• January 3, 2019

Why Does A Boiler Need An Annual Service? ? ?

Why Does A Boiler Need An Annual Service?

Why Does A Boiler Need An Annual Service? ? ?

Why Does A Boiler Need An Annual Service? ? ? 1024 683 Myles Robinson

Why does your boiler need servicing?

In this article we explain why does your boiler need an annual service.

Why Does a Boiler Need An Annual Service??

Taking care of your boiler regularly is very important. It should not be overlooked for too long. You boiler plays a vital part in keeping things running smoothly by providing a warm home and hot showers.

You rely on your boiler all year long. ?

So let’s ask why does a boiler need an annual service? 

What Happens During A Boiler Service? ?

Various tests and checks get carried out to ensure the current system is functioning to it’s best ability, notice any faults with the boiler, gas leaks or water leaks and that it is running safely and efficiently.

How Often Should I Get The Boiler Serviced? ?

It is recommended that you have your boiler serviced by a professional gas safe engineer at least once a year.

The best time to get it serviced is in summer.

When the demand for heating is lower and you have the time to get any faults found, fixed before Winter. ❄

You do not want to leave your boiler and have it break down when you turn on the heating in the Winter.

⭐ 5 Reasons You Need To Service Your Boiler:⭐

  • Keep your warranty intact

    During your warranty period, which can be up to 10 years, manufacturers require you to have an annual service in order to keep your warranty valid.

    While your boiler is under guarantee and you don’t have a service every twelve months then you’re warranty could be void. If a problem was to occur then you are likely to be responsible to pay the full repair cost.

  • Catch faults early 

    Chances are you won’t know a boiler has a problem until you are left with no heat and hot water.

    During a service, your professional engineer will be able to find and fix any problems before it gets too late. No matter how small the issue is, ignoring it could lead to more intense problems which might be much more costly to repair.

  • Stay safe

    While gas leaks are extremely rare, they can be very dangerous and even fatal. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, dizziness and loss of consciousness, which can all be mistaken for other common diseases.

    This is why it is important to get your boiler tested regularly. Servicing your boiler will let you know you are safe, or highlight any repairs that are needed before a broken boiler causes damage to your health.

  • Save money on energy bills 

    The age of your boiler will mainly determine how energy efficient it is. As it gets older, it will inevitably become less efficient. But with a regular servicing, you could slow this process down.

    As part of your servicing, your professional engineer will carry out all the necessary checks to make sure that your boiler is running and working as efficiently as it possibly can. Not costing you more on your energy bills. You could save more money over time with an energy efficient boiler. A boiler that is not working properly and not energy efficient, could cause an increase in your energy bills.

  • Prolong the lifespan of your boiler

    Replacing a boiler is very costly and you want to make sure your get the most out of the money you have spent. Keeping a healthy, energy efficient boiler by having it regularly serviced could help make it last a lot longer.

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