• January 3, 2019

Where Should I Put A Boiler In My House? ?

Where Should I Put A Boiler In My House?

Where Should I Put A Boiler In My House? ?

Where Should I Put A Boiler In My House? ? 800 769 Myles Robinson

Where should I put a boiler in my house? ?‍♀️

There are a few reasons for wanting to move or find a suitable location for your boiler.

Some of these are; home renovation, unwanted noise, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the home interior or it is causing an obstruction in it’s current location.

If you are considering moving the location of your boiler, but don’t know where you should put it keep reading our article to find out where should I put a boiler in my house…

Where Should I Put A Boiler In My House? ?‍♂️

  • Boilers can be located in many different places around your home. Most commonly they are installed in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Your boiler must be a suitable distance away from doors and windows, this is because the boiler will have it’s own minimum flue clearance from doors and windows.
  • With a boiler, comes pipework. This will always add to the cost of the new boiler installation due to extra time and labour needed. Moving pipework might also mean that an engineer will need to take up floorboards whilst doing this. Moving a boiler might be a more complex job rather than just getting a new boiler.
  • If you are planning on moving your boiler to a different room, it is important that you remember to install a carbon monoxide alarm as soon as you move the boiler into it’s new room. It is rare that there will be a carbon monoxide leak, but if there is one, it can cause life-threatening health effects.
  • Many boilers are designed to produce as little noise as possible. They will of course still make some noise, especially when they are operating. This is why a boiler located in the bedroom could be a bad decision because it could disrupt your sleep. However, placing the boiler in a cupboard or wardrobe could be the solution to stopping the noise production.
  • If you have a garage this allows for the boiler to remain out of sight. It also means that no space needs to be set aside for the boiler in your home. You need to make sure that it comes with frost protection and that you have insulation to protect the pipes.

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