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  • April 21, 2020

Keeping Your House Warm

Keeping Your House Warm

Keeping Your House Warm 150 150

Keeping your house warm Keeping Your House Warm Compare Boiler Quotes

Is your house starting to feel like it’s going cold after turning the heating off? Here are some suggestions which are cheap and easy to implement when keeping your house warm.

Bleed the radiators

If your radiators do not feel as hot as you think they should be, it might be because they need bleeding.

Air occasionally gets trapped at the top of your radiators, this will prevent them from heating up properly. When you release the trapped air, it means that more heat can be produced for your home.

Use a radiator key to turn the valve at the top. You’ll know it’s working when you here the air hissing, when you see the first bit of water come out, stop turning and tighten up the valve again. make sure you don’t let anything spill so hold a cloth underneath the key. If you don’t have a radiator key then you can go to a DIY shop and pick one up easily and cheaply.

Reduce heat escaping through the walls Keeping Your House Warm Compare Boiler Quotes

Radiators aren’t the best at pointing heat inside your home, some warmth produced is lost through whatever wall they’re attached to.

If you can reflect the heat you’ll usually find that your room will heat up much more quickly and meaning you may not have to keep the heating on for as long as you usually would. Which would save you money on your energy bills.

To do this all you need is some cardboard that will fit between your wall and radiator, along with tin foil to cover one side of it. By putting this at the back of your radiator, heat that would be lost should reflect back into the room.

Warm your feet Keeping Your House Warm Compare Boiler Quotes

Heat can escape everywhere, especially from under your feet. If your home has a wooden floor, it may feel cool in the summer when it’s warm outside. But in Winter it can be a cold surface to walk on.

Covering the floor with rugs means you can keep more heat in the room. Rugs are also much softer and warmer to walk on during Winter. You can buy a rug from almost anywhere and it won’t cost much. Consider putting rugs down where you walk and sit regularly.

Patch up draughts

Are you feeling a draught from somewhere? Maybe it’s from a window or a door, especially if you don’t have a hall to act as a barrier. A draught can be fixed quickly and cheaply.

It doesn’t cost much, but you can buy some draught tape from a DIY shop that will help insulate your windows and doors. You’ll be preventing chills from entering the house. Simply tape where windows meet their frames, the same goes for doors, just be sure you have cleaned the surface to ensure a good bond.

Arrange a boiler service Keeping Your House Warm Compare Boiler Quotes

To make sure your home is as warm as possible, and that your are able to save money on bills, it’s a great idea to arrange an annual boiler service. That way you know that your boiler will be able to cope with the Winter season.

When the boiler is heating your home efficiently, you’ll be much more comfortable and may even save money on your heating bills. A service will give you peace of mind that your boiler has been checked for any faults. You can’t service your boiler by yourself, you need a Gas Safe Registered engineer to do it for you.

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