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ATAG Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

In this price guide for ATAG boilers you will find out:

  • ATAG combi boiler prices
  • ATAG system boiler prices
  • ATAG heat only boiler prices

ATAG Boiler Costs Usually Range From £700 – £2,400, Model Dependent.

All Prices Include VAT But Exclude Installation Fees.

For over 70 years ATAG has been manufacturing boilers to distribute worldwide. With extremely high standards in energy efficiency and expert engineering, ATAG boilers are an exceptional piece of equipment that would suit any home in the UK.

ATAG operate and distribute across the world. This means that they have to match every country exacting engineering standards, which vary from place to place. This means that all these high expectations are taken on board and developed into the manufacturing of the ‘i’ boiler range. This range has been built to last and they only use the highest quality brass and stainless steel parts and components.

These ATAG boilers are the most energy-efficient boilers in Europe and they also boast the lowest NOx emissions which means they are much less polluting to the world and its environment.

ATAG offer Combi, system and open vent boilers at the highest quality. Prices range from £800 – £2,400.

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⭐ Below are the top 3 ATAG Combi Boilers and their average Prices (Excluding Installation)⭐

  1. ATAG Economiser 27 Plus Combi – Guide Price £2,100
  2. ATAG I24C Combi – Guide Price £800
  3. ATAG Economiser 35 Plus Combi – Guide Price £2,300

ATAG Combi Boiler Prices

With a range of different outputs, the ATAG Economiser range and ‘I’ range will have a boiler perfect for your home.

Whether you have a combi boiler already and would like to replace your current one, or you have a system boiler and want to convert to a combi, ATAG will have a boiler for you.

ATAG only have one range, as all their boiler ingenuity is combined into this fantastic range. They have a slight variant in the Economiser, which is as the name suggests, is extremely economical.

These combi boilers have a range of outputs to ensure that they can provide a boiler to any home within the UK and across the world.

This means whether you have a smaller home which would be more suited to the ATAG I24C or a larger home which would be more suited to the ATAG I36C combi.

You can expect to pay a little more for an ATAG boiler, and the larger the output of the boiler, the more the boiler will cost.

If you are unsure what size combi boiler you need then get in contact with us and we can help.

ATAG Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Benefits of an ATAG Combi Boiler

Super efficient boilers with a market-leading life span. ATAG fully expect their boilers to last up to 20 years and there are warranties that back this up.

The ATAG Economiser style of combi may cost a little more but in the long run, it will save you money due to how efficient it is. They are built to run at 98% efficiency for the whole of the boilers life span.

ATAG only sell to the trade and trusted installers. This means that they can even control the quality of installations so there are no issues arising with your boiler moving forward. In the event of any issues, they will provide superb customer service to get things sorted asap!

Below Is A Full List Of Combi Boilers From ATAG And Their Prices:

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler OutputEnergy RatingBoiler Price
ATAGIC Economiser 27 PlusCombi Boiler27kwA Rated£2,100
ATAGIC Economiser 35 PlusCombi Boiler35kwA Rated£2,300
ATAGIC Economiser 39 PlusCombi Boiler39kwA Rated£2,400
ATAGI24CCombi Boiler24kwA Rated£0
ATAGI28CCombi Boiler28kwA Rated£0
ATAGI36CCombi Boiler36kwA Rated£0
ATAGI40CCombi Boiler40kwA Rated£0

ATAG System Boiler Prices

As with their combi range, ATAG only has one style of system boiler. It is the same range but these boilers will require a hot water storage tank.

System boilers are usually in homes that are older (found in an airing cupboard usually) or homes that require higher levels of hot water on demand.

This hot water tank is kept warm and constantly replenished for instant hot water to any tap you require in your home. If you have a larger home, this stored water can really make a difference.

If you have more than 4 occupants and there is a likelihood that more than one mains powered shower is going to be used at once then a system boiler may be for you.

System boilers can usually cost more as there are more parts to them. If you don’t already have a tank you may have to buy one or consider a combi.

