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Ideal Boilers Review 2020

Ideal Boilers Review 2020

Ideal Boilers Review – The Ideal Combi Boiler Ideal Boilers Review 2020 Compare Boiler Quotes

Buying a new boiler is as boring as talking about the weather day in, day out. Such a typical British thing to do too and the ‘go to’ conversation with absolute strangers when there’s not a lot else to discuss.

If you are in a bit of a pickle and need to fight off the elements with a new boiler then and Ideal Combi (combination) boiler might be right up your street.


The “ideal” boiler replacement for domestic households since the 1920s 

The Ideal  boiler brand have been making boilers for nearly 100 years, so you know they have been working hard to develop and maintain their products over this time.

Being a great boiler manufacturer, even competing with the likes of Worcester Bosch boilers, they are still going too after all this time which says a lot about a company!

We all like a bit of experience when getting a boiler installed and reassurance when it comes to something we know absolutely nothing about.

Here we only look at their combi range. They also do great system boilers and heat only boilers (ones with hot water cylinders).


New and improved combi boiler ranges – Just look at the warranties!Ideal Boilers Review 2020 Compare Boiler Quotes

You will of seen a lot of new Ideal boiler adverts recently, seems like they have a had a bit of a revamp and attempting a new campaign to push their boilers further into the market.

One of their main selling points outside of being super energy efficient, is the warranty. Ideal offers up to 12 years warranty on certain models. If they are that confident you know it’s going to be built to last.

If you still considering an Ideal boiler, then read this boiler guide to see some of the best combis on the market and what we think of this great bit of British Engineering.

Ideal Boilers Review 2020 Compare Boiler Quotes

Let’s look at Ideals “best boiler” – The Ideal Logic Vogue Max 26kw – 40kw 

This Logic Combi is Ideals most expensive boiler, which tells you they think it’s their best boiler.

Although it is their most expensive in the Logic range, even with installation cost it’s affordable for most people and comes with a huge 12 years warranty.

When you think about it, that’s 12 years you can go without worrying about shelling out for a new boiler or any breakdowns. That’s nice to know when life throws you enough curve balls as it is!

Premium materials for the premium price – What else would you expect? 

Although you’ll be paying the premium price in the Ideal world of boilers, you won’t be when it comes to the whole combi boiler buying picture.

Ideals best combi’s are still cheaper to buy than its German counterparts in most places, all whilst getting the best they have to offer, along with the warranty expected these days.

It’s not dissimilar to comparing the Apple Iphone to the Samsung Galaxy, do you really need to pay the extra to get the Iphone? Probably not.

Simple, compact & easy to use boiler that is A rated to save you money 

The Vogue max is an excellent boiler, easy to use, install and reliable. Everything you could want from a boiler.

Make sure you compare prices to get the best deals available.

You can also get boiler finance on this model to help you spread the cost. Get your quotes now here.

Ideal Boilers Review 2020 Compare Boiler Quotes

Want a more cost effective boiler? Try the award winning Ideal Logic+ 

If you want more boiler for less cash, then look no further than the Logic+.

This excellent new boiler or boiler replacement option has won awards for quietness. That’s great.

It must be seriously quiet mind as most boilers these days are pretty damn quiet anyway.

This maybe one for people who have it near their living space. If you have it in your kitchen or utility it will sneak in any cupboard too.

It’s designed to do this.

Low cost and low compromise – you still get 7 years warranty! Ideal Boilers Review 2020 Compare Boiler Quotes

I must also add firstly that you get up to 10 years on your heat exchanger, which essentially is the beating hear of your boiler. If this goes, your boiler is pretty much a write off. The rest is pretty mend-able quickly and cheaply.

This Ideal boiler has also featured in Good Housekeeping, winning some of their prestigious awards…

So if you like to keep a good house you can take more than our word for it!

Clever little cost cutting boiler – save those £££s

There’s a lot about climate change recently, so if your inner Greta Thunberg is creeping out then you should know that even though this boiler costs a bit less than its step brother, it is no less technically advanced when it comes to saving gas and electric.

The Logic+ is capable of running at just 4.8kw which is just a fraction of what it outputs at full whack.

Imagine just running on the bear minimum knowing how much you are saving. It’d be great.

You may even get a free boiler flue kit if you need to extend you flue.

UK prices for UK homes – Compare the best prices for your new Logic+ 

Do you think this house warmer would be a perfect addition to your home? Make sure you get it at the right price.

These new boilers are also available on finance with low monthly payments.

If you don’t have a deposit that’s not problem, we can get you a quote with £0 deposit or buy now and pay in 12 months!

Get your new boiler quotesnow.

If you would like an alternative then Glow Worm boilers are a great alternative. Take a look at our review of Glow Worm boilers.

Always ensure you use a Gas Safe registered engineer for any boiler installation work.

You can even get boiler replacement for £17 per month for a range of Ideal boilers.

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