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How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost?

How much does a boiler service cost

How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost? Compare Boiler Quotes

We know how stressful it can be when your boiler or central heating is faulty. From the radiators not heating up to the pilot light on your boiler failing, there’s a multitude of issues that can arise in any boiler system new or old. But what does a boiler service cost?

You don’t want your boiler to suddenly break during the winter months, only to be left with a cold home. That can be a nightmare for any family trying to warm their home or have a hot shower. You could also end up in a queue for servicing during peak times so it’s better to consider all the options and have a plan to stay warm should these issues arise.

There are some steps you can take to mitigate these issues. These range from good maintenance, to annual servicing. Our information below can help you to see the average costs associated with the most common boiler repairs. 

Hopefully this will give you a rough guideline to compare against any quotes you have been given by a heating engineer/ plumbing contractor.

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What fuel does your boiler use

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How much does it cost to service a boiler?How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost? Compare Boiler Quotes

How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost? Compare Boiler Quotessrc=”×200.jpg” alt=”Boiler service cost” width=”300″ height=”200″ />Depending on your area, peak times, parts, and age of boiler this can vary but we can give you a guideline to prepare yourself for any quotes you may receive. 

Call out fees can be anywhere from £25-£80 and some companies in larger metropolitan areas may charge even more. This is a fee just for visiting your premises before any works are carried out. 

What about the serviceable costs? You can expect to pay between £75-£100 for a boiler service in the UK as of January 2020. 

Remember that the larger companies charge more for call out fees and servicing than smaller, local companies. 

The table below shows the average starting costs for the top providers as they make the information available on their websites: 

Provider Pricing starts at:
Worcester-Bosch £90
British Gas £85
Vaillant £85
Homeserve £84
EDF Energy £80
Baxi £79.50

What does a boiler service include? How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost? Compare Boiler Quotes

First things first and the best advice we can possibly give is to check with your heating engineer or gas fitter/plumber for exactly what is included in your service for the boiler quote given. 

Depending on your cover (should you have any) , or what has been offered to you, the service could include anything from a boiler check and parts inspection to a full electric and plumbing service. 

A general list of what any competent gas engineer should complete is below:

Water and gas pipework

Safety systems

Clean the parts

Boiler controls and switches

Main internal components

Combustion releases

Internal Electrics

Check seals

Look for Corrosion

Again, this can vary but if you’re looking for an affordable boiler cover provider which can cover anything from your boiler to central heating and electrics then we recommend Boiler Central.

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How often should you have your boiler serviced?How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost? Compare Boiler Quotes

Most heating engineers and gas safety specialists recommend that you service your boiler every 12 months

This is especially important if you have paid for boiler cover or are under the manufacturer’s warranty as they will not honour any repairs without proof of a service by a Gas Safe engineer every 12 months. 

Therefore, be sure to book and get a regular service (or perhaps your service plan covers one) each year and save your proof or receipt in case any other issues happen and you require a repair. 

What is the average cost of boiler repair?

How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost? Compare Boiler Quotes

The cost for boiler repair can be in a wide range depending on the age of your boiler and availability of parts. Other varying factors can be the type of boiler, the kind of fault and if you already have a servicing plan/warranty.

We have compiled a list of the average boiler repair costs based on the most prevalent heating engineer providers and companies

These are only averages however when you factor in the costs of the average repair compared to the costs of a service plan you can see why boiler servicing and plans are so cost effective. 

Average Costs:

Combustion Fan: £229

Gas Valve: £222

Overheat Thermostat: £100

Diverter Valve: £200

Thermocouple: £90

PCB: £260

Water Pump: £210

Pressure Relief Valve: £105

Automatic Air Vent: £100

Ignition: £105

What else should I Consider? How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost? Compare Boiler Quotes

One of the most important things to bear in mind when booking a service or calling an engineer is to ensure that they are part of the gas safe register. If they are not, the consequences could literally be fatal as boilers can emit harmful C02 which is not good for yourself or your family. 

Ask your fitter/ engineer/ repairman to provide their gas safety credentials for your own peace of mind. 

Also check your policy if you have one to ensure that you have met all servicing requirements such as the annual service as not completing this could void your warranty. You could also be unable to make a claim on your policy should the correct checks not be performed. 


In conclusion:

How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost? Compare Boiler Quotes

Hopefully the information we have provided is suitable for you to make an informed decision on your next boiler service. We’ve done our best to provide average costs and the types of servicing to be performed.

We recommend a complete boiler servicing plan which covers a servicing annually and all the central heating for true peace of mind. 

Boiler central offers fantastic boiler cover options from as little as £13.99 a month. If you’re interested in boiler cover then please click below. 

Click here for Boiler Cover Plans

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What fuel does your boiler use

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