Also to take into account, if you require a more powerful boiler, this is more likely to cost you more. The higher the output (kW) generally the higher the price in each range.

If you have a smaller home you would be looking at having an ATAG I15s system boiler. If you have a larger home with 4 or more bedrooms then you will be looking at a higher output so the ATAG I32S may be more appropriate.

If the ATAG range is a bit costly for you, then you may want to look at some of the other boiler manufacturers such as Viessman, Baxi, Ideal or Worcester Bosch.

ATAG Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Below Are The Top 3 ATAG System Boilers And Their Average Prices

(Without Installation costs)

  1. ATAG I15S System Boiler – Guide Price £1,500
  2. ATAG I24S System Boiler  – Guide Price £1,850
  3. ATAg I32S System Boiler – Guide Price £2,000

If you would like an ATAG boiler, you can get in touch with an ATAG certified installer which they insist that you use. They ensure that they are Gas Safe registered and then further trained to install their boilers.

If you are comparing boiler prices you will find this manufacturer slightly more expensive than others but their reliability and reviews may give you that confidence the extra cost and expenditure is worth it.

You can opt for pay monthly boiler finance with 0% interest for your new boiler which is great as not many consumers like paying upfront for a new boiler.

ATAG Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

ATAG Prices Review – Our Verdict On ATAG System Boiler Prices

ATAG boilers do cost slightly more than other types of the boiler but they are definitely worth the money. The little extra you pay is buying you years of reliable heating.

They are extremely well built and expect them to cut your heating bills to save you money on gas and electric all year round.

Always make sure that when you are given a price for your new boiler that you take into consideration installation costs. A boiler installation can cost anything between £400 and £2,00 depending on the amount of work required.

If you can afford an ATAG then great, but if you want something in a lower budget bracket then you may want to consider a Viessmann boiler, Worcester Bosch, Glow Worm, Potterton, Vokera or Ferroli.

Below Is A Full List Of System Boilers And Their Prices From ATAG: 

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler OutputEnergy RatingBoiler Price
ATAGI15SSystem Boiler15kwA Rated£0
ATAGI18SSystem Boiler18kwA Rated£0
ATAGI24SSystem Boiler24kwA Rated£0
ATAGI28SSystem Boiler28kwA Rated£0
ATAGI32SSystem Boiler32kwA Rated£0
ATAGI40SSystem Boiler40kwA Rated£0

ATAG Regular Heat Only Boiler Prices

Again, as with their other types, there is only the flagship ‘I’ range for their regular heat only boilers.

With super efficiency and all of their expert heating engineering know-how compiled into one perfect boiler, they just ensure that they can provide every home in the UK with varying different outputs in each range.

With regular heat only boilers, you will need 2 types of the water tank to ensure that your boiler can work. these are suited to larger homes due to them needing more space for the tanks.

These models are usually better and designed for the bigger home that is also in high demand for hot water.

If you have a lack of space or are wanting to create space by getting rid of your current regular boiler, you may want to consider a combi boiler, as some of the most powerful combis can do just as good a job these days.

If you have a smaller home you will want to consider the ATAG I18R. If you have a larger home with more than 4 or 5 occupants then you may want to consider one of the larger boilers such as the ATAG I40R

The price you will pay will completely depend on the size (output) of your boiler. If you have a 15kw expect the cost to be lower. If you require a larger output such as a 40kw, expect the cost to be higher. This is the same for any manufacturers range.

ATAG Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Below is The Top 3 ATAG Regular Heat Only Boilers And Their Average Prices

(Without Installation)

  1. ATAG I18R Regular Heat Only 18kW – Guide Price £1,850
  2. ATAG I40R Regular Heat Only 40kW – Guide Price £1,975
  3. ATAG I24R Regular Heat Only 24kW – Guide Price £2,255

As we don’t have any guide prices available for you we can’t provide you with this information as the prices are given to tradesmen who install the boilers. Expect to pay between £800 and £1500 depending on the output of the boiler. This is just for the unit itself. If you require installation this will be considerably more.

