• December 12, 2018

When To Get A New Boiler?

When To Get A New Boiler?

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When to get a new boiler? Our customers often ask us when they should buy a new boiler. Knowing when to get a new boiler can be tricky. How long should a boiler last before

In this article we highlight the signs you need to look for to know when to get a new boiler for your home.

When To Get A New Boiler?

4 Signs That Show You When To Get A New Boiler

Here are 4 signs you need to look for that show you when to get a new boiler:

  1. Your Boiler Is Making Strange Noises – If your boiler is making strange noises then it can mean your boiler is not working properly.
  2. Expensive Boiler Repair Bills -If your boiler is regularly breaking and is costing you a fortune in repair bills, then it may be time to invest in a new boiler.
  3. Expensive Heating Bills – If your energy bills are on the rise then it could be down to your old inefficient boiler wasting money. According to the energy saving trust upgrading to a new A rated boiler could save you up to 30% on your energy bills.
  4. Your Boiler Is Older Than 15 Years Old – If the boiler in your home is older than 15 years old then it is probably time to get a new boiler. Upgrading to an A-rated boiler will saved you money on your heating bills in the long run.

New Boiler Quotes From Compare Boiler Quotes

When to get a new boiler? If it’s time you invested in a new A rated energy efficient boiler we can help you. Here at Compare Boiler Quotes, we make choosing a new boiler easier. We make sure you get the right boiler for your home. If you are thinking about buying your new boiler on finance we have great boilers on finance¬†with 0% interest free. Contact us today for a quote.

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