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The Biggest Discounts To Help Keep Your Home Warm

Here at Compare Boiler Quotes we love saving people money. We work hard alongside boiler companies to get the best offers on the internet to you quickly and easily before they are gone. We love to know that we are saving you money whilst saving the environment too so we also find you any ECO schemes whereby you can get money towards boilers, insulation, windows and doors that help cut heat loss in your home. If you want a warm home for less then looks no further and let us provide you with the best offers on boilers the internet.

How to keep your home warm for less & save up to £340 a year!

At Compare Boiler Quotes we are all about saving you money. We work hard to bring you the biggest discounts available on home heating technologies. We look at ways you can save money on fuel bills from buying ultra efficient boilers to how you can insulate your home and any hot water tanks to keep costs down. Your boiler is the biggest user of energy in your home so it is the first place you should look when considering saving money on your bills.  You could save up to £340 per year with a brand new  A rated boiler! We can also help with ways to pay for your boiler.  The next thing people need to consider is how well insulated your home is. Whether this be through cavity wall insulation, loft insulation or insulating your hot water tank, you need to ensure you get correct products for the job, and the best products at the best prices. One of the main sources of heat loss in any home is through the windows and doors. Old wooden doors and single glazed windows are a definite no no when it comes to preventing heat loss. We explain why and work hard on getting you massive discounts on energy saving modern uPVC double glazed windows, uPVC and composite doors.

Discount Boilers For a Warm Home

Your boiler uses the most energy when working out your gas an electricity bill in any house hold. It is always there when we need hot water and to keep warm when we a re a bit chilly. Using your boiler should always be an option whenever you please. You should’t have to worry as much about how much it will cost to run every time you decide to run a bath or need it to warm your home. This is where we come in with our warm home discounts.

Helping you buy boilers for less

We love helping you to buy boilers for less. Let us get you the best deals around on boiler installation and central heating. Just because your paying less for your boiler doesn’t mean your getting anything less than a top of the range boiler. We make sure we only work with boiler installers who are happy to provide the best customer service and an A rated boiler at the same time so you know your getting a great deal. There are some fantastic benefits of upgrading with us.

Do you want to save over £300 per year on your gas bill? That’s the same as around over £30 per month on your fuel bill. This can all be made possible simply by upgrading your old inefficient boiler to a brand new boiler. We have already said you could save around £30 per month on your bills, and you can buy a brand new boiler for about £15 per month! That leaves you £150 per year better off. If you also take into account you won’t be paying for any boiler breakdowns due to warranty on all new boilers you’re definitely much better off all round. You can even get boilers with no credit check.

If you are looking at saving money on your gas and electricity bills then you are looking at keeping your home warm all year round at as little cost to you as possible. We believe in having the best boilers but we also believe  in helping you keep do it for less. That’s why we have a network of window companies who can provide huge discounts on top of the range energy efficient UPVC windows with double glazing as standard. They come fully installed and you can guarantee they will dramatically decrease the amount of heat loss through your windows. If your windows are old or are misting up, they are probably costing you over £100 per year in energy loss. Windows account for amount for 15-20% heat loss in homes around the UK

Windows to keep your home warm for less

We work with window companies that offer huge discounts on energy efficient windows to save you money. If your bills are higher than you think they should be and your current windows are old, single pane, or are misting up inside it is very likely they are a big contributing factor. We can make sure you get a fantastic deal on any new windows through our network of installers offering huge discounts to people in homes with old or damaged windows. Simply tell us why you need new money saving windows. If your windows are over 10 years old, if your windows are ‘blown’ or misting up inside or you don’t have double glazing, let us know so we can put you in touch with the companies who offer discounts to people like you.

Energy Efficient Window ECO Schemes

Being eco friendly is nothing new, its been around for years, but more recently there has been huge push by Governments and Organisations around the world to combat climate change. One way of doing this is by ensuring the millions of households in the UK are only using as much fuel as they should need. We have mentioned before about the effects of poor quality or old windows on gas and electricity bills, so with this, window companies in the UK are doing their bit for the environment. Working to improve the environment and save you £100 or more on your bills is something we are keen to help with. Let us put you in touch with window installers that are providing huge discounts on double glazing and UPVC windows right now. We have all the offers in one place so simply fill out our form and they will contact you with their low prices right away. Due to the huge discounts on offer from double glazing installers they can’t offer it to everyone. Due to the big push to combat climate change and lower gas and electricity bills, all you have to do is have windows which are just one of the following :

  • Are single paned (just one piece of glass between inside and outside)
  • Double glazing that is over 10 years old
  • Have double glazing which is misting up or ‘blown’ – This means your windows aren’t effective
  • There are cracks in the frames or seals are damaged around the windows
  • You can  feel a draught from your windows – This can cause your fuel bills to be up to 25% higher!

When your door is closed during winter, you want to ensure that it is actually keeping the heat in and the cold out. Poorly designed and badly installed doors can let out a large amount of heat. Nowadays doors are designed to be insulated and keep in as much heat as possible. We know that it is important for people to get the best doors available so we recommend composite doors instead of UPVC doors. Composite doors not only look smarter and classier they outperform UPVC doors when it comes to insulating your home. Because of this we only provide discounts on this type of door. We work with door companies installing the best discount composite doors to bring your energy bills down. Save over £100 per year with a beautifully crafted composite door.

Classic white doors for less

Get your new composite door now for less. Just because your door is closed doesn’t always mean that it’s keeping the cold out. That’s why we aim to get you the best deals and discounted composite doors on the market – all without compromising on quality. We ensure that all the composite doors we are offering you big savings on are ultra energy efficient. They provide exceptional insulation when closed. Due to advances in technology and the push towards cutting gas and electricity usage, composite door installers are able to offer their products for a lot less than they used to. There is a fantastic range of doors available and the choice is yours, even in the discounted ranges! A brand new composite door isn’t cheap, but there are ways to get one cheaper. Investing in a composite door can really make a difference to how much your gas and electricity bills cost every year. Not only will these fantastic doors keep your home warmer, they have lots of other benefits too! They’re ultra secure, using the latest technology to keep you safe and sound. They not only perform well, they look and feel amazing too. Let us help you cut your heating bills in style for less with a brand new discounted composite door.

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