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How Long Can a Combi Boiler Flue be

How Long Can a Combi Boiler Flue be

How Long Can a Combi Boiler Flue be 150 150 Myles Robinson

How Long Can a Combi Boiler Flue be 

Every boiler needs a flue to get the steam, smoke or heat out of the house.

A well flue system is very crucial to run a boiler safely. For safety and health concern, the whole flue should be furnished well with the home set up.

If you are going to buy a boiler, then you need to know about the flue system. There is a definitive guideline:

“how you can choose a boiler flue and what will be its cost and what kind flue should you choose.”


What is a flue 

A flue is a system of passing heat and toxic gases from the inside of a home to the outside.

A tube or pipe connected to the boiler system at the beginning and ended at the outside of a house, passes exhausted gases through itself, named commonly as a flue.


 Classification of flues:

Two types of flues are common now. They are:

1.   Horizontal flue

2.   Vertical flue

1.   Horizontal flue: A boiler flue, most common in the UK, comes outside of a house drilling into a external wall is called horizontal flue. This flue comes out of a house from the boiler to the outer wall straightly.

2.   Vertical flue: A flue, exits through the roof or loft is called a vertical flue. To install this flue, extra money will be needed as it demands maximum length and extra work to be done.


What is a Combi boiler flue 

Like other boilers, Combi boiler also need a flue to pass its steam, carbon-dioxide and carbon monoxide. The flue is connected to the main system of boiler and goes outside of the house through the roof or wall.


Do you need a boiler flue 

If you have a boiler, you must need a boiler flue pipe. Whether your boiler is condensing, combi or system.

The question is not valid here, the fact is – you need a boiler flue.

Depending on your boiler type, size or working system will define the flue position.


Boiler flue regulations 

All kinds of boilers produce steam, carbon-dioxide and carbon monoxide. These substances are highly harmful and toxic. If the users don’t use the flue system properly, fatal health injuries can be caused.

The government felt to form a regulation to ensure public health and safety was covered. This regulation fixes the way of using a flue.

60cm distance is needed between your boiler flue starting and ending and 2.1 distance from the ground, according to the new regulation.


What to consider before choosing flue shape 

Round and square shaped flues are common now. They are different in size and cost also.

·      Round flue: The flue which is round in size is called round flue. Round flue is a modern type of flue which work with 22mm pipe, according to the new regulation.

·      Square flue: Old types of flue. Square shaped flues are called square flue. Installation cost is a little higher than round shaped ones.

·      Home area: Fix the output of flue according to your total home are.

·      Distance from bedroom and window:  Your boiler and flue should be placed at proper distance from the bedroom and window.


How long can a flue be for a Combi boiler 

Your home infrastructure will play a vital role to fix your Combi boiler flue length.

You should go through a plan, talk to your boiler engineer, which specific place is suitable for your boiler installation. Which place will be set as your target; your boiler flue will be in length from there? Choose your flue shape and flue type wisely, because it will be your long-term investment to your family


Why do you need to know about a flue 

When you have decided to install a boiler, it will be a long-term investment in your family. It will demand you a remarkable cost. Safety of family and energy efficiency all will be your concern before the installation of a boiler.

Flue is one of the most needed organs of a boiler and for this you need to understand the whole installing, servicing and cost of installing flue.

Heating engineers will advice which is the best boiler and flue for your needs.


Cost of Combi boiler flue 

According to your flue installing elements, flue length, flue shape, outside of the flue (vertical or horizontal),

Combi boiler flue will cost on average from £100 – £200 or little higher at times due to energy bills .

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