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Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE Boilers Prices


Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE boilers are part of the award-winning range. They are SEDBUK A* rated gas boilers, which are recognised by the Energy Saving Trust. Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes

This well-known boiler on the market is designed to save you money on your energy bills and make you environmentally friendly.

The downside could be that it may be slightly too big to fit in a standard kitchen cupboard with the measurements of 780mm high and 450mm wide.

This boiler is 89% efficient and has an output flow rate of 11.5 litres per minute, making it suitable for a two to three-bedroom home with two bathrooms.

This easy to install boiler comes with user-friendly controls and is fitted with Baxi’s THINK management system, which allows the boiler to run smoothly by adjusting the gas flow into the boiler.

The price of this boiler starts around £865, which does not include installation fees or VAT.

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The warranty of this boiler is similar to most of the Baxi boilers with seven years warranty.

Always ensure to follow the guidelines to keep the warranty valid. Read the guidelines here.

This boiler is also available in 20kW, 24kW, and 33kW, making it suitable for all size homes.

Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes



Boiler Information:

Innovative Think Combustion Management System For cleaner & lower emissions
SEDBUK A Rating Lower gas bills
Flow Rate Of 11.5 Litres Per Minute Modern and efficient
28Kw Heating Output Fuel efficient
User Friendly Controls Ease of use
Frost and Overheat Protection For greater flexibility of siting
Modulation Ratio Of 1 : 7 – Resulting in high reliability and smoother running Fuel efficient
Cuts Energy Bills Reduced Heating Costs
User Friendly Control Panel and Display Guide Ease of use
Easy To Install – Pre Plumbing Jig Help with installation
Best suited for small and medium Properties 1 to two bedrooms
7 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty Peace of Mind
Modulation Ratio Of 1 : 7 greater reliability and lower fuel bills



This highly efficient Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE boiler is well recognised and designed to last a long time with a seven year warranty. The downside could be the size of the boiler. Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE Boilers Compare Boiler Quotes



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