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Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi 30kW & 35kW

If you are looking to upgrade to a modern, efficient central heating system that isn’t going to break the bank, the Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi may be the Boiler for you. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi 30kW & 35kW Compare Boiler Quotes

The Boiler, which is ErP A-rated for heating and hot water, is environmentally friendly and will reduce energy bills due to the efficiency is here.

Glow-worm offers controls and accessories which can be added to enhance the performance of your Boiler to the maximum and gives you the option to control your heating and hot water wherever you are.

The Boiler also offers a tremendous lengthy warranty, and it is known to be simple to use.

In the guide below, you will find all the information you need to know about the Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi 30kW & 35kW.


Price of this Boiler:

The price will vary depending on which size output your Gas Safe engineer recommends you need to run your heating and hot water effectively and efficiently.

The larger output will be more expensive than the smaller output. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi 30kW & 35kW Compare Boiler Quotes

The prices will start around £700, always check that the price includes VAT. Still remember it is rare the price consists of installation fees.

If you would prefer a boiler to include installation fees, go to 

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Is this Boiler Suitable for My Home:

The Glow-worm Ultimate3 Gas combination boiler has been manufactured in a modern style to suit homes with three to six bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. The Boiler offers a flow rate of around 12.4 litres per minute, which will heat your house quickly.

Always remember to only use one tap at once to reach the maximum speed of hot water.Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi 30kW & 35kW Compare Boiler Quotes

The good thing with a combi boiler is that they don’t take up extra space with other components included. They do not need a hot water cylinder or a cold water tank like system boilers do. Due to the combi boilers not having the extra parts, they are also an excellent boiler for flats, apartments, and homes with two bedrooms and one bathroom.


Does the Boiler have a High Efficiency:

The Boiler has an efficiency rating of 89.6%, which gives it an ErP A rating. The A rating instantly tells you this is an efficient boiler.

If you are wanting to replace your old Boiler to a more model boiler, hoping to reduce your energy bills, this could be the Boiler for you. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi 30kW & 35kW Compare Boiler Quotes

The Grundfos pump, which lowers energy usage, is included in both of the output options, the 30kW, and the 35kW models.

If you are looking to enhance the efficiency to the maximum amount, you can fit the MiGo app or look into installing a room thermostat, which is wireless or wired.


Controls and Features:

This boiler range has accessories that are included and can be added on to enhance performance and reliability.

The heat exchange has been made from high-quality automotive-grade aluminium to help the Boiler live for an extended period and to improve the performance of this rated Boiler. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi 30kW & 35kW Compare Boiler Quotes

A Grundfos modulating pump for reduced energy has been built within, along with an inbuilt filling loop to ensure the Boiler is low maintenance. The Boiler also includes optional flues; This will help you place the Boiler in your desired location.

The Boiler has a modern, bright LCD display with an easy-to-use interface that is clear and straightforward to use and read. Also, hot water and heating switches are adjustable to suit your needs.

Like the other Glow-worm gas combi boilers, you can add energy-saving and performance enhancer controls to help reduce energy bills and the performance of hot water on demand.

The main popular add on is the MiGo app-based control. The MiGo app allows you to control your hot water and heating by your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.


How long is the Boiler Warranty?

The Ultimate3 30kW combi and 35kw combi boiler come with an excellent ten-year warranty for parts and labour as a standard guarantee.

When your Gas Safe registered engineer registers the boiler installation on the Glow-worm Club Energy installer loyalty program, that is when the warranty is valid. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi 30kW & 35kW Compare Boiler Quotes

Always follow the guidelines to keep the warranty valid.

You should find the instructions on the Glow-worm website.


Model & Prices:

Ultimate3 Combi 30 Combi H – 740 mm
W – 418 mm
D – 300 mm
12.4 l/min 30 kW 90% AND ABOVE £695
Ultimate3 Combi 35 Combi H – 740 mm
W – 418 mm
D – 300 mm
14.4 l/min 35 kW 90% AND ABOVE £770


Advantages & Disadvantages

Glow-worm has built the Ultimate3 Combi gas boiler for homes in the UK with three to six bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.

Read the advantages and disadvantages below:


  • This Boiler is suited to homes with three to six bedrooms.
  • Great for saving space as no extra water tanks or cylinders are needed.
  • This Boiler is simple to install, service, and manage.
  • A Grundfos pump used to lower energy, which will reduce fuel bills. Glow-worm Ultimate3 Combi 30kW & 35kW Compare Boiler Quotes
  • An aluminium heat exchanger used which will lengthen the Boiler live and gives an excellent performance.
  • High energy efficiency – makes the Boiler environmentally friendly and lowers fuel bills.
  • The Boiler fits with several intelligent controls to enhance performance and efficiency.
  • The MiGo app-based control connects with this Boiler, which connects to your smartphone, gives you full control over your central heating system wherever you are, enhances efficiency, and memorises your energy needs.
  • This Boiler has a warranty of ten years for parts and labour.



  • Which? Give Glow-worm boilers a score of 54%.

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