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What is the Worst Boiler in 2020?

Worst boiler in 2020

What is the Worst Boiler in 2020? Compare Boiler Quotes

So what’s the worst boiler to buy?

There’s so many boilers on the market today in various sizes, types, KWH, and other metrics which make choosing a boiler slightly confusing. 

This means that you are probably online for hours at a time reading reviews and looking at customer complaints. 

We know the feeling here at compare boiler quotes, so we have done the legwork for you. We’ve consulted with heating engineers, Boiler testing centres, and customer review sites. 

This has allowed us to build a profile of the worst boilers on the market today to help you make an informed decision on your next boiler purchase.

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On to the worst boilers by reviews and customer ratings……

We won’t make you read down thousands of lines to get to the point. Like we said, we have compiled a list based on the Which? Tests, the engineer’s opinion, and online customer reviews.

So the worst boilers on the market in the U.K. as of 2020 are:

  • Ferroli: 

What is the Worst Boiler in 2020? Compare Boiler QuotesThe Italian brand Ferroli has been derided online by just about everyone from the engineers to customers and reviewers. 

Why is it so poorly rated?

Even though they have a UK base , Ferroli is not well received for customer satisfaction and parts delivery. According to the reviews online, parts are often needed during the winter months and can be hard to find, expensive or just not available at all which is not what you want during this time of year. 

Customers scored the boiler at 2 out of 5 stars

Reliability in tests scored 3 out of 5 stars

Engineer’s rating came in at 1 out of 5 stars

The overall score for Ferroli came in at just over 30%. This was mainly due to the fact that engineers couldn’t source the part required to fix the multitude of faults that arose with these boilers

In Which’s review of the Ferroli HE27C, they didn’t even come up with one recommended feature for the boilers. They even went as far as recommending against a single purchase of this specific boiler. The HE 32C and HE38C are also appointed the winner of worst boiler’s of 2020.

  • Vokera Brand Boilers:

What is the Worst Boiler in 2020? Compare Boiler QuotesComing in as the second worst boiler of 2020 is the Vokera range. Again, this boiler brand has a bad reputation over several years , especially the Vokera Vision 30c Combi Gas Boiler. 

Complaints for this boiler brand range from frequent breakdowns, to being unable to source parts or waiting for hours just to talk to a customer service agent. 

Having an average warranty of 2 years shows the lack of confidence in their product as the top rated brands have anywhere from 5 to 10 year warranties due to their superior internal components. 

Customers scored the boiler at 3 out of 5 stars

Reliability in tests scored 2 out of 5 stars

Engineer’s rating came in at 2 out of 5 stars

Repairing a faulty boiler:

What is the Worst Boiler in 2020? Compare Boiler Quotes

In terms of worst boilers, the above are the top of the pile in reviews and ratings. However, as we have discovered, the application of a low end warranty is a sign to a boiler that could be unreliable and need repair.

Repairing a boiler can get costly, the average repair for any boiler in the U.K. is around £200. Although, the worst boilers above actually have a much higher repair costs due to the parts that fail often such as the PCB failing in quite a few cases with the Ferroli Boilers. 

What boilers do you recommend? 

As we compare boiler quotes as a business, we deal with boilers daily and know them inside and out. 

This means that we are able to discern what are the best brands which offer the most reliability and a higher term warranty.

We could recommend several boilers which we know will be fantastic for years to come however we have a couple of honorable mentions which compare boiler quotes can vouch for. 

  • Viessmann Vitodens 100-W

Viessmann offers German engineered boiler systems with stainless steel heat exchangers for utmost reliability. 

The Vitodens 100-W is a highly engineered boiler system with amazing affordability.

This gas condensing boiler offers highly efficient service, reliability and is smart-tech ready. We recommend Boiler Central for the purchase and install of this boiler starting at £2299 installed. 

Best of British:What is the Worst Boiler in 2020? Compare Boiler Quotes

Potterton is our pick of British boiler brands as they came in with an impressive 73% customer satisfaction score. Being part of the Baxi group means they have a great background in boiler manufacturing and have been part of the U.K. landscape since the 1850’s

Benefits of Potterton:

  • Wide range of boilers suitable to most homes
  • Reliable Combi Boiler Systems
  • Parts and labour warranties are above average
  • Product lots of hot water for family homes
  • Friendly to the environment and energy efficient

Compare boiler quotes has reviewed and looked at boilers more in depth than many other comparison sites and we provide the most up to date information available to us. We hope the above information will help you to make the best decision when buying your new boiler.

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