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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Replace Your Boiler

best time of the year to replace your boiler

Why replacing your boiler in summer is best?

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Replace Your Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

Summer may seem like a strange time to worry about a new boiler, as it is warm outside and central heating is the furthest thing from your mind.

But, in winter, when you need it the most, you don’t want to turn the heating on to find it’s not working, hence being left in the cold (literally).

If you have your new, efficient and fully functional boiler installed before the winter months, you and your family have the best chance of keeping warm in the cold times to come, making summer the ideal time to replace your boiler.

As you can imagine, these things take time to plan, and with the kids at home during summer, you are going to have enough stress in life and a large project shouldn’t get in the way. Depending on the type of boiler you are installing, a replacement can take 1-3 days however most like for-like best combi boiler swaps are usually completed within a day.

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Replace Boiler in the Summer: How Do I Know Which Boiler I Would Need?

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Replace Your Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

In the times of ancient Britain (before 2015 🙂  ) , you would have to call around to your local plumbing supply, get a gas safe engineer, or call a company to come in and price up your new system for you.

 The problem was that the choice of boilers wasn’t there. You were basically recommended a boiler which the fitter had probably had a good deal on. Then, they can mark up the price and make money on the supply of the boiler.

Now, with the internet’s new, modern quoting systems, you can answer a few simple questions about your home, and get a customised quote with three boilers that would suit your home. 

Sound intriguing? Well, our partner has a handy boiler quote calculator, where you can get a quote in as little as 20 seconds. 

Then, you can choose your preferred boiler, book an installation date that is convenient for you, and choose to pay in full or get flexible financing. So, you’re well on your way to that new boiler even if we are in the height of summer!

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But Why the Summer for a New Boiler?

It will probably be easier to plan the necessary work at this time of year with an accredited engineer, as this is not a peak time and the parts, labour, and boiler could be cheaper. Afterall, as with any business they work on supply and demand and installing when demand is low is always a good idea.

 There are many other reasons why summer is the perfect time to get a quote and replace the boiler, but if there is no need to replace the boiler now , it is still good advice to check it regularly as ignoring it for several months could be dangerous and risk it breaking down in winter. If you decide to wait a while and find a new boiler before it becomes a priority, or if you are looking for a combination or combi- boiler or new central heating , you will have more offers available during the summer months to find the perfect model. 

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What if I have an Old or Non-Working Boiler?

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Replace Your Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

It is recommended to act quickly if you are worried about your boiler, but this time of year is the perfect time to quickly and easily replace your central heating. You will rest assured with Boiler Central that you can have a brand new boiler for the winter so you will be able to cope with all the problems of faulty central heating and ice cold showers during those cold months. 

Unfortunately,many people wait until the boiler breaks down before replacing it, but while an old boiler can heat your house, it will only do so at a far decreased efficiency, costing you money. Even in the summer, we all still take showers and baths so our combi boilers are still doing their thing, heating our hot water and providing us with those relaxing, “i’m watching netflix in the tub time” :). 

When it comes to replacing your boiler, it is better to arrange for rapid installation, especially if the boiler shows signs of being on its last legs or if it is completely broken, leaving you without heating or hot water. Luckily Boiler Central can offer new boiler installations in as little as the next day

…So What about my Old Boiler?

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Replace Your Boiler Compare Boiler Quotes

Of course, this is the time to replace it, but the question is when to replace it if it works, but is quite old?

 If your boilers are older than 10 years; and the older models are simply no longer available or have limited parts on the shelves, then it is worth thinking about replacing your back boiler for a newer, more efficient one. 

So if you need to buy a new boiler for your property, we would again suggest that summer might actually be the best time to buy and install a replacement boiler. We know how it seems illogical, not even sensible, to replace the boiler in the summer months. But we hope the reasoning above answers or allays any of these concerns.

A boiler installed even eight years ago would be much more vulnerable to decreased efficiency issues, both from technological advances, and from continued operation. Therefore, their operation comes at a higher price compared to modern, more efficient boilers (see our Viessmann boilers for more information!). When winter comes back to bite us all, the fact that you are already in the process of replacing an old back boiler with a more modern one means, or have done so after reading our amazing article (Thanks 🙂 ), you can sleep soundly knowing that you are less likely to have the boiler fail when you need central heating most. 

And remember, heating engineers are usually the busiest in winter, which can make it difficult to agree on a time and date for replacing the boiler. 

If Yours Has Regular Breakdowns:

If your boiler breaks down regularly and needs repair, this is a pretty clear sign that you need a boiler replacement. Boilers only require one maintenance by a gas safe engineer per year, so it may be time to consider upgrading if you contact a plumber to repair the boiler more than once a year, and summer may be the best time. 

Even though the price of a new boiler may seem like a lot at first glance, you can feel the benefits and avoid old boilers that need repairing, as well as the repair costs of an old boiler that needs repairing. If your boiler needs replacing, don’t wait until it’s completely broken to replace it. 

Picking a new boiler in the summer is easy and in the summer it’s easy to pick it up without panicking about what to buy with Boiler Centrals quote calculator. Get a fixed price quote within minutes of completing the online survey and we’ll recommend the perfect boiler for your home. 


As a boiler review site, even we sometimes think winter is probably a good time to start looking at a new boiler, but the pleasant temperatures we experience in summer mean that you don’t have to rely on central heating to stay warm and that you can get away with not using your central heating at all. In the peak times, boiler installers and companies will be extremely busy and you don’t know if you can have an emergency installation should you need one. Therefore, during less busy times, it can be a good idea to install your new boiler in the summer.

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