• August 3, 2020

New Boiler: Guide, New Boiler Quotes & Basic Tips.

New Boiler: Guide, New Boiler Quotes & Basic Tips.

New Boiler: Guide, New Boiler Quotes & Basic Tips. 150 150

New Boiler: Guide, New Boiler Quotes & Basic Tips. Compare Boiler Quotes

New Boiler? If your heating engineer or plumber has uttered those two words, you may be dreading the quote you are about to receive. If your boiler is broken, or in many cases too old to repair, you are going to need a new boiler quote.

Afterall, you don’t want to be without hot water or central heating, right? Who wants a cold shower or bath? Or cold radiators in winter. No one, but the daunting experience of buying a new boiler needs to be properly demystified and today we’re here to provide some simple, basic new boiler tips and information.

Much of the details below may seem redundant to many people, however there are hundreds of thousands of our fellow Britons out there who have very little knowledge of new boilers or getting a new boiler quote

Most people don’t even consider how their boiler functions and we’ve encountered many customers who don’t even know where their boiler is located in their home. Normally, you just turn on your heating and wait for it to come on, or run the bath expecting almost instant hot water as always. Life doesn’t always work like this however, and if your current boiler system is not working to par, or not at all then please look below at our simple new boiler and new boiler quote tips. 


New Boiler Cost


New Boiler: Guide, New Boiler Quotes & Basic Tips. Compare Boiler QuotesThe cost of a new boiler depends on several factors, including the type of boiler you want to buy, whether you already have a similar type of system or not, and where you want your new boiler installed.

 Each company has its own prices and overheads they need to factor in, so it is important to look around and compare as many deals as possible. Larger corporations such as British Gas prices are often higher by several hundred pounds when compared to smaller installers. 

You can still pay for the installation of a boiler without compromising the quality of the brand you need or want by simply choosing a smaller company.. 


New Boiler Cost Pricing


The cost of a boiler can also vary considerably depending on where you live, how much work is required and who does the work. Let’s say your engineer installs a new condensing boiler with minimal pipe changes. In this scenario, you can expect to pay anywhere from £1800-£2500. If you do not wish to buy the boiler separately, your installer can tell you the price for the boiler installation on its own. You will pay up to £1000 for the average boiler install. 


Other New Boiler Costs and Advice:


New Boiler: Guide, New Boiler Quotes & Basic Tips. Compare Boiler Quotes
However, we also warn that you may also need to set aside some money to lay pipes for certain jobs. Especially if you need to move your boiler to a new location or are switching from one type of boiler to another. 

Normally, you should start investigating a new boiler quote when a repair bill for a £500 or more is due. Note that boilers that are under warranty usually last at least three years, with a warranty period of up to five years. (Boiler Central however have an amazing 15 year warranty on new viessmann boiler installations)

Not to mention that there are studies showing that a new A-rated boiler could save up to £305 per year in energy. The replacement of the boiler can pay for itself in less than two years through the increased efficiency alone.  

Heating costs are one of the biggest expenses in the household, especially if you use an old boiler. If your boiler is broken or old (10 years or more), you could save money by upgrading to a new energy-efficient boiler! 

This quick form allows you to check the costs of installing the boiler with all the necessary personalised home details. 

A new boiler can cut your annual energy bill by up to 20%, so it’s vital to make sure you get the best deal for a new boiler so you can make money back. 

By filling out the form above you will be sure to get an exact quote from local suppliers so you can receive the latest combi boiler prices. We show you what it costs to install your boiler and what additional extras you need to spend your money on to get an efficient new boiler quote for your home. 


Average New Boiler Cost


New Boiler: Guide, New Boiler Quotes & Basic Tips. Compare Boiler QuotesThe average cost of buying and installing a boiler in England and Wales for a new boiler with a Gas Safe rating is around £1,900. Boiler Central and Compare Boiler Quotes works with experienced, gas-safe certified installers and we have worked with families and businesses to perform our installation across the UK. 

Our quote service is free of charge and homeowners who work with our partner installers can get the cheapest combined boiler deals, as many of our users have reported. We are happy to accept any challenge as your preferred partner installer may make sure our services are of high quality, with neat, tidy work and you only pay once the job is completed. 


The New Boiler Cost: The Cost of the Separate Boiler


New Boiler: Guide, New Boiler Quotes & Basic Tips. Compare Boiler QuotesThe average cost of a new boiler will be between £500 and £2500, but that depends on the type of boiler, the KWH size, and the manufacturer. We can help you find the best new boilers by using our preferred supplier, getting a discount on the supply should you require this. 

Together with the installer, it is really important that you choose the boiler that is best suited for your specific home. If you are looking for a new high performance boiler, it will cost more, require less maintenance, have a longer service life, be more energy efficient and cost you less in the long term. 

If you are looking for a combi boiler, you can further reduce your gas bill by choosing a boiler from one of the top four suppliers in the UK with a price range from £475 to £1425. The average cost of a 24-27 kW combined boiler supplied by the largest supplier of new boilers in England and Wales ranges from £475 to £2,450, although this is subject to vary depending on your location in the country, the availability and the type of system.




Although this is a rough and simple guide to new boilers and new boiler quotes, it is there for the rudimentary information. For those who have no idea about new boilers and getting a new boiler quote, the best advice we can give is to get a custom new boiler quote for your home. This way, the best suitable sized boiler to cope with the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms you have is offered to you at the best possible price with the best possible warranty. Our 15 year warranties are industry leading in the UK and are a testament to the quality and reliability of the boilers.

Stay tuned for more useful information and feel free to contact us for more advice or questions you may have.

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