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How Long Do Boilers Last?

How long do boilers last

How long does a Boiler Last? How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

A very common asked question is ” how long does a boiler last? or “what is the average life of your boiler?”

This answer could be a little bit like “how long is a piece of string!!”

On average a well looked after boiler could last anything between 10-15 years or even 20 years before it would need a boiler replacement.

By well looked after we mean having your boiler regularly serviced which is recommended annually.

As we all know a boiler is a home essential. Without a boiler we would have no heating or hot water.

A boiler plays a large part in your energy bills, as much as 65% which is a large amount when it comes to working the maths out.

You need to be sure your boiler is working as effective and as efficiently as possible to keep the energy bills down and to keep the family happy with all the heating and hot water needed on demand.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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Can you make a boiler have a longer life? How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

Below we will talk about how to get the full life out of your boiler. If you follow these processes it will prolong the life of your boiler.

Get an annual boiler Service

As mentioned before you need an annual boiler service, similar to your car would need an annual MOT.

The annual service done by a fully qualified and certified Gas Safe engineer would ensure your manufacturers warranty remains valid, without the service certificate your warranty would no longer be valid.

The annual service would need to be carried out by a Gas Safe heating engineer who would perform efficiency and safety tests to ensure the boiler is working as effective as it possibly can.

Within the service your engineer would also test for any leaks or minor faults which could cause expensive problems or breakdowns over time. How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

Only use Gas Safe engineers

Whether it is having your boilers fitted or serviced i cannot stress to you enough that you need to ensure your installer or engineer is on the Gas Safe register.

This register is the official list of engineers who are legally qualified and certified to work safely with gas appliances with the highest standards.

An unqualified member could cause a large amount of damage to your boiler and your home. Unsafe work could be extremely dangerous.

Repairs need to be fixed ASAP How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

The longer an issue is left the larger the problem and repair costs could be.

If you hear any unusual noises or notice any changes to your heating system go to our contact us page and we will be in contact to get this sorted for you.

Powerflush your system

A boiler also known as a central heating system is made up of metal and water.

As we know water causes metal to rust, which can cause blockages of dirt and sludge to build up in the radiators and pipes over time.

These blockages left for a long time could cause serious damage and effect the efficiency of your heating system.

A professional engineer would add chemicals to your system and flush it through to clear the sludge blockage and this is called a powerflush, or chemical flush.

Here is a video on how to powerflush your system:


Get a magnetic filter for your boiler

Many engineers as standard would recommend installing a magnetic filter. Living up to its name this part filters out any metallic debris before it is enabled to settle in the pipework or radiators.

Don’t overwork your boiler

Similar to anything in the world, the more you use something the more wear and tear will occur and the life expectancy could be shorter.

A key point would be making sure your boiler is the correct boiler for your needs, correct size, quality, correct size Kw boiler for your home and making sure your water pressure is not set too high or low.

A boiler that meets all of the above key points should be perfectly capable to meet your heating and hot water needs for the 15 years or more without any serious issues.


Should you replace an old boiler if it’s still working?

Tough question, but yes would be the answer.

If your boiler is over 10 years old but hasn’t broken down yet, you may be tempted to put off getting a new boiler replacement for as long as possible but this could be causing you a lot of extra pennies without realising so.

Older boilers tend to be less efficient due to old technology, which are also known as gas guzzling machines.

Cheaper energy bills How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

Who doesn’t like cheaper bills?

Very similar to a person once you reach the ageing point in life everything becomes less efficient!

As a boiler ages it becomes less efficient at heating your home. As said before the older technology means the boiler has to work harder to produce heating and hot water.

By replacing the older boiler with a modern technology boiler you could notice a large reduction in your energy bills, as much as £340 a year. How lovely would that extra spending money be!!

The latest technology How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

Modern boilers are easier to store as they are more compact and less ugly on the eye but the most appealing point to a modern boiler is the cheaper running costs, energy efficient and the higher quality performance.

Another attraction is that you can connect your boiler and thermostat to your internet and an app via your phone, you could be at work or anywhere in the world and be able to set your combi boiler temperature to whatever you request that day.

Also available to buy are “TRVs”, this feature will heat each room of your home to a different temperature.

