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LPG Boiler Installation UK: What are LPG Boilers?

LPG Boiler Installation

Compare LPG Boiler Installation & Prices UK

LPG Boiler Installation UK: What are LPG Boilers? Compare Boiler Quotes

Sometimes we may need to find alternatives to heat our home and hot water and LPG boiler installations are one of the top options in the UK

4 million homes in the UK don’t have access to the main gas grid and 1.3 million homes are using alternative fuels to heat and have hot water in their properties.

This is quite a large market so efficient alternatives are always welcome and LPG is one of the best. 

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LPG Boilers and Installation UK:

Many combi boilers in the market in the UK have LPG alternatives on the same model types.

From Worcester-Bosch to Viessmann and Ideal, they all have efficient and alternative fuel systems available so there isn’t a small range of systems. 

LPG boilers allow you to control your heating efficiency and make sure you always have enough hot water from your faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. You can bring the fuel (LPG) to your home and store it in a tank, or have a dedicated LPG supply. 

How Do LPG Boilers Work?

LPG boilers are similar to oil boilers as they are a good option for off-the-grid households in the UK. LPG boilers work in a similar way to oil boilers, except that they need to extract and burn the fuel to heat the water sent to the radiator or tap. Only a few of them use different types of fuel to get the boiler running, so if you choose a fuel oil or LPG boiler, make sure the model is LPG compatible.

The main difference is that the fuel used is stored locally and not off the grid, making it more fluctuating LPG supply price. This is something to consider when having a new LPG boiler installed.

Another advantage of LPG is that it can be used as fuel for furnaces and gas fires, while heating oil is much more limited to boilers. The fuel is used to heat the water in the boiler, which can then be used to heat the house via central heating. LPG can also be used for a number of other purposes such as heating and cooling, as well as cooking and outdoor heating. 

LPG Conversion Kits For Combi Boilers

Gas and LPG boilers are almost identical in design and functionality but must be manufactured separately by the boiler companies due to varying fuel sources.

The gas-fired combined boiler must be converted to an LPG-gas combined boiler, and as it is, the manufacturer is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of both boilers and now provide higher warranties for most boiler systems in order to keep true to this. 

LPG Boiler Installer Cost:

The cost of an LPG boiler install will vary, but the main gas is certainly the cheapest of the three fuels, and the savings can be substantial compared to the cost of electricity for heating. The price per kWh is usually higher than the price of one-kilowatt hour (kWh) of gas in the UK, so the savings are considerable on gas to LPG when compared with the cost of electricity and heating. 

The savings come from the higher efficiency in LPG making the LPG boilers comparable in annual costs when you factor in this efficiency.

LPG Combi Boiler Quotes

You can get free quotes for 3 top boilers in your area by filling out our enquiry form to find out exactly how much your new LPG boiler will cost you. See our boiler quote calculator for more information.

Find out which is the best combi boiler and compare it to other brands and their LPG alternatives.

This example shows the approximate price range, including installation costs. Remember that you need a liquefied gas tank, which can be stored either in the garden or on the ground, depending on your preference.

We have compared how much it would cost to buy an LPG-gas boiler from all the major online retailers. 

The unit cost of LPG is more expensive than oil, but the installation costs are much lower than those of a heating oil boiler systems, and the supply of the tank can be purchased at a much lower cost than a conventional gas tank or gas stove.

Compared to using fuel oil, these boilers are smaller, cheaper, and do not require as much maintenance. In terms of operating costs, while LNG is more than twice as expensive as oil, it is also a more efficient fuel, so you may find that you are actually reducing your heating costs, especially if you replace an older, less efficient boiler with a varietal or condensation model.

LPG Boiler Cost

The average cost of an LPG boiler is usually between £600 and £2,000, and the tank must be rented from a supplier and serviced annually. The cost of gas is expensive compared to the main gas, but switching to a liquefied natural gas provider is easy so you can compare prices and stick with the cheapest provider. 

Electrically heated boilers will save you considerable costs on your initial investment in the long term, compared to a gas-heated boiler, but not as much as an LPG boiler. 

For LPG boilers installation costs, the total labour costs are between £650 and £1,450 on average in the UK, depending on the requirements. 

This is dependent on the ease of installation, and the work can take 1-2 days without the need for additional piping. 

LPG boiler systems work in a similar way to gas systems and heat the central heating in your home through a radiator with an efficient heat exchanger. LPG boilers can supply central heating and hot water to households among the 4 million in Britain who are not connected to the grid. The average cost of owning a well-insulated semi-detached house with an LPG boiler is around £720 a year. 

LPG VS Oil Boilers

LPG Vs Oil Boilers: Oil boilers undoubtedly have their advantages, but what you may not know is that LPG boilers are cheaper to buy and produce fewer carbon emissions than gas boiler systems. So when the inevitable day comes when you need to replace your oil boiler, an LPG-gas boiler might be a better option.

LPG Boiler Installation – Conclusion

You are already saving money if you choose and use an LPG boiler, but what about the cost of your new LPG boiler system?

The costs vary, but we know this is the same for all boiler types and vary according to the type of boiler.

 A Worcester LPG boiler can cost more than a cheap combi boiler, but it is certainly more efficient and certainly better built, which means it should be more reliable.

Simply put, if you choose LPG central heating, you will receive the same price as the combi alternative, but at a lower cost in running and efficiency.

The price of a litre of liquefied natural gas is more expensive than the equivalent amount of gas, but the unit actually converts more heat and less gas is wasted to power it. The efficiency of an LPG boiler is much higher, which means that you save on your heating costs. Even greater savings can be achieved by replacing an old oil boiler with a new LNG boiler or even a newer gas boiler. 

LPG boilers are more efficient and their efficiency exceeds that of oil boilers.

This is great for reducing your energy costs, but it is also good news for the environment and it is also a great thing for your health and well-being.

Thanks again for reading and we hope our information helped you on your journey to a new boiler quote.

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