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British Gas Boiler Prices for Combi and System Boilers British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

British Gas boiler prices review. Full guide on British Gas Boilers and their prices ⭐

British Gas are not a boiler manufacturer. They are in fact a boiler installation company. They, therefore, can install pretty much any boiler you want from any manufacturer.

Therefore if you want a price for a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style installing or a quote for a Baxi 600 installing then they can give you the cost of these boilers on the wall in your home.

These aren’t the only boilers that they install, so if you want a full boiler installation quote for a Viessmann, Ideal, Vaillant, Vokera, Potterton, Glow Worm, Baxi & more, then you can contact them for a price right away.

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

British Gas combi boiler Prices from around £1,800…


Combi boilers are great for space-saving. They are the most popular boiler on the market today due to this and they do a brilliant job of heating water instantly and warming up your home in minutes. The price of a new combi boiler from British Gas will vary as for the reasons that follow.

There are no definitive boiler installation prices available, but a combi boiler replacement from most installation companies start at around £1,800. If British Gas is to be competitive in today’s boiler market then they would need to start around this amount.


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British Gas new combi boiler prices vary drastically due to the fact they install many boilers from different boiler companies. Each boiler is slightly different to install, some easier than others, and they all vary in price coming from the manufacturer.

Every home is different. Some homes use a lot more water as they have more occupants, more rooms or more mains powered showers. These homes will require a bigger boiler with a higher output, which will increase the price of installation

If you have a smaller home, with one or 2 occupants then the cost of your boiler may be lower as your hot water demand is likely to be a lot lower. You must tell British Gas all this information as accurately as possible to get the right combi boiler for your home.

Where you live will impact how much your installation will be. Boiler installations in London and the surrounding areas, as with everything else in these areas are generally more costly due to demand.

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

How to get the price for a new boiler from British Gas

If you have done your research and want to get a boiler installed by British gas then you have a few choices of how to get a quote directly from them. We always recommend getting at least 3 quotes to get the best boiler prices available to you.

British Gas are well known for installing Worcester Bosch combi boilers. The reason for this is they are one of the best boiler companies on the market with high performance, superb efficiency and built to last. Although this sounds pretty good, it can come at a price as they aren’t the cheapest boiler on the market. You do get what you pay for though.

If you have a larger home with multiple bathrooms and a higher demand for hot water, then expect British Gas to recommend you something along the lines of a Worcester Bosch 440CDi combi boiler would be perfect. Looking at the other companies in the market, expect to pay in excess of £2,500 to have this boiler installed. It may be even over £3,000.

If you have a smaller home with fewer occupants they will probably offer you something along the lines of a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25si. This will probably set you back at least £2,000 for one to be installed depending on the amount of work required. £2,000 would be for a straight combi replacement, the easiest type there is to fit.

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Benefits of a buying a Combi Boiler from British Gas ✅

There are lots of benefits of choosing your new combi from British Gas. They are a huge company, so if anything was to ever go wrong, then you know that there will be someone readily available to fix it.

This also means that they have loads of boiler installers ready to put one on your wall sooner rather than later. So if you are in a bit of an emergency then you can expect them to be able to fit you one as soon as possible.

They can offer finance which means you can spread the cost with British gas over a set period of time if you don’t have the funds available.

You would need to have around £2,000 spare to be able to buy a boiler upfront so these payment plans are a very good idea.

Here are some examples of boiler finance British Gas could offer British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes


Boiler LoanDepositAgreement TermAPRMonthly PaymentInterestTotal Repayment
£2,200£02 Years (24 Months)0%£91.67£0£2,200
£2,200£05 years (60 Months)9.90%£46.18£570.78£2770.78
£2,200£5005 years (60 months)9.90%£35.68£441.06£2641.06
£2,200£010 Years (120 Months)9.90%£28.44£1212.81£3412.81
£2,200£50010 Years (120 Months)9.90%£21.98£937.18£3137.18

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Their boilers are mainly A-Rated which can save you money each year on gas bills. Who doesn’t like a reduction in energy bills?