Higher quality TRV’s include technology which will automatically adjust your heating according to the temperature outside.

Changes to Your Home How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

As said before the more work something has to do the less life time it tends to have if it doesn’t have the correct power or care.

A boiler probably isn’t the first thing on your mind if you have added an extra child to the household or an extension of a bathroom or bedroom but it is something you need to think about.

The original boiler may be no longer the correct size or type for your home which could cause the energy bills to go up from the extra work, cause a break down or costly repairs.

Old boilers may require discontinued parts

Your old boiler may be still working but you need to think about if an issue did appear.

When old boilers need replacement parts very often they are no longer available on the market, or could be extremely expensive which means a complete boiler replacement would be the better option.

If any of this is sounding familiar with your ageing boiler, it may be time to consider replacing your old boiler to a more modern boiler.

You can contact boiler central today and get a fixed modern boiler price.


Which boilers will last for years to come?

Here we will list the 3 main boilers for you to choose from for which may suit your household needs the best:


Which Type of Boiler Do You Need? How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

There are 3 types of boiler to choose from:

  • A Combi boiler which is also known as a combination boiler is the most common type of boiler installed in the UK today. As the name suggests it does double action of heating and hot water. It is compact and there is no need for a hot water cylinder or water tank. It is a single unit which takes its water supply directly from the mains and heats water on demand. This boiler would not be recommended for a large home with 4 bedrooms with more than 3 bathrooms which have high demand for heating and hot water.


  • A System boiler also takes its water supply from the mains to the radiators but requires a separate hot water cylinder to store the hot water for the taps. You would usually store this cylinder in a kitchen cupboard. A system boiler would be good for a medium/ large home with 3 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and around 12 to 15 radiators.


  • A Regular boiler also known as a traditional boiler, Conventional boiler or heat only boiler is often found to be used as an old central heating system. They are perfect for a large home with around 5 bedrooms with a high demand for heating and hot water. They require a hot water tank but they don’t take water from the mains. You would store a cold water tank in the loft which would then deliver water down to the cylinder. They are known to be a very reliable and efficient boiler.

What Size Boiler Do You Need? How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

Getting the right size KW of boiler is important to get right for your home.

If the boiler doesn’t have the power that your house requires to heat the hot water and radiators it will be over used which will cause faults, a break down or a shorter lifespan.

On the other hand a boiler which is too powerful for your home would be a waste of energy. Kw (Kilowatt) is also known as power.

At Boiler Central they can recommend what boiler would be suited best for your home.

For example:

Flats, apartments and small homes with 2 bedrooms require 24-27Kw

3 bedroom requires 28- 32Kw

4 bedroom requires 28- 32Kw

5 bedroom larger homes requires 35-42Kw

Which brand of boiler should you choose?

There are so many highly rated modern boilers on the market now which makes it very difficult to choose. They all have different ratings for reliability, efficiency, performance, warranty and pricing so it is a case of what boiler works best overall for your household.

A key point is to ensure your manufacturer’s warranty covers parts and labour once the boiler is installed.

The longer the warranty could be an indicator of quality and reliability.

Boiler Central are the only company offering 15 year warranty on Viessmann boilers.

Don’t forget to keep the warranty valid the boiler will need to be installed and annually serviced by a Gas Safe engineer.

Some manufacturers will specify that the engineer has to be accredited by them.

By filling in the Boiler Central online form we can help you with this answer.

The brands which we rate the most are: Worcester Bosch, Viessmann boilers, Ideal, Valliant, Baxi and Glow Worm.


How much does a replacement boiler cost? How Long Do Boilers Last? Compare Boiler Quotes

The answer to this question will depend on the brand, power, size and boiler installation cost.

On average a new boiler costs anything from £1,500 to £2,000.

At Boiler Central we offer pay monthly, no deposit or card payments on new boilers.

Installation costs will depend on how much work is in involved. If you are moving the boiler to a different location this will be more of an expense than just replacing the boiler.

If you are updating an old existing boiler you may need to add on extra costs for updating the system by adding on system flush, magnetic filter, condensation drain pipe, new pipework, thermostat, radiator valves and a central heating pump.


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