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How to Bleed a Radiator

How to bleed a radiator

How to bleed a radiatorHow to Bleed a Radiator Compare Boiler Quotes

Do you need to know how to bleed a radiator

If your radiators are cold even when the heating is on then you will need to bleed your radiators.

Regularly bleeding your radiators will increase the efficiency of your central heating system and will help to reduce your energy bills.

Your radiators become less efficient when they have pockets of air trapped in them which causes the cold spots in your radiators.

Bleeding your radiators will release the trapped air pockets which will allow the hot water to circulate freely heating your home more effectively.


How To Bleed A Radiator

In this article, we show you how to bleed a radiator…


So, How To Bleed A RadiatorHow to Bleed a Radiator Compare Boiler Quotes

You do not need a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to bleed your radiators, you can bleed your radiators yourself by following our simple step by step guide on how to bleed a radiator:

  1. Firstly, to bleed your radiators you need to turn your heating on and wait until the radiators reach the maximum temperature.
  2. Once the radiators are at maximum temperature, carefully check each radiator for cold spots. Cold spots suggests that there are air pockets trapped in the radiator, so you will need to bleed the radiators which you find them in.
  3. Before you start to bleed your radiators, you need to turn the central heating off and wait until the radiators have cooled completely.
  4. To bleed the radiators, you will need a radiator key or a flat-blade screwdriver. If you don’t have a radiator key, you can find one in most DIY stores.
  5. At the top of the radiator at one end there will be a valve, locate this and position a cloth beneath the radiator valve to catch any water which may come out.
  6. Insert your radiator key into the groove on the valve. Slowly, turn the key anti-clockwise to open your radiator’s valve. You should hear a hissing noise after a couple of seconds, this is the pockets of air escaping.
  7. Once all the air has escaped, you may find that water starts to leak out before you turn the radiator key clockwise to close the valve. Be careful not to over-tighten the radiator valve, or you may cause damage to the valve.
  8. After bleeding the radiators the final stage is to check the pressure of your boiler gauge. For example, if the boiler pressure is too low, the pressure will need rebalancing. If the pressure is normal, then you can turn your heating back on as normal and check that there still are no cold spots in your radiators.

⭐ Here at Compare Boiler Quotes, we recommend checking your radiators every couple of months to make sure you are getting the most out of your central heating system. ⭐


If You Are Still Wondering How To Bleed A Radiator

If you still have cold areas in your radiators please full in our contact us form and a member of our experienced team will be happy to help you.


How To Bleed A Radiator – Compare Boiler Quote How to Bleed a Radiator Compare Boiler Quotes

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