are registered to do so, but also shop around for prices. Installation costs can vary significantly from £1,500 up to £1,800.

If you would prefer your boiler to include installation fees, go to


Property Compatibility:

Both the 34CDi and 42CDi classic boilers are manufactured to meet the demands of larger properties with four bedrooms or more.


Checking the size of the boiler, and allocating space to have it fitted is a top priority.

Classic boilers are generally larger than it’s combi compact cousins. Worcester Bosch Gas Greenstar 34CDi & 42CDi Classic Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

The dimensions for the 34CDi and 42CDi are 760 x 440 x 360.

To put the size of these boiler’s space requirements into perspective, they will not fit in an average kitchen cupboard.

However, providing the allocated space is big enough, the boiler can be mounted by an engineer anywhere, due to the benefit of multi-directional flying. The additional bonus of mounting the boiler on the wall is that unsightly pipes will be concealed.


Boiler Output

The 34CDi and 42CDi, although not compact, their size is based on providing other substantial benefits to customers, particularly those who own more significant properties. For instance, the hot water output for the 34CDi delivers an impressive flow rate of 14 litres of fluid per minute.

The 42CDi has the capacity to distribute up to 17 litres per minute. 

The central heating output, on the other hand, for both boilers, is based around 30kW.

In other words, this figure translates to effortlessly heating up to 20 radiators in a property. Worcester Bosch Gas Greenstar 34CDi & 42CDi Classic Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

Due to the 34CDi and 42CDi capacity to exhibit a large output of hot water and facilitate heating for a high number of radiators, they are appreciated for their ability to service larger homes, with a minimum of two bathrooms.

Which is a big plus for large family households or professional house shares, who need to use separate bathrooms simultaneously, as the 34CDi and 42CDi can facilitate each person’s need for hot water on demand.


Energy Efficient

Both boilers are SEDBUK ‘A’ Rated, which for you, equates to lower gas bills, due to the 34CDi & 42CDi’s efficient use of energy.

For instance, when these classic boilers are waiting on standby, Worcester Bosch has engineered each product to reduce it’s electrical output by 60% to conserve and prevent wasted energy. Worcester Bosch Gas Greenstar 34CDi & 42CDi Classic Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

The 34CDi & 42CDi offer an abundance of heating and hot water while conserving energy usage, which is reflected in the price of your energy bills.


The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 34CDi and 42CDi come with a standard two-year warranty that can be extended to seven years when installed by a Worcester accredited Gas Safe Engineer. Worcester Bosch Gas Greenstar 34CDi & 42CDi Classic Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

Always follow the guidelines which you can read here to keep your warranty valid.


34CDi and 42CDi Controls & Features:

Further similarities between the 34CDi & 42CDi classic combi boilers controls include;


  • User-friendly – The 34CDi is suitable with mechanical, intelligent, and digital controls. However, the 42Di’s controls are considered simple, and therefore very easy to use. Straightforward controls are essential for customers to diagnose their boiler when needed.
  • Smart Tech Compatibility – The convenience and effectiveness of smart home devices are plenty. Both classic boilers can be linked to intelligent tech, meaning you can control your heating by downloading an app on your mobile. This is particularly beneficial for turning off the heat when you’re not in the house, to save money.
  • Economical – As mentioned above, both are economical with energy use, while offering a large output of hot water and central heating when needed.
  • Power – Classic combi-boilers such as the 4CDi & 42CDi, are undeniably powerful in their engineering. They are built to excel in larger households, where smaller boilers may struggle to keep up with a family’s or house’s shared hot water demands. The installation of a modulating pump enables these boilers to keep up with a larger hot water output and reduces electric energy usage by 30%.
  • Guarantee – You can expect a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for both the 34CDi & 42CDi boilers. Meaning for 24 months, you’ll receive support for faults and defects over the phone, or, if necessary, an engineer will visit your residence to check the boiler in person. However, please note, the cover will not include accidental damage.


Two additional features mentioned for the 42CDi are the electronic ignition and the thermostat, which is programmable for a 24 hour period. Worcester Bosch Gas Greenstar 34CDi & 42CDi Classic Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes





By installing a new boiler such as the 34CDi or 42CDi, you can maximise saving energy while also cutting costs. 

 As part of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar range, the classic boilers detailed above are ideal for households with a particularly high hot water demand. Furthermore, they tend to be considered by individuals and couples who anticipate growing their family household, to future proof their inevitable upcoming needs.

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