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  • July 21, 2020

Boiler Advice: A Few Helpful New Boiler Tips.

Boiler Advice: A Few Helpful New Boiler Tips.

Boiler Advice: A Few Helpful New Boiler Tips. 150 150

Boiler Advice: A Few Helpful New Boiler Tips. Compare Boiler Quotes

Choosing a suitable boiler for your home can be confusing at the best times and frustrating during a heating emergency. knowing all the options available is also incredibly time consuming but learning the basics and a few helpful tips before you buy is an important first step. 

So you might ask which boiler is right for my home??


Regular and System Boilers:

Boiler Advice: A Few Helpful New Boiler Tips. Compare Boiler QuotesFirstly, you should consider whether you need a lot of hot water due to your home size and the amount of family members in your household. This will determine the type of system you need.

System boilers are ideal for households with more than one bathroom, as they ensure a constant hot water supply for several taps at the same time. This is perfect if you have a 4 bedroom detached home where one or more baths or showers could be used at the same time.

A system boiler (also known as a regular system boiler) requires a water cylinder to store the required hot water. Both conventional boilers and system boilers use cylinders, which make up the majority of the water storage and supply in a normal boiler system. 

Additionally, conventional boilers require water tanks in addition to the cylinders. This would be in the form of a water supply tank. This water tank is normally stored in the attic. 

This type of boiler allows hot water to be channelled into several bathrooms at the same time and has a higher water flow rate.


Combi Boilers:


Combi Boilers are normally best suited to small houses as they are only powerful enough to operate one bathroom or shower at the same time and heat less cold water if desired. A Combined boiler is connected to the mains water supply, using an internal fast heating element for hot water instead of a water tank. 

Combi boilers tend to be more efficient than other types of boilers, 

Note: The type of shower you have may be the deciding factor in which boiler you need, as well as the water flow rate so be sure to ask your heating engineer about this. 

Boiler Advice: A Few Helpful New Boiler Tips. Compare Boiler QuotesAnother thing to remember is that a combi-boiler system will tend to suffer from air locks and low pressure because the hot water is taken directly from the water pipe. 

A combined boiler is becoming increasingly popular, and over 70% of households choose to install it over a normal hot water boiler. Central heating with combined boilers reduces the formation of sludge because water is not directly channelled into the main pipe and stored in a tank where it can accumulate rust and dirt. 

Because the Combi boiler is one of the most popular types of boiler installed in the UK today, there are more than 1,000 different models and variations are available. 

And, because they are so popular they are now building models which can indeed replace a system or regular boiler for multiple bathrooms and larger households. 

Consider the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W, with an integrated storage tank. This acts like your hot water cylinder, providing the equivalent of 150L of water as a tank cylinder would provide. 


Boiler Advice: What Else To Consider:


If you decide to replace one of your boilers in the form of a new type of system,you may need additional work. 

This could include adding or removing cylinders, or additional piping, etc. You may also need a flue installed or moving to a new location, all of which will increase your costs.

 If you would like a custom quote for your home which would answer all these questions, we recommend visiting which has a handy boiler quote calculator. 

  It is always recommended with any large cost project that those who decide on their new boiler should get at least three offers from a qualified heating engineer or company.

Boiler Advice: A Few Helpful New Boiler Tips. Compare Boiler QuotesThe benefit of a boiler calculator however, is that you will get a range of prices for different boilers but only boilers which are suitable for your home. This is determined by answering questions such as how many bathrooms do you have? How many bedrooms? Etc. It is therefore already specific to your home.

 You should also be looking at a modern combi boiler such as a Viessmann 100-W  due to the savings made on the increased efficiency and lack of external tanks. They can save you hundreds of pounds a year on your heating costs and will become especially noticeable in the winter months.

In the U.K., regulation requires that gas products must be installed in accordance with the new standards from gas safe, a government backed gas safety board. One must choose a qualified central heating installer who understands the latest standards and can advise you on what type of boiler should have been installed. 

Gas Safe and OFTEC have a list of registered installers that you can access by phone or online. The Safe Register is a way for gas engineers to register installed gas appliances that operate safely and legally. If your fitter or chosen company are registered with Gas Safe, you can rest assured that your new boiler will be installed to the highest standards . 


Boiler Advice: What About Maintenance?


Firstly, It is recommended that you ensure you or your installer purchase and install only the manufacturer’s Original parts, as these have been tested and approved for use in your specific boiler. It may be difficult to detect whether counterfeit parts are in the boiler, and this will affect whether or not your combi boiler is suitable for safe use. There have been some cheaper knock off parts being found on sites online which we do not recommend using on a gas powered system. 

Be sure to have your boiler serviced annually to ensure optimal operation and safety. You should also have a working Carbon Monoxide detector near your boiler for added peace of mind. 

Certain boiler cover plans like those from Boiler Central have included annual servicing in the cost of the plan. This can save up to £100 a year and has the added benefit of protecting your heating system as well as electrics, and even lost keys on some plans.


Here at Compare Boiler Quotes, we have all kinds of helpful advice and tips on boilers. We also have some useful and easy to read boiler reviews as well as offers which will help you save money. 


We hope the boiler advice has helped you to learn something new and please come back for more helpful guides. 

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