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Boiler Replacement and New Boiler

New boiler and boiler replacement guide for UK homes

A boiler is an expensive investment, but they can help you to save money and get the efficient heating system that you need to keep yourself snug all year round. Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

In the cold weather, you can really feel the need for a reliable boiler. An old boiler might not give you the quick, efficient heating and warm water that you need. Choosing a new boiler can be a bit of a mine field if you don’t know what you are looking for but we’re here to help.

Even in the summer, you need a reliable boiler, and if your old boiler isn’t working then you’ll soon notice. Summer is actually one of the best times to consider buying a new boiler, so you should review the options available during the warmer months.

With so many options to consider when getting a boiler replacement, it can feel overwhelming and make you want to put the task off until later. Instead, check out this guide to replacing your heating solution from the boiler installation and finance experts at Compare Boiler Quotes.

Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler QuotesDo You Need A New Boiler Or Boiler Replacement?

Before you start researching new boilers for your home, you need to consider if you actually need to get your boiler replaced.

This is a big decision, as a new boiler can cost a lot of money and take time and effort to research if you want to find the right one. Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

When deciding on whether you should replace your boiler, the key is to think about how long you’ve had your old boiler.

Most boilers last between 10 and 15 years, so if your boiler is older than that, then it might be time to get a new boiler installed in your home.

If you buy a new boiler every decade, you have access to the latest boiler technology. Also, you could save money on your heating bills and the cost of servicing and repairing your old boiler. A new, efficient boiler could also help you to improve your carbon footprint too.

Newer boilers should run efficiently, but if yours breaks down regularly or is wasting a lot of energy, then it could be time to consider an upgrade.

What Type Of New Repacement Boiler Should You Choose?

Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

Another consideration that you must make is the type of boiler that you have currently. If you have the wrong type of solution installed in your home, then it won’t work effectively.

There are 3 main types of boiler that are used in homes across the UK currently:

Combi Boilers

Combination boilers, usually called combi boilers, will heat the water for your heating system or hot water needs immediately, without the need for a water storage tank. The combi boiler takes the water directly from the mains and heats it to the required temperature, before sending it to its destination. These modern boilers are perfect for smaller properties with low heating and hot water requirements. They offer many benefits, including increased reliability and energy savings.

System Boilers

Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

System boilers have a water tank, which stores the hot water until you need it. The hot water tank is usually found in the airing cupboard and allows you to get the water you need until it runs out. These solutions are great for large households with multiple bathrooms and sinks. They’re also easier to install than other boilers, meaning that your new boiler installation will be quicker, more easily, and possibly even cheaper.

Regular Boilers

Also known as a conventional boiler, or a regular or traditional boiler, this system does what it says on the tin. They’re a great combination of a combi boiler and a system boiler’ they have a water tank for storage, but the water from the tank is cold and heated through a cylinder. It’s then sent to the water outlets, such as taps, throughout your home. These solutions are efficient, but they can take up more space. Also, they tend to be older solutions, so you might want to consider an upgrade if you’re replacing your boiler.

Each of these types of boiler has its benefits and disadvantages, so research the options before you consider changing your boiler to a new solution.

Remember, getting an entirely new boiler that’s a different type to your original could mean higher installation costs, so make sure you weigh the cost savings against how much you will have to pay to buy and install your new boiler. Compare different types of boiler to find the right one for your house, then see if you want to invest in changing to the boiler system that suits your property.

Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler QuotesChoosing The Right Boiler For Your Home

Once you’ve decided to get a replacement boiler, it’s time to think about finding the perfect new boiler for your home and lifestyle at the righ price.

It can be tough to choose a new boiler, especially as there are so many different brands on the market today. For peace of mind that you’re choosing the right boiler to suit your needs, you should do your research before you buy a new one. Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

A great way to check out the best new boilers on the market currently, and find the one that suits your home, is to narrow down your search. So, for starters, you should consider making a budget for your new boiler, as well as working out what type of boiler will be the best for your lifestyle.

Then, you can check out the popular brands and read reviews to find the boiler that suits you. Compare Boiler Quotes offers a great range of reviews on our boiler advice page, so you can see the best boilers on the market right now. Many brands offer energy-efficient boilers that will save you money and integrate into your smart home, so you can view your energy consumption online.

We also offer boiler comparison for different types of boiler, such as our combi boiler comparison. As such, you can find the best solution that’s currently available, and you’ll also learn what to look out for in the future.

How To Find The Right New Boiler Replacement Provider

Finding your perfect new boiler is only the start; now you need to know where to buy it. While you might be able to buy your new boiler directly from the manufacturer, they might charge more and you could find a competitive price elsewhere. Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

Try to find a boiler provider that offers you financial services, so that you can get authorised and regulated credit for your boiler.

Manufacturers and other appliance stores tend to have a fixed price for boilers, but if you work with a team like Compare Boiler Quotes, you can get a bespoke boiler quote that suits your property.

Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler QuotesGetting A Quick And Easy Replacement Boiler Quote Online

Our boiler quote is tailored to your needs, so it’s unique to you. We work with a panel of lenders and aim to offer you the quality service you need. You can pay everything at once, or you can make monthly payments when you buy one of our boilers on finance. We don’t have a fixed price, so your quote will be tailored to your specific circumstances. Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

Thanks to our innovative online platform, we can offer you bespoke boiler quotes in minutes. You can get a quote for everything you need; not just the price of the boiler, but also the cost of installation and more.

You can get in touch with a member of our team or you can use our online tool to quickly calculate the cost of your new boiler. From Worcester Bosch to Vaillant and more, we have some of the best boilers on the market today, at competitive prices.

We also offer installations from Gas Safe engineers, so you won’t have to do anything. Just use our efficient online tool and we’ll take care of the rest.

Consider Getting Boiler Insurance

Getting a new boiler is an exciting process, but the cost of the product itself isn’t the only factor that you need to consider. You also need to find an insurance provider that will ensure that if something goes wrong with your new boiler, and it’s out of warranty, then you’re covered.

In some cases, your boiler might be covered by your insurance policy, but you must check your policy. If it doesn’t cover boiler repairs, then you need to take out dedicated boiler insurance.

Boiler cover could save you hundreds of pounds on the cost of repairing your boiler when it breaks. You can compare boiler insurance cover and find the right policy that works for you. There’s no fixed price for boiler cover, and it could range in price, so take the time to research the options you have before you make your decision. Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

Check what you’re getting in your policy, as well as the price so that you can find the right boiler cover for your property. Some policies include the cost of annual servicing, so review what you get and make sure you get everything you need.


A new boiler might seem like an extravagant investment, particularly during these challenging times. However, it could save you a lot of money in the long run, so it’s worth looking into if you feel that your original boiler isn’t running effectively.

If you’re building your own home or choosing a new build with the option to get a new boiler that you choose, then you should explore all the options on the market to find the best one for your new home.

This article should help you to understand everything you need to consider when buying a new boiler in England and Wales or throughout the UK.

For more info on how to replace your boiler, check out our blog, which contains a range of information on boilers and boiler installation.

Thanks for reading and we hope this post has been informative! If you need more information or want to talk to one of our experienced team members, then get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist. Hopefully, this is the start of an exciting journey towards a beautiful new boiler.

Boiler Replacement and New Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

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