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Glow-Worm Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler Review

Glow-worm Ultimate 35c Review

Glow Worm Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler Review & Prices

Glow-Worm Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler Quotes

Welcome back to Compare Boiler Quotes’ boiler reviews. We have been researching and looking at boiler systems of all types and variants so that you can make the best choice for your new boiler, in this case, the Glow Worm Ultimate 35c combi

If you have had a recent boiler breakdown, or have been told by a plumber or gas engineer that it’s time for a new boiler, then we can certainly empathise. Don’t worry though, as that’s what we’re here for.

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    Why Choose The Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler

    We have looked at hundreds of different boilers and their performance, pricing, warranty, and ease of installation/maintenance. We know their reliability, their energy savings, and other metrics which will help you to make the most informed decision.

    We’ve looked at Glow-Worm in the past and their boiler systems are well recommended by us. Glow-Worm Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler Quotes

    In the course of our reviews, we try to look at a wide range of output systems so that each size UK home is represented.

    In today’s review, we will be giving you the key features and pros and cons for one of the larger systems. If your home is 3 or 4 bedrooms and has multiple bathrooms then you want a system that has the output to supply the necessary hot water and heating.

    The Glow-Worm Ultimate 35c does this and more. But who are they and what is this new boiler like?

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    About Glow-Worm, the Company:

    Glow-Worm Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler QuotesGlow-Worm is a UK-founded company who have been producing boilers and other energy products for over 80 years. They are a relatively well-known brand with a history of innovative heating solutions, creating some ground breaking products.

    Glow-Worm’s products are still produced at their original factory located in Belper, Derbyshire.

    They currently produce a wide range of domestic gas boilers, Combi Boilers, System Boilers, and Heat only Boilers.

    In 2001, Glow-Worm was bought by the Vaillant Company, one of the premier best boiler companies in the world with a German engineering pedigree that cannot be rivaled. 

    The Glow-Worm Ultimate3 35c Combi Boiler Output:

    Glow-Worm Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler QuotesThe Glow-Worm Ultimate3 35c is a high-performance system for the modern family home.

    The Ultimate3 35c is a highly efficient unit with an efficiency rating of 94% and an ErP A rating to boot. The output of this boiler is an incredible 35kW! Making the switch from a regular or system boiler possible with the necessary output for your larger home.

    Being a combi boiler system means that it heats the hot water on demand and doesn’t require the extra space, installation, and maintenance that comes with having a system with external cylinders or loft tanks.

    This also makes this unit perfectly suitable for larger homes with many bedrooms and 2 or more bathrooms.

    For example, this system has the necessary output to supply a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom family home with up to 20 radiators. It also means that you can use 2 bathrooms simultaneously should you have kids who require the use of multiple bathrooms.

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    Sizing and Key Features:

    The Glow-Worm Ultimate3 35c is a compact unit capable of being wall-mounted. This model, despite its high output, can be installed away in a cupboard and will not be noticeable at all due to low sound output even in full operation.

    Even though this is a compact boiler, there’s still plenty of room for some thoughtful high-end touches and features, such as a bright LCD display and easy-to-navigate visual system, giving you simple control of the whole system and it’s electronic settings.

    It also has a high-quality and high-grade aluminium heat exchanger for even more reliable performance as well as a Grundfos modulating pump.

    This is key in helping to reduce your energy bills.There’s also a wonderfully designed filling loop for simple and really straightforward maintenance. 

    With a wide range of flue options, the flexibility gives it an even easier installation in multiple locations in your home. 

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    Ultimate 35c Features at a Glance:Glow-Worm Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler Quotes

    • Efficiency Rating: 94%
    • Standard Warranty: 10 Years
    • Band Rating: B Rated
    • ERP Rating: A Heat, A Water
    • Output: 35kW
    • Flow Rate: 14.4 l/m
    • LPG Compatible: Yes
    • Mounting: Wall-mounted
    • Typical Price: (inc VAT) £1,500
    • Typical installation Cost: (inc VAT) £500 – £1,000
    • Typical Total Cost £2,000 – £2,500


    Glow-Worm Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler Quotes

    The warranty is always our key sticking point and many companies will force you to have their system installed by a registered or accredited fitter.

    This boiler system is a little different, however, as they offer you a fantastic 10-year warranty but you simply have to register the system to activate it. This means Glow-Worm must have the confidence in its system to offer such a warranty. 

    Glow Worm Ultimate 35c combi boiler Conclusion and Alternatives:

    Glow-Worm Ultimate 35c Combi Boiler Review Compare Boiler QuotesWe think the Glow Worm Ultimate 35c boiler is a great choice for family homes due to its output, performance, and efficiency. It is truly a highly capable modern best combi boiler and with the addition of a 10 year warranty can it be beaten? 

    Well, considering the fact that the flow rate is 14.4L and it has an aluminium heat exchanger, we think that the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W is a much better choice.

    With the 35kw having the internal storage capacity of a 150L cylinder system, and a high end stainless steel heat exchanger, it is of much more robust and efficient construction.

    It also has a flow rate of 18L so it will fill your bath much more quickly than the Glow-Worm system.

    Buying a new boiler

    The pricing of a new boiler is also similar so this is why we recommend this system. It is also available with a standard 10-year warranty which can be 15 years by choosing Boiler Central as your installer. 

    If you are looking for a new boiler and would like a free, no obligation boiler quote then please visit our partner site Boiler Central.

    Once you are on the site you can answer a few simple questions about your home such as how many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? What type of system? Once you answer these, you will get a completely personal quote suited to your home. 

    You can then book online if you like the quote of course, then pay up front or get flexible boiler financing. You can then book a suitable installation date and just relax while your new boiler installation is completed. 

    If you’re looking for boiler cover for an existing boiler which you will need maintaining then check out their affordable boiler cover as well.

    How much does a Glow Worm Ultimate 35c boiler cost?

    A Glow Worm Ultimate 35c combi boiler will cost £920 not including installation. If you require full installation by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer then expect boiler prices to be around £2,500.

    The best way to keep costs down is to compare prices, so take a look at our Glow Worm boiler prices review for more information. 

    How do I get a new Glow Worm boiler quote?

    If you are looking for a new Glow Worm boiler quote then look no further as we can give you a quote simply by filling in our online form, or you can compare boiler prices for other brands all online in a matter of clicks. We don’t compare for Glow Worm boilers online as the demand isn’t that high and we like to compare the best combi boilers available. 

    Thanks again for reading our review and please let us know if we have helped you in any way in your new boiler search!

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