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Ideal boiler status 0 fault code & no hot water

What does the Ideal boiler status 0 stand for?

The boiler screen will display a ‘0’ indicating that the boiler is currently on standby. This indicates that the boiler is not being used for central heating or hot water and is one of the more common Ideal boiler fault codes.

Ideal boiler status 0 means that the boiler has been turned off and is not being used. It does not need any hot water or central heating. This status can be displayed on any Ideal Logic boiler. It means that the boiler is just waiting to get activated so you should try turning on either the hot water or central heating.

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How to fix an Ideal boiler Status 0 fault code

Your central heating system will send your boiler instructions to heat the water and turn on the radiators. It will then respond with either the hot water or heating.

You can do this by setting a smart thermostat or clock. You can also turn it on manually. Status 0 means that your boiler has been turned off.

But what if there is demand? Or there should be. What if your thermostat or timer doesn’t allow you to set the heating and hot water activation?

Does your Ideal boiler work?

Check that the boiler works by trying either the hot water or turning on your radiators. The central heating can be manually switched on by turning it on. Allow it to sit for a few minutes to check if the heating is on. If there is central heating demand but the heating does not turn on, it is likely that there is an issue. This will turn on your boiler and get it out of standby mode.

Is the thermostat working correctly?

Your thermostat must be set at the correct temperature to send a request to heat your boiler. If the thermostat is set to a low temperature, it will not activate your heating. The temperature at which the room temperature cannot drop below the activation point is called the activation temperature.

Many people lower their thermostats in summer. If your thermostat is not correct and you have heating issues, a Gas Safe registered engineer may be able to replace your boiler.

What is the temperature of the central heating system?

Many boilers allow you to set different temperatures for hot or cold water. This could be the reason your boiler isn’t starting up correctly. It will just be sitting there, waiting for you to crank up the heat.

You should not set your water temperature to ‘cold’. Your manual for central heating will provide instructions for setting the temperature of your water.

My Ideal boiler is still not working

If you’ve tried everything and still have an Ideal Boiler Status 0 boiler fault, it is time to call in the professionals. It is not a good idea to attempt to fix any major problems with central heating systems, boilers, or any other gas appliances. This is only legal for Gas Safe Heating Engineers.

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