They have good home care cover. This means that you can pay an amount each month or year to ensure that your boiler is taken care of every day of the year. This will include a boiler service too which will maintain any warranties on the boiler you choose.

If you are unsure what size boiler you need for your home then get in contact with us.

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

New British Gas System Boiler Prices

If you have a larger home, then you may want to consider a system boiler. You may already have one if you have a bigger home as these boilers require a hot water cylinder or storage tank. This means they can deliver hot water to multiple outlets without any drop in pressure.

They feature a boiler along with a hot water storage tank (not a cold water tank).

As with their combi boilers, British gas offers a wide range of boilers from a host of different companies to suit your needs.

There are many options to choose from again, Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Baxi, Ideal, Vaillant & more.

British Gas will be able to offer you a price on any boiler you require but they will tend to recommend Worcester Bosch system boilers, again for the same reasons as combi boilers – they are exceptionally good boilers.

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

How much is a British Gas system boiler with installation?

The quick answer is you would have to go direct and get a quote from them as every home is different and you are paying for their services along with the price of the boiler.

The output (kW) required for your home will depend on the cost of your boiler unit. The price of your full installation will depend on the work required. If you already have a system boiler, and you are wanting to get a new system boiler then it will cost you less. Most people who have a system boiler keep them.

If you wanted to create extra space in your home the British Gas may recommend a combi boiler instead.

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Benefits of a System Boiler from British Gas: ✅

There are some great benefits of getting your boiler installed by British Gas. They have been installing boilers for years and have a wealth of experienced gas engineers at their disposal.

Although they may not be the cheapest installation company, you can be sure that they will provide you with a top of the range boiler such as Worcester Bosch and will always be able to provide you with expert advice right from the start of the buying experience.

They will ensure that they provide you with the right size boiler for your home by asking questions related to your home. This will then let them know which boiler they should recommend.

If your home is smaller, expect to be offered a system boiler between 15kw & 24 kW. If you have a larger home, be expected to be offered a boiler from 25kw to 40kw. Some homes may require a bigger boiler but this is uncommon.

It’s always good to do your own research, but British Gas can provide you with any system boiler you like, so it would be best if you took their advice if you don’t know too much about boilers.

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

British Gas Prices Review – Our Verdict On British Gas System Boiler Prices

As with their combi boilers, British Gas is one of the more costly boiler installation companies.

If you want a system boiler, then you can expect to pay between £2,000 and £3,000 for a smaller home. You can pay more depending on which boiler you want.

If you have a larger home, expect to pay at least £2,500. You could end up paying around £4,000 depending on the boiler you want and the amount of work required.

If you already have a system boiler, and you want to keep your system boiler (along with the water tank) then you can expect to pay a lower amount. If you need to have your water tank replace too, expect to pay a higher amount.

All the boilers British Gas will offer will come with a Warranty. Usually, the minimum term for any boiler warranties or guarantees is 2 years. If you really are wanting to ensure your boiler lasts, then get one with a bigger warranty. This speaks volumes on how good they think their boiler is.

You can get a warranty of up to 10 years as standard on some boilers. You can even get extended warranties that take this up to 15 years, but this will come at an extra cost.

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

Below is a list of ways you can pay for your New System Boiler from British Gas:

As they are a huge company British gas offers a few different ways that you can pay for your new system boiler.

The first way is the easiest and obvious way – You can just buy the boiler outright. If you have at least £2,000 spare in your bank then you may just be able to pay over the phone or online with your debit card. Once this is done you will have nothing else to pay towards the installation of your new system boiler.

Boiler Finance – This is a great way to buy a system boiler if you don’t have the money right now and you really need a new boiler. This means you can spread the cost and pay over a period of time. this can be anything from 6 months, right up to 10 years (120 months).

If this is something you would like then you would need to let your British gas expert know and they should let you know the options, how much you can pay each month and for how long. Always make sure you can keep up to the monthly repayments.

British Gas Boilers Prices Compare Boiler Quotes

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