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Boiler installation

Boiler installation

Boiler installation – Step by step guide to getting the best boiler install

The thought of a new boiler installation might be enough to put you off from getting rid of that old unreliable and inefficient boiler.

Then trying to find someone that you trust to undertake the work and at a price, you can afford might just add further reasons for the install to fall off your to-do list.

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But, at some point, boiler breakdowns are going to start happening. And we all know that if that’s going to happen, it’s going to be on a weekend and in the middle of a snowstorm, the very time when you need heating the most and when a boiler replacement is at its most inconvenient!

So, rather than finding yourself in that situation, remove the stress from a new boiler installation by giving yourself the time to plan the process.

In this guide, we’re going to help you through those steps so that you can have a stress-free boiler installation.

Boiler installation quotes

Before you start looking at boiler costs and contacting companies, take a moment to think about what you need from your new heating system. We’ve started you off with some questions to think about.

What are your hot water needs?

Do you have a multi bathroom home and chaotic mornings with everyone trying to get out of the door at the same time? Or is it a more staggered approach with one bathroom being enough to cope with demand?

Do you dream of a power shower?

If being able to have that glorious power shower is a no-negotiable requirement for your new hot water system, then that’s going to influence the type of boiler that you’ll need.

How do you like to take control?

Are you the type of person who always has their phone to hand, and you love the convenience of controlling everything via an app?

Or do you prefer the familiarity of a mechanical timer? The ways in which we can now control our heating systems have changed dramatically in recent years. So make sure your new boiler can be managed in a way that works for you.

Are you planning any big changes to your home?

If you’re thinking of adding a granny flat or putting in underfloor heating, then you need to make sure that your new boiler can cope with these extra demands on the heating and hot water.

If you’re thinking about converting your loft to provide extra living space or reconfiguring the bedrooms, then that may run into problems if your heating system is one that needs a cold water tank or a hot water cylinder.

What doesn’t work for you right now?

Is having the boiler in the kitchen taking up valuable storage space? Maybe there aren’t enough radiators to keep the house warm, or they’re just in the wrong place. Now is the ideal time