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Ideal Logic Combi 24kw Review: The Boiler, Price & Warranty.

Ideal logic C24 review

Ideal Logic Combi 24kw Review: The Boiler, Price &  Warranty. Compare Boiler Quotes

Ideal Logic C24 Combi boiler Review 2023

Thanks for stopping by our website and looking at our boiler reviews. We’re back again today with another informative review of a fantastic boiler system.

Compare Boiler Quotes is making it our mission to review the latest and greatest boiler systems available in the UK. From the best of the best to the worst of the worst, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to. 

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Comparing the Ideal Logic C24 Combi Boiler

We have looked at hundreds of boiler systems over the past several years. Boilers in all categories such as regular, system, combi, oil, and electric systems so chances are we’ve looked at the system you’re interested in.

Ideal Logic Combi 24kw Review: The Boiler, Price &  Warranty. Compare Boiler QuotesWe realise that buying a new boiler can be a daunting and confusing experience which is why we’re here to delve into the nitty-gritty and present you with only the salient points of each new boiler system. 

Today, we are looking at another mid range affordable system from Ideal. We love the Ideal brand and pricing and enjoyed reviewing their other boiler systems but how does this boiler stack up against the competition? Let’s take a look and find out. 

Who are Ideal?

Ideal Boilers is one of the more recognisable boiler companies in the UK and many homes will be fitted with an Ideal boiler. They are a Yorkshire-built boiler company and they were founded in 1906.Ideal Logic Combi 24kw Review: The Boiler, Price &  Warranty. Compare Boiler Quotes

They have almost 125 years of boiler manufacturing experience and are certainly capable of providing the best quality boilers to their customers. According to their website and marketing literature, Ideal is continually working to meet ever-changing domestic heating needs. 

During the peak of the industrial revolution, Ideal boilers became adapted from basements to kitchens in the 1920s.  Ideal boilers were integral in the pioneering of high-efficiency technologies. They are working hard to continually deliver reliable products designed with you, the customer in mind.

The company always remains true to its founding principles of quality, innovation and value . They build on this rich heritage and hope to continue their innovative ways for generations to come. 

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That’s just a snippet on the company, but what about the Ideal Logic Combi 24? Let’s take a look at it’s core features:

 Ideal Logic Combi 24 Features

Ideal Logic Combi 24kw Review: The Boiler, Price &  Warranty. Compare Boiler QuotesThe Ideal Logic Combi 24 (now referred to as the Ideal Logic Combi + C24) comes with a heating output of 24.2kW.  This allows the system to heat up to 10 radiators at once.

One of the main features of this particular boiler is its fully modulated operation for low outputs.

What does this mean? Well, it means that it will only power and burn fuel for the number of radiators you need heating, so if you only need half of your radiators heating, it will modulate for 5 radiators, saving you fuel and money!

24kw output

The hot water output of the logic combi 24 ( Logic+ C24) is 24.2kW as standard. The water flow rate is quite good for a small system at 9.9l/m. What size home does this make the boiler perfect for? Well, in our experience this type of heating and hot water output will be perfect for 1-3 bedroom apartments and small homes. It is perfect for providing hot water to showers. However, this boiler will take a while to fill a standard bathtub so you may be better off with the 30kw Ideal Logic Combi Boiler if you want to fill a bath in a quicker time. 

The Ideal Logic Combi 24 boiler also comes with an easy-to-read pressure gauge, a low lift weight, and built-in frost protection. This system amazingly, has a built-in bypass and filling loop! Something that would cost you extra on most other boilers in the UK. 

The Ideal Logic range is rated as one of the best combi boilers in the UK year in and year out.

Logic C24 Sizing:

This boiler measures in at 700mm x 395mm x 278mm, making The Ideal Logic Combi 24 (C24) a small and compact boiler. Therefore, if you have limited space, you may be very happy to have the option to fit it in a kitchen cupboard and out of sight.

Logic C24 Features at a Glance:

Ideal Logic Combi 24kw Review: The Boiler, Price &  Warranty. Compare Boiler Quotes

  • Band Rating: A Rated
  • ERP Rating: A Heat A Water
  • Efficiency Rating: 94%
  • Standard Warranty: 7 years
  • Central Heating Max. Output: 24kW
  • Flow Rate: 9.9 l/min
  • LPG Compatible: Yes
  • Mounting: Wall Mounted
  • Typical Price: (inc VAT) £800
  • Typical installation Cost: (inc VAT)* £500 – £1,000
  • Total Average Installed Cost: £1,300 – £1,800


One of our main issues with modern boilers here at Compare Boiler Quotes, is the warranties they offer. Many manufacturers offer a low warranty with the term being extended if you have their system installed by their accredited fitters.

This is why we like to recommend boilers that have a higher standard warranty as it is a plus on the reliability and quality of a system. The Ideal Logic+ range comes with a 7-year guarantee as standard.

That’s a great warranty as standard and right at the top mark when it comes to the competition. I would therefore say that we are certainly happy with the warranty on offer with this system.

Ideal Logic C24 Combi Boiler Review Conclusion:

Ideal Logic Combi 24kw Review: The Boiler, Price &  Warranty. Compare Boiler Quotes

We think this is one of the top boilers for small apartments and homes. For the price of the system installed, we think it is in the top 5 of systems all in all.

We think the efficiency, size, output, price, etc is all positive for this system and the warranty makes it stand out. 

What else would we recommend though? Honestly, we always come down to the systems which we think outperform what we are reviewing and lately, we think the Viessmann systems come out on top. If you looked at a Viessmann Vitodens, 050-W combi boiler instead of this you would have a system with a better heat exchanger, 10 year standard warranty, up to 98% efficiency, and therefore annual heating savings. 

If you are interested in this boiler or are looking at having a boiler quote then please look at our partner site Boiler Central. Simply answer a few questions about your home and they will provide you with a quote calculator, and the best boiler for your home specifically. 

After you have a quote and choose your boiler, you can pay online with flexible financing, book a convenient installation date, and wait for the installation of your next new boiler.

Boiler Central also offers affordable boiler cover which can cover your boiler, and central heating, and even provides an annual boiler service at great service costs with selected plans!

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