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What is Boiler Plus, And How Could It Affect You?

What is Boiler Plus & What Does It Mean For Your Boiler?

With smart meters, solar panels, and sustainability campaigns on the rise, the UK has shown a clear commitment to reducing energy waste and increasing efficiency.

And not there’s Boiler Plus. Gone are the days of traditional non-condensing boilers in favour of higher quality, robust combi boilers that save money and reduce carbon emissions.

In April 2018, the UK government unveiled its latest alterations to building regulations through the Boiler Plus legislation. The primary objective of this was to improve upon existing standards by introducing heavier regulation procedures in a bid towards increasing boiler efficiency and safety. Don’t worry, boiler prices will be remaining the same.

Boiler Plus Compliance: Requirements and Criteria

As part of the UK government’s initiative towards energy efficiency, the Boiler Plus legislation is the first major alteration of its kind since the ban on non-condensing boilers in 2005. The major requirements of Boiler Plus are:

  • All gas boilers must achieve a minimum ErP (energy-related products) efficiency rating of 92% during operation.
  • Time and temperature controls must be available at all installations.
  • Installation of at least one additional energy efficiency measure, such as: smart controls, load compensation, weather compensations and flue gas heat recovery systems alongside new boiler installations.

Who Does Boiler Plus Affect?

What is Boiler Plus, And How Could It Affect You? Compare Boiler Quotes

The Boiler Plus scheme applies to all UK households with system, heat-only or best combi boiler installations taking place on or after 1st April 2018.

It does not apply to existing installations. Those that do not comply with Boiler Plus risk breaking building regulations and can be prosecuted under UK law.

Therefore, it is the installer’s responsibility to inform their customers of the new regulations. However, it is also advised that customers conduct their own research into Boiler Plus, as doing so can allow them to better understand how to best utilise all of the available benefits.

What Are The Benefits?

What is Boiler Plus, And How Could It Affect You? Compare Boiler Quotes

The most tangible benefit associated with Boiler Plus regulations comes in the form of financial savings. As with any new appliance, one of the most common concerns that customers have is how much it will cost them in the long-term.

The ultimate aim of Boiler Plus is to provide customers with a worthwhile solution that is tailored to their requirements; thus, providing a more financially sustainable boiler whilst avoiding any unnecessary cost.

What is Boiler Plus, And How Could It Affect You? Compare Boiler Quotes

Are There Any Additional Costs?

With there being no requirement to retrofit existing installations, the only cost with these regulations is felt once a boiler is replaced.

What is Boiler Plus, And How Could It Affect You? Compare Boiler Quotes

The provision of additional energy measuring equipment can mean a slightly higher upfront cost of around £50 more. Fortunately, this money can be recouped in excess by the gradual savings on energy bills and there is also a possibility that some households already comply, meaning no further investment is needed.

Need a New Boiler?

Choosing a condensing boiler is already a complicated task before considering new legislation. With so many different types on offer and a smattering of technical jargon, deciding on a boiler that works for you can be incredibly difficult.

At Compare Boiler Quotes, we make the process simple by providing you with an easy-to-use comparison tool to help you choose the best combi boiler for your home. Compare today to find the best boiler for your needs.

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