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Viessmann Boiler Service Cost & Booking A Service Guide

Viessmann boiler servicing costs, what’s included and how to book

Getting an annual boiler service is vital for the health of your boiler as it can be monitored and kept in great condition.

Viessmann Boiler Service Cost & Booking A Service Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

A Viessmann boiler service is no different as one of the top brands for boilers with top quality products, these require servicing to continue to meet the hot water needs in your household effectively and efficiently.

Viessmann boiler service costs vary however if you want to book a service for your Viessmann boiler now, simply click book my service to choose a date that suits you online.

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What is a Viessmann boiler service?

A Viessmann boiler service means that at least once a year, an engineer will come out to your property and check to see if your boiler is running efficiently.

They will look at the Viessmann boilers components to make sure they are all in the best shape possible or if they need repair, they will then produce a report of each part to let you know if there is anything wrong with your boiler and, if so, what it is.

Viessmann Boiler Service Cost & Booking A Service Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Once this is done, gas-safe registered engineers will fix the boiler, which can be covered by a Viessmann boiler warranty if you have it. A boiler warranty helps cover any repairs or part replacement that your boiler might require, rather than pay for individual parts and fitting every time it might need it.

As part of their terms and conditions, Viessmann state that you must get your boiler serviced every year to keep that warranty valid.

Should your boiler be beyond repair and need replacing instead, however, it is likely that your boiler warranty won’t cover this and you may instead need to purchase a replacement boiler instead.

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What is included in Viessmann boiler service?

Visual inspection

When your Viessmann boiler gets serviced, what usually happens is an engineer will come to your property and first, look at the outside of your boiler, ensuring there is no external damage and that all the electrics are intact which could be shown by lights on the cover.

Check of internal components

After that, the internal components are then put under inspection to see if there are any potential issues with them that need repairing. This will include parts like the pilot light and the main burner, as the boiler won’t be running efficiently if these pieces are broken or damaged.

Check of external components

The boiler engineer will then move on to inspecting the boiler pipes and the flue, to make sure there aren’t any blockages or leaks. Your boiler will then be fired up so that the engineer can see how it operates and finally, a report is produced involving all the parts of your boiler and the condition that they’re in.

Repair any problems if there are any

Viessmann Boiler Service Cost & Booking A Service Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

If there are any potential problems with your Viessmann boiler, your Gas Safe registered engineer will proceed to make any necessary repairs so it is back up and running again. This shouldn’t bring any extra costs given you have boiler warranty, as the replacement parts and installation will be covered by this.

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How long does a Viessmann boiler service take?

Most services usually take from 30 minutes to an hour, but depending on certain factors, it can take even longer, sometimes up to 2 hours. Of course, Viessmann boiler service may take longer if you have a system boiler, for example, as the engineer will have to inspect the tank as well so there isn’t any damage to it, which could potentially cause something like a gas leak to happen.

It will also take longer if you have a boiler cover plan that covers more than just boilers, such as looking at your radiators or central heating systems.

Viessmann boiler service cost

A Viessmann boiler service costs between £80-£125, as this varies based on a number of different factors. Where you are located in the UK will help determine the price, as the hourly rate can increase and decrease based on where you are.

Viessmann Boiler Service Cost & Booking A Service Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

What model of Viessmann boiler you have can also change the price of the service, more advanced or bigger models may be more expensive than others.

Winter annual Viessman boiler servicing will be more expensive than the likes of summer and spring as these will be the coldest months of the year and, therefore, the need for heating will be higher.

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Viessmann service prices and getting the cheapest option

The best thing to do is to always get a range of Viessmann service prices to compare between.

Going to boiler companies in your local area will likely be cheaper than going straight to companies like Viessmann, as they may charge a standard premium on top of the service charge or it may be a good idea to get a boiler cover plan that includes a free annual boiler service.

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Viessmann boiler warranty

Viessmann Boiler Service Cost & Booking A Service Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Boiler warranties for Viessmann boilers are a very handy thing to have, as they help cover any parts or repairs that you might need when you get your boiler serviced.

Most are very reasonably priced and will save you money long-term rather than spend a lot on costly repairs.

Viessmann warranties are usually given for around 10-12 years for most of their popular models such as the Viessmann Vitodens 100-w, which is the majority of the boiler’s lifespan, so you can regularly get it serviced without worrying about spending too much for nothing.

Getting a Viesmmann service every year is part of their terms and conditions.

See the latest boiler prices in the UK for the best warranties too.

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Viessmann boiler service FAQs

How important is Viessmann boiler service?

Viessmann Boiler Service Cost & Booking A Service Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

Getting service for your boiler regularly is important for the boiler to be as efficient as it can be, as any damage to the boiler may cause it to not work properly, which would mean a struggle to get hot water. Also, it is important for the safety of all the residents in your household due to potentially having gas or carbon monoxide leaks, that can cause harm to people.

A lot of boiler companies are likely to invalidate your boiler cover if you don’t get your annual boiler service, giving you another reason to regularly get it done and save money as a result.

What is covered in Viessmann boiler service?

The most basic boiler warranty plans will mean that everything that is considered part of your actual boiler will have safety checks and be inspected, but there are options to get more done if you wish. Other plans may also involve being able to get checks on different heating appliances such as your gas supply line, your radiators and even roofing and security in some cases.

You can often get fault codes on your Viessmann Boiler, such as the Viessmann F2 fault code. Getting boiler service around this time can be a good idea if your boiler is broken and in need of repair so that the rest of your boiler is also examined.

Be sure to check out the different plans on Boiler Central to see which one suits you the best!

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Get your Viessmann boiler service

Viessmann Boiler Service Cost & Booking A Service Guide Compare Boiler Quotes

As we have now established, getting regular annual service for your Viessmann boiler is vital for its health, your finances and your safety. Make sure that if you think your boiler may have some damage, book a service for your boiler and get a professional engineer to come out and look at it for you.

You can get the cost of a boiler service and boiler cover at Boiler Central, who offers great plans for even better prices, so be sure to check them out if you ever need your Viessmann boiler serviced.

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