Benefits Of ATAG Heat Only Regular Boilers

Regular boilers are fantastic for powering older homes but with up to date technology and the best efficiency ratings. They are high-quality open vent boilers that will power a home’s hot water and central heating for years to come.

ATAG regular boilers are a great boiler replacement for any old heat only boiler. They can easily slot in any home with a dual tank operating system to keep your home warm for years to come.

If you already have the tanks for a regular boiler then unless you want to create space by swapping to a combi boiler these are perfect for your home.

They are suitable for homes that require higher than normal hot water demand whilst if you have low water pressure, a heat-only boiler will be your best option.

Below Is A Full List Of Regular Heat Only Boilers And Their Prices From ATAG:

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler OutputEnergy RatingBoiler Price
ATAGI15RRegular Boiler15kwA Rated£0
ATAGI18RRegular Boiler18kwA Rated£0
ATAGI24RRegular Boiler24kwA Rated£0
ATAGI32RRegular Boiler32kwA Rated£0
ATAGI40RRegular Boiler40kwA Rated£0

ATAG Customer Reviews

Rated 4.9/5 on Trustpilot, their products and customer service are some to the best out there. Just take a look by clicking the Trustpilot link

Constantly striving for the best ATAG to ensure that they are up there to be the best in the market. Their boilers are rated the most economical in Europe and they offer superb customer service and after-sales.

Superb 10-year warranties on all boilers and only using their own trained and registered partner installers. You can only expect an excellent service on your next boiler installation.

What Technology Works With ATAG Boilers?

You can choose to use some of ATAG’s own heating control systems. They have their own wireless controls and smart controllers so you can keep your home at the right temperature all year round from wherever you are.

With a wide range that includes:

  • Wireless room thermostats
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Weather compensation controllers
  • Smart intelligent controls

ATAG Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

With these devices, you’re able to control the heating all around the house and set a timer on the thermostat to save money on your energy bills. By using an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can remotely operate your boiler anywhere you like. This means you can come home to a warm house after your day at work!

Below are some of the top boiler control systems to help you save money and lower your fuel bills.

ATAG One Zone Controller – Control your heating from anywhere.

ATAG Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Quick and simple to install – Easy to connect to the internet – Remote boiler operation information via the App – Service reminder – Can control up to 6 heating zones

Boiler Plus ready & works with Apple home & Alexa – Saves up to 12% on heating when used in conjunction with ATAG combi boilers – Energy use information – Free user App – Control you home heating from wherever you are – Easy to use full-colour screen – Technical information & boiler monitoring in the unlikeliness of any problems with your boiler

ATAG Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Purchasing an ATAG Boiler

If you want to purchase a boiler by ATAG you will need to find a registered partner. These are highly trained ATAG boiler specialists

Ensure that you tell your ATAG boiler installer as much accurate information as possible about your current situation with your heating system.

All ATAG boiler comes with 10 years warranty, which is well above a lot of other boiler installation companies.

To maintain your warranty then you will need to service your boiler every 12 months.

You can choose to pay for your new ATAG system in different ways. You can pay in full upfront. Or you can choose to buy now and pay later with boilers on finance options.

Boilers On Finance

Your Monthly payments can spread the cost of the boiler over what term would work best for you. Your boiler plan will vary on what boiler you have chosen.

If you do decide to pay monthly repayments for your total new boiler cost, then interest rates may apply. This will raise the overall cost but it will make the here and now easier if you don’t have the cash.

Boiler Warranty With ATAG

All new boilers engineered by ATAG are backed by a parts and labour warranty of 10 years.

If you have ensured that you have adhered to the terms of the warranty then you will be able to have peace of mind and a warm home all year round for at least 10 years.

One of the main things you will need to do is to ensure that your boiler is serviced every year. You can even get boiler cover and pay monthly for this too.

So, what next?

We would recommend that you take a look at Boiler Central where you can get a fixed online price for your new boiler without putting in ANY personal details.

Gone are the days that you need a surveyor to visit your home and try to sell you a new boiler.

If you still need a little help on what are the best boilers then simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

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