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What is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular?

Have you ever heard of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular? If not, it is an oil-powered furnace explicitly designed for larger houses with five bedrooms and multiple bathrooms or small business properties.

If you’re looking for one of the best oil-powered furnaces for your small business or a large house, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular may be precisely what you’re looking for. What is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular? Compare Boiler Quotes

This standalone version enjoys high efficiency ratings and range in output from 50kW to 70kW, ensuring that your hot water and heating expectations are met.

Furthermore, it has an excellent reliability rating, satisfying a range of engineers and consumers alike.


The price

Depending on the heat output your Gas Safe engineer recommends, prices for these furnaces range between £2,100 and £2,270, which includes the cost of VAT but not installation fees. However, the price will change depending on if you choose the 50kW or the 70kW version. What is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular? Compare Boiler Quotes

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Is it suitable for my house?

As a standard oil-powered furnace, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular will need a hot water tank and loft tanks near the top of your house.

This furnace is fantastic for houses with multiple bathrooms and properties which have water pressure levels that are a bit lower.

However, we only recommend this model for bigger houses and smaller commercial sites where there’s a high demand for hot water use. What is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular? Compare Boiler Quotes

Thankfully, this furnace’s high heat outputs can satisfy this need. 

But it’s paramount that you choose the right furnace size for your site.

We suggest consulting an engineer registered with OFTEC, as a professional can aid you the best in selecting the correct size furnace and proper heat output for your property in question.

Don’t forget to do your homework before purchasing one of these furnaces.


Efficiency matters

Did you know that this furnace is not only energy-efficient but boasts a 93% efficiency rating as well?

Because it’s so highly rated, you can rest assured knowing that the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular will meet your hot water and heating expectations.

In addition, it will reduce carbon emissions and slash your energy costs. What is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular? Compare Boiler Quotes

Moreover, these furnaces work with Greenstore solar panels and cylinders to further reduce your energy costs.



The Controls:

While you can adjust the temperature of your central heating, this furnace does not feature a lot of extra controls.

You can find all of its controls conveniently located on the front of the furnace, allowing it to blend in with the other devices located nearby. What is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular? Compare Boiler Quotes

For those with very young kids, this translates to an extra safety feature, as your child won’t be able to reach up and fiddle with the controls and potentially put themselves in danger. 

Bosch EasyControl is an app you can download on your tablet or smartphone so you can adjust the furnace’s controls all from the palm of your hand. What’s more, you can also check in on how much energy you’re using with the Bosch EasyControl.


Warranty length:

As is the case with all oil-powered furnaces by Worcester Bosch, the Greenstar Utility Regular enjoys a standard two-year maintenance and parts warranty.

However, this company extends its oil-powered furnace warranties from time to time, so it’s best to check their webpage for any promotional or limited-time offers regularly. What is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular? Compare Boiler Quotes

Although a longer warranty length and more sophisticated controls would be excellent, the EasyControl app is a huge advantage that turns your furnace into a “smart machine.” Read on to see a list of this furnace’s pros and cons.


The Advantages: 

These furnaces are very quiet and help you cut down on both carbon emissions and energy costs.

Moreover, they don’t need a natural gas line to be installed in larger homes or smaller business sites.

You can control this furnace from anywhere in your home using the Bosch EasyControl app, and its solar-thermal compatibility means even further reduced energy costs.

It also has a five-year warranty on its primary heat exchanger and a 10-year warranty on its plate heat exchanger. What is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular? Compare Boiler Quotes



The Disadvantages:

Thankfully, there aren’t as many disadvantages as there are advantages. Like we mentioned earlier, it could use both a more extended warranty and more advanced control options. Also, the fact that it needs separate loft and hot water tanks may be inconvenient to those who do not have these pieces of equipment installed on their property already.


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