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  • August 4, 2020

Oil Boiler Installation Cost UK: Quick Guide to Oil Boiler Costs

Oil Boiler Installation Cost UK: Quick Guide to Oil Boiler Costs

Oil Boiler Installation Cost UK: Quick Guide to Oil Boiler Costs 150 150

Oil Boiler Installation Cost UK: Quick Guide to Oil Boiler Costs Compare Boiler Quotes

Oil boilers work differently from their common combi and regular boiler systems. They are also far more efficient. This doesn’t mean however, that you should be looking into getting an oil boiler instead of a combi due to the increased fuel costs. We will explain some of the basics in terms of oil boilers costs and their unit pricing in the UK.


Oil boilers are an energy-efficient system that can be used as a heating option for both the household and water heating. It increases heat production through the energy released by high capacity heated oil, which in turn improves the heating efficiency 

The info below allows you to compare the cost of an oil-fired boiler and its installation costs in the UK, including VAT and including the cost of installation in most cases. 

Note: If your oil boiler is the only way for you to meet your heating energy needs, we recommend that you always consult a qualified heating engineer who will help you find the right boiler for your home’s requirements. 


Oil Boiler Basic Info:


Oil Boiler Installation Cost UK: Quick Guide to Oil Boiler Costs Compare Boiler QuotesOil boilers heat water with oil and are a popular choice for homeowners not connected to the main gas grid. Around 4 million homes in the UK rely on delivered gas and oil, and they rely on alternative fuels to heat their homes. Oil is the most popular of these alternatives. If you would like to purchase a new oil boiler for your house, please give us your details in a short form and your local installer will contact you to provide you a free quote. 

The majority of homeowners who live off the grid and use oil-fired boilers find they provide a cost-effective and highly energy-efficient heating and cooling system for their homes. 

Although there are only a handful of brands that make oil boilers, they are available in various sizes and types. Firebird It has the highest efficiency class of all oil boilers in its class and also behaves like a Sedbuk A rated combi all in a condensed oil boiling system (SEDBUK A).


Oil Boiler Heating Costs in the UK


Oil Boiler Installation Cost UK: Quick Guide to Oil Boiler Costs Compare Boiler QuotesOil boilers are usually more expensive than gas boilers, and to compare,  only one unit of heating oil is about 6p / kW versus the average on electric being 14.3 Kw and gas at the cheapest around 3.8 Kw. This is why it is only recommended to buy an oil or electric boiler if you are currently not connected to the main gas grid. 

Our research is based on various online sources and we can therefore estimate the cost of using an oil boiler. We calculate annual costs to heat a three-bedroom home at about 1355 pounds per year. So, you can expect to pay over £100 a month on average. 

Compare this to a combi boiler system. Here, the average cost of a single combi boiler in Britain fuelled by gas  is £495 on average. 


Oil Boilers & Installation Cost


Oil Boiler Installation Cost UK: Quick Guide to Oil Boiler Costs Compare Boiler Quotes
One of the main advantages of oil boilers is that they offer much higher efficiency, because they are able to recycle exhaust gas accumulated in the expelled excess heat (combi boilers do a similar thing). Oil boilers can cost between £1,180 and £2,700 depending on the manufacturer, model and capacity. 

For a standard condensing oil boiler you can pay between £600 and £1500 for installation alone. 

For the boiler itself you will pay anywhere from  £1200 and £3000. The new oil boilers cost quite a bit compared to even the best combi boilers. We do however find that Viessmann is the cheapest and most reliable oil boiler type in the UK. 


How Oil Boiler Installation Costs Compare:


Oil Boiler Installation Cost UK: Quick Guide to Oil Boiler Costs Compare Boiler QuotesIf you are off the main gas grid and are looking for an alternative type of new boiler, one of the most popular options in the UK is the electric combined boiler, which costs between £1,500 and £2,500 installed. 

The cost of installing a newer boiler for an average home with a standard condensing boiler is around £500 £1500, although a simple task would be simply to replace your existing boiler with the new model and use the existing gas, water and mains network. 

The hiring of a heating engineer to install new boilers can range from  £500 to £2000 for all types of boilers, depending on how easy the installation is and what optional extras you choose or need. 

The replacement of central heating, which includes the redirection of radiators and water pipes, could easily cost more £3,000. 

If you are off the main gas grid, a pellet or oil boiler can be used to heat the home and provide hot water. A local heating supplier can offer you the option of paying for the new boiler monthly, so that you can spread the payment over a period of time to cover your budget and mitigate the blow to your wallet. Boiler Central offers such an option where you can pay as little at £10.99 a month for a boiler.


Oil Boiler Installation Costs: Older Systems


If you use an old oil boiler, heating costs are one of the biggest expenses in a modern household, and a new modern boiler can reduce your annual energy bill by up to 50%. Oil boilers are an important part of your household’s energy efficiency and saving plan. You can save money by replacing your oil boiler and upgrading to a newer, energy-efficient boiler. 


There are dozens of models to choose from, and these models are available in a variety of sizes and prices. 

Gas boilers are the most common type of boiler in the UK, but they use a different fuel than central heating oil. If you live in one of the four million households not connected to the main gas network, you may have looked into an oil or electric boiler previously. Although few homes use oil heating, there are a number of different types of oil boiler options available




Oil boilers are usually more expensive than gas boilers, but a unit of heating oil costs about 6p / kW, which is just over £1,300 per year on average. 

Wood pellet boilers, also known as biomass boilers, are very similar to oil and gas boilers. They have a vortex that condenses heat energy through evacuated tubular solid fuel stoves for high-energy-efficient heating of the house. The vortices condense in the high powered tubes creating a lot of heat from densely packed pellets. So , your options for alternative boilers are oil, eclectic, and wood pellet. We’d recommend oil boilers all day due to the cheaper heating costs.


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