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  • April 29, 2020

Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boiler Reviews

Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boiler Reviews

Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boiler Reviews 150 150

Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boiler ReviewsIdeal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boiler Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

Ideal Boilers have been around for over a century.

Founded in 1906, the company has more experience than most when it comes to the knowledge and experience required to provide a home with what’s necessary.

They’re one of the leaders of the industry and continue to provide high-quality service, rated boilers and technology when called upon. They offer a wide range of Combi boilers, System boilers and Regular boilers.

Their accolades include receiving the Queen’s Award in 2013, and being recognised for their work by Good Housekeeping by being in 2013 & 2017.

When it comes to their boilers, the Ideal Logic Plus editions are some of the company’s best-selling products.

Let’s delve into the 24kW and 30kW gas boiler models and take a close look at what they can offer:

Will The Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boilers Be Suitable For My Home?

Before you make any hasty decisions, it’s wise to consult a professional first as they’ll be able to tell you what would fit your home perfectly.

If you’re in a smaller home with little demand for heating and hot water, then the 24kW would be ideal.

The central heating output of 24kW and flow rate of 9.9 litres per minute makes it perfect for a more modest abode.

A slightly larger home may be required in order to match the logic plus 30kW boiler.

If your home has an excessive demand for hot water, then you might want to opt for 35kW combi boiler or something similarly powerful.

Both Ideal Logic Plus boilers can brag about their quietness – the volume is an important aspect as customers do not want to deal with unnecessary noise.

Heating Controls Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boiler Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

Both boilers in the Ideal logic range come with some handy equipment that makes using them a comfortable experience.

The 24kW heating system comes with a standard control panel, featuring mechanical dials and an easy-to-use digital interface.

The display is used to show faults that can be later diagnosed and fixed by a professional.

All of the heating controls are easy to find and not obstructed in any way, so you wouldn’t miss out on any commands that are hidden at the back or behind a secret door.

Customers have the option to add further controls such as different thermostats and an Ideal Weather Compensation kit (frost protection).

The 30kW comes with a radio-frequency electronic programmer.

This is a simple-to-use, seven-day programmer that allows you to control your heating and water from a single dashboard.

You can also choose to have ‘holiday mode’ and you have the option of being able to set your boiler to preheat at certain times.

An outdoor sensor is also an added accessory, whereby the outside temperature is monitored. As the outside temperature adjusts, so does the flow temperature of the water inside the property.

How Big Are The Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boilers?Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boiler Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

Both boilers are modest sizes and won’t give the customers any problems in terms of being overwhelming.

At 700x395x278mm, it can fit into a standard kitchen cupboard or something of a similar nature.

What Kind Of Home(s) Are They Best Suited To?

The 24kW boiler is best suited to a smaller home, as mentioned previously.

Up to around three bedrooms, with one bathroom, should be good for this make.

A house that contains four bedrooms and two bathrooms is a typical home for the 30kW version.

If you reside in anything larger than these two, then you’ll probably need to look at the 35kW or something along those lines.

How Long Are The Warranties On The Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boilers? Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boiler Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

Ideal offer their customers a no-hassle, seven year warranty on their Logic Plus range, so both boilers will come under those terms.

The warranty includes both parts and labour, so customers can be assured that pretty much all bases are covered.

There are also extended warranty options available to customers should they feel the need to delve deeper.

Ideal is, of course, based in the UK, so getting the necessary parts should not be too much of an issue. This makes the repair and maintenance of each product a pretty smooth job.

In order to take full advantage of the warranty, it is advised that you register your boiler within thirty days.

Energy Efficiency Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boiler Reviews Compare Boiler Quotes

All customers would like to get more for less, and the Ideal Logic Plus boilers provide just that.

After the ErP directive was introduced to reduce carbon emissions, every energy product manufactured is put through rigorous testing.

The Logic Plus boilers received an efficiency rating score of 94% ErP rating – a fantastic result for energy savings.

How Much Do The Ideal Logic Plus 24kW And 30kW Boilers Cost?

For just the products themselves, the 24kW and 30kW boilers are around £850 and £775, respectively – including VAT. When it comes to typical installation costs, they could rise to £1,000, but usually between £500 and £750.

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