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Is it cheaper to leave hot water on all the time?

Is It Cheaper To Leave The Hot Water On or Turn It Off?

Most typical homes today have central heating as Winters are now relatively warmer, and we enjoy the comfort from the ease of instant hot water, but the cost of installing, replacing, and maintaining a boiler can run into the thousands of pounds, in addition to this, we must pay for the cost of the energy that is delivered to our homes.

In light of this, people have been searching for environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems for a long time, which begs the question: what is the most affordable way to heat a home? Continue reading to learn our opinions on one of the most frequently asked central heating questions as well as some energy-saving home heating advice.

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How Do Boilers Work With Hot Water?

Before we discuss the main topic, it’s helpful to notice that providing some background information on central heating systems is very much needed.

A boiler is the brains of our homes’ energy system, as boilers use the heat produced by burning gas or oil to raise the temperature of the water they contain, only when the water is at the proper temperature, is it then distributed throughout your home after being stored for a while.

Condensing boilers are currently the most popular type of boilers, they get their name from the fact that they use flue gases to recover heat from condensation of water vapour, specifically put: condensing boilers increase efficiency and lower operating costs by recycling heat that would otherwise be lost and could be used to heat homes, as a result of the Boiler Plus Scheme, this became the law.

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Should My Boiler Run Constantly?

One of the most widespread misconceptions about central heating is the idea that running hot water continuously will save money, this leads to many people thinking that maintaining water at a constant low temperature is more effective because of how water is heated.

The Source Of The Myth

Is it cheaper to leave hot water on all the time? Compare Boiler Quotes

The myth is a result of wild speculation among many consumers looking for ways to increase their energy efficiency as the justification is that the water that is kept in a boiler’s water cylinder cools down over time, and as a result, your boiler will start burning fuel to heat the water again, using more energy and increasing your costs, as many people think it is more energy efficient to keep this water at a constant temperature in order to decrease the amount of time spent heating it.

Is It True?

Although it takes longer and requires more fuel to heat cold water, the energy required to maintain this constant temperature is much more expensive than the few times it is heated when necessary on occasion, due to its non-use, this water is also wasted, as a result, running a boiler continuously consumes more fuel than using it when necessary.

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How Can I Really Save Money On My Hot Water Bill?

Although this myth is untrue, there are still a few other ways to cut your energy costs. Listed below are a few of our favourites:

Isolated Water Tanks
In order to dispel this myth, contemporary boilers come equipped with insulated tanks that can be used to store hot water.

The water is replenished throughout the day as needed and distributed throughout your home as needed, preventing your heating system from constantly using a lot of energy.

Controls for Temperature
Homeowners can set their hot water and radiators to a temperature that’s comfortable for them thanks to boiler temperature controls, also, hot water is typically set between 50 and 60 °C, while radiators are typically set between 70 and 75 °C.

The use of thermostats is crucial for reducing the cost of heating, as they enable radiators to be turned on at specific times during the day or to maintain constant temperatures in rooms to maximise comfort.

Modern thermostats can be connected to the internet to offer even more functionality, including increased home monitoring and remote interaction, like Google’s Nest and British Gas‘ Hive.

Read more in the Best Smart Thermostats section.

Less Expensive Energy Tariffs
A better tariff can be obtained by contacting your energy provider, which is another easy way to lower your energy costs.

Many people have discovered that simply switching to a different tariff can help them save almost £200 annually.

Looking To Lower Hot Water Use? A New Boiler Can Help

Want To Use Less Hot Water? New Boilers May Be Helpful!
We hope that this guide has given you a better understanding of how your boiler operates. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to pick a boiler that works for you and saves you money over time.

Try our free tool if you’re shopping for a new boiler to find the best deals in the market in just 20 seconds. Shop today and save.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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