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  • May 17, 2020

Vokera Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boilers Are the Best?

Vokera Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boilers Are the Best?

Vokera Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boilers Are the Best? 150 150

Vokera Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boilers Are the Best? Compare Boiler Quotes


If you have been looking for a new boiler system online, chances are you’ve found our articles and informative pieces reviewing many of the modern boiler systems available in the UK. 

Here at Compare Boiler Quotes, we want to provide the customer with a concise review of each company including their history, our recommended products, warranties, and what other alternative systems we like. 


So what are we discussing today?


Vokera Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boilers Are the Best? Compare Boiler Quotes If you have indeed been looking at boiler systems and trying to find the best option for your home then you have probably come across the Vokera Boiler Range


So, today, we are looking solely into, and providing a Vokera Combi Boiler Review. We’ll look at their combi boiler options in Vokera’s boiler range and the pricing for each boiler.


Let’s first look at a quick history of the company:


Vokèra is a leading UK boiler manufacturer, with products which include domestic gas boilers, commercial gas boilers, unvented cylinders, water heaters, solar thermal collectors and air source heat pumps.


Vokèra came into existence over 35 years ago and has bases across the UK and Ireland, which support every Vokèra installation. 

They offer rigorous testing with each new system. With 100% of Vokèra boilers being tested before they leave the factory, the Vokèra brand offers peace of mind with a lifetime reliability. 


Vokèra is owned by parent company Riello Group, a part of Carrier, a well known U.S. leading global provider of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies. 

They have a focus on the needs of the UK and Ireland markets, being a trusted brand for both consumers and heating engineers. 


Their newest, most advanced boilers are all prepared and engineered for maximum efficiency. Vokera does this by developing to ISO 9001 standards, and making ErP rated news boiler systems. 


What is a Combi Boiler?


Vokera Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boilers Are the Best? Compare Boiler QuotesCombi boilers provide instant heat for central heating and hot water on demand. There is no need to have a tank or water cylinder in the loft or airing cupboard as the water is quickly heated as it isrequired. This makes them more space-saving and easier to install/maintain.


However, these combi boiler systems provide water at mains pressure. Which is mostly used for smaller homes as some people prefer other types of boiler systems if their water pressure is low or they use hot water in several places at once. I.E. having more than one bathroom being used at the same time. 


What is the Range Of Vokera Combi Boilers?

Vokera mainly sell and build combi boilers however they do have a few system and heat only options. Their combi boiler range includes models such as the  Unica, Vision, Evolve, and the Compact range. Vokera combi boilers come with a varied offering of outputs from 24kW to 38kW.


What are the Prices of Vokera Combi Boilers?

Here we provide a handy guide to the average pricing of Vokera’s combi boiler range. This is an average price including VAT without installation. Please note that these prices are average pricing based on several sources and are accurate within 10% (They are also subject to change as the manufacturer dictates)


Brand Model Type Fuel kW Warranty Price W/VAT
Vokera Compact 25A Combi Gas 25kw 5 £500
Vokera Compact 29A Combi Gas 29kw 5 £550
Vokera Vision 25c Combi Gas 25kw 7 £600
Vokera Vision 30c Combi Gas 30kw 7 £650
Vokera Unica i28 Combi Gas 28kw 5 £700
Vokera Unica i32 Combi Gas 32kw 5 £800
Vokera Evolve 24C Combi Gas 24kw 7 £850
Vokera Evolve 28C Combi Gas 28kW 7 £850
Vokera Unica i36 Combi Gas 36kW 5 £900
Vokera Evolve 32C Combi Gas 32kW 7 £900
Vokera Evolve 36C Combi Gas 36kW 7 £1000


Vokera Combi Boiler Highlight: Vokera Evolve Combi 32KW.

Vokera Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boilers Are the Best? Compare Boiler Quotes

For power enough for the average UK home, the Vokera Evolve combi 32kW is your best bet. 

The Evolve combi gas boiler is a reliable, condensing wall mounted boiler with a compact design making it able to be installed in most kitchen cupboards should you require this.

 It is designed and manufactured by Vokera. This boiler has a high efficiency rating of 94% making it A rated. It also has a 77% hot water efficiency, coming in average against the competition. 


It is also easy to install as there is no external tank required, which makes it much quicker and a more convenient installation. 

This model has features such as text driven menus, built in clock and rear flue options.  The Vokera Evolve Combi 32kW boiler also comes with a built in carbon monoxide monitor. 


Features at a Glance:


  • ERP rating: A Heat A Water
  • Efficiency Rating: 94%
  • Band Rating: A Rated
  • LPG Compatible: Yes
  • Standard Warranty: 7 years
  • kWh: 32kW
  • Mounting: Wall Mounted
  • Flow Rate: 14.2 l/min
  • Price: (inc VAT) £950
  • Avg. Installation costs: £500 – £1,000


We find this model to be the best in the Vokera range for budget, warranty, and ease of installation. It would be wise for you as a consumer to look at their Trustpilot reviews and seeing what experiences actual users are having. 


What else do we Recommend? 


Vokera Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boilers Are the Best? Compare Boiler QuotesAs we have incessantly stated, we would highly suggest looking at the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W and Viessmann Vitodens 100-W boilers for the average UK home. 


This is due to their better internal components, ease of installation, maintenance and warranty. Boiler Central in 2020 is offering a unbeatable 15 year warranty on all new Viessmann installation!


We look to give you the consumer, the best information and give you the honest options for anything in the Boiler and Central Heating sectors.

We spend hours every day looking at boiler companies and boiler systems so we hope this information helps you in your search.

If you need a new boiler, our partner Boiler Central is always here to provide you with a highly competitive quote when it comes to boiler service price comparison, new boilers, and boiler installation. 

They also offer fantastic boiler cover plans which start at only £13.99 a month! Their other plans include your boiler’s annual service, central heating cover, electric cover, and even cover for lost keys. Check them out today if you’re interested in boiler cover. 

Thanks once again for looking at our article, and be sure to come back often for more useful and helpful tips.

Vokera Combi Boiler Review: Which Combi Boilers Are the Best? Compare Boiler Quotes

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