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  • April 17, 2020

Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide

Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide

Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide 150 150

Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide 2020Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Welcome to our quick and simple back boiler replacement cost guide.

Below we will cover all you need to know about what a back boiler is, all replacement options and the cost of replacing a back boiler.

Key tip* You are no longer able to purchase a back boiler.

Most people with a back boiler would be looking to upgrade to a combi boiler if they had upto 4 bedrooms or to a system boiler if they had more than 4 bedrooms.

The most accurate way to get a price is to use boiler central. They are the only company in the UK to offer 15 years warranty on all Viessmann boilers which are a Which best buy boiler and also one of the most recognised brands on the modern market.

They can give you a fixed boiler price within 20seconds, it really is that simple!

What Is A Back Boiler?Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Back boilers is a heating device which is fitted behind a household gas fire or electric fire place, often found in old homes.

If you have a central heating system but can’t see a boiler, it is more than likely to be a back boiler fire.

Why Houses Have Back Boilers

Back in the mid 1900s, back boilers became extremely popular.

Like combi boilers today, they were the latest technology.

They were fitted in properties until around the early 1980s.

Then regular and system boilers also known as a conventional boiler and a modern combi boiler came on the market with more up to date technology and started to take over in the boiler industry.

Should You Replace A Back Boiler With A Gas Boiler? Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

The answer to this is more thank likely, yes!

Back boilers due to the old technology are not energy efficient. Losing energy quite simply means wasting money.

Replacing a back boiler with an up-to-date, modern on the market A-rated boiler will for sure save you money. Quite often most modern A-rated boilers are over 90% efficient.

If you are having problems with your back boiler it is more than likely the heating engineers will recommend replacing your boiler to a vary of different types of boilers which are highly efficient.

For example: with the “Baxi back boilers” due to the age of this heating system parts that the boiler requires are no longer available to renew with, or once one part deteriorates it is quite common the other parts will follow.

At boiler central you can fill in your details to get a fixed price there and then, or you can go on live chat to speak to an advisor to help with any queries you may have.

Back Boiler Removal Costs Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

First things first, having your back boiler removed.. This usually costs anything from £650-£900.

This price will include removal of the boiler and capping pipework.

More importantly, the back boiler and pipework needs to be decommissioned.

Back Boiler Replacement Costs

Usually back boiler replacements are called system upgrades.

A system upgrade is basically what it says “converting one central heating system to another”.

In this situation this would be converting your back boiler heating system, into an energy efficient, environmentally friendly and money saving boiler. Win win!!

This energy could be gas, LPG, electric, or oil fuelled.

The boiler system could be: Regular boiler also known as a traditional or conventional boiler, a system, or combi.

The Cost Of Replacing A Back Boiler With A Combi Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

If you was swapping a back boiler for a A rated combi boiler in a house with up to 3 bedrooms, expect to pay anything up to £3000.

Remember at boiler central they offer 3 different payment options to help suit everyone. Nobody deserves to have a cold shower or cold home!

The Cost Of Replacing A Back Boiler With A Regular, Or System Boiler

The cost of replacing the back boiler heating system with a regular or system boiler will be similar price to a combi boiler if the same KW boiler is used.

KW is also known as “power”.

Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Replacing A Back Boiler, In A New Location

Unfortunately back boiler replacement cost doesn’t just consist of a new boiler.

All boilers need a flue, to vent gases from the boiler to the outside of the home.

Back boilers flue is through the chimney.

Modern boilers use a horizontal flue (to go through the side of an outside wall) or a vertical flue (to go through your roof).

You would need to find a new location in your home for the new boiler, the cold water and hot water cylinder which comes as part of the system in some types of boilers.

Quite often kitchen cupboards or the loft are used to store the new central heating system.

Most boilers are made to be quite compact and not so ugly on the eye in this day and age.

A typical example with the name is the: Worcester CDI Compact range.

More often than not you should expect to pay an additional cost up to £600 to move your boiler to a new location during installation. You can find out this cost by speaking to boiler central.


Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler QuotesBack Boiler Replacement Costs (Full Central Heating Installation)

There are plenty of properties that would benefit from a full central heating installation revamp.

Remember, pipework that is in place is as old as the back boiler, likely 40-50 years old.

So, how much does back boiler replacement cost, including all pipework?

That’s not a simple question to answer. How long is a piece of string…

The price will vary from property to property.

As an example:

A typical 3-4 bedroom property with 8-10 radiators, pipework, and an A-Rated combination boiler, is likely to cost anything up to £5,000.

The size and type of boiler, the size of the radiators and the laying of pipework will all add into the final price of the central heating system.

Additional pipework would be needed if you went for a system boiler which includes a hot water cylinder.

Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Additional Costs For Regular And System Boilers

Regular and system boilers have additional components, cylinders and hot water tanks.

These boilers have extra components to help larger homes receive the amount of hot water and heating they need to run the home effectively and efficiently, this gives them the ” A rated efficiency rating”.

Usually if these components need replacing or upgrading, this will be at an additional cost.

How To Get Your Back Boiler Replaced, At A Competitive Price

To get a price on back boiler replacement, go to boiler central, fill in specifically the details of the property and you will be able to get a fixed price within 20 seconds. Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

What To Check With Your Engineer When They Come To Quote

Replacing a back boiler is a large investment which should last up to 15 years.

As we’ve mentioned above, each property is different, you need to ensure you get the correct advise and the most suitable boiler for you, at boiler central we will do exactly that for you.

One of the most cost effective ways to get a back boiler replaced and upgraded to a combi boiler is boiler central.

Given they offer the longest warranty in the Uk is a great piece of mind that you are purchasing quality.

Boiler central installation prices are some of the best prices you will find on the market for top quality products and also for some of the best Gas Safe registered engineers who will be doing the fitting for you, you will have the best boiler installed to suit you and your family. Back Boiler Replacement Prices & Cost Guide Compare Boiler Quotes


Hopefully our back-boiler replacement cost guide was of some help.

If you have any questions regarding back boiler replacement, or any other boiler queries please go to boiler central, fill in our contact form and an advisor will contact you as soon as possible.

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