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F32 Vaillant boiler Fault Code

What does Vaillant F32 fault code refer to?

A fault has been detected if your Vaillant boiler shows the number followed closely by the letter F. A Vaillant boiler error code can cause it not to ignite properly, preventing hot water or central heating from turning on.

Vaillant F32 fault code is when an error occurs in the ecoTEC boiler’s air system. This is true for all Vaillant ecoTEC models.

F32 errors can be caused by many factors such as a blocked flue pipe, leak, fan failure and communication problems between the fan circuit board and the fan. It can be difficult for you to diagnose the problem if you’re not skilled.

Sometimes, replacement parts are required. If you receive this error code on a Vaillant boiler, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a GasSafe Registered engineer.

What is the Vaillant F32 Fault?

The F32 code activates when there is an air fault. This indicates that the fan is having trouble. The fan may stop working, indicating that the system is not properly removing the waste gases. To ensure safety, the Vaillant boiler locks out.

Although the boiler’s display might not be what you are looking for, the F32 code is a warning sign that indicates a problem and makes it easier to resolve the root cause.

Vaillant boiler fan problems

The Vaillant boiler’s fan has a strong component. It is unlikely that it will fail. The electronics can be affected if there is moisture in the device. You should consult a heating engineer if the flue pipe isn’t installed correctly.

Fan problems could also arise from a jammed motor, damaged bearings or age-related wear. A problem could be identified if you hear unusual sounds, such as a hum from the boiler. Noticing the problem is crucial so they can order a replacement fan and identify the bearing damage.

PCB Communication Error

It’s possible for the fan and printed circuit board communication to be interrupted. The fan may still work, but it might not be detected by your PCB. The circuit board will not allow the boiler to ignite, and the F32 fault code will be triggered. The boiler will turn on once it has entered lockout.

Blocked flue pipe or incorrectly installed flue

It is possible for water to return through the flue system and into the boiler’s electronic components if the flue pipe has not been installed correctly.

Most flue pipes have some protection to stop air from clogging. If the guard is missing, however, it may be that the flue has blocked, which could trigger an error code. It could be that one or more of the flue’s internal parts is blocked, even if there is a guard. This is when the pipe gets blocked and not the component. This would activate F32 code.

How do I fix F32 errors myself?

A Gas Safe Engineer will be able to diagnose the problem and possibly replace or remove blockages.

How do you repair an F32 fault code?

Before you can fix the error, it is crucial to determine what caused it.

A professional can repair a blocked flue or implement preventative measures to stop it from happening again. If the flue is older or more complex, a new flue installation may be more affordable. This would decrease the likelihood of an error code repeating, and speed up repair.

If the flue is not correctly installed and leaks, it must be replaced. You can correctly re-install flue pipe to prevent future problems. Fan replacement costs between £185 to £315 including labour.

The problem could be caused by a communication fault on the circuit board. This repair will be costly. The replacement of the PCB would be expensive. It is possible to get a replacement boiler, particularly if the boiler has an old model.

Does the Boiler have to be reset after fixing the F32 Error?

It is crucial to reset your boiler after you have fixed the F32 fault. To avoid further damage, it is essential to reset any Vaillant boiler.

Contact a qualified professional to diagnose F32 errors.

My fan keeps humming – can I slow down the fan to stop it?

You can reduce the fan speed to lessen the hum, but this will not cause proper expulsion of waste gases through your flue pipe.

The boiler may lockout if the gases are not properly expelled.

You can reduce fan speed to lessen the annoying humming sound but this will only make matters worse.

Do I need a boiler replacement?

Old Vaillant boilers can get less efficient over time. This is in addition to the fact that they are more expensive to repair and will cause more damage. It may be time for a new boiler replacement by a qualified professional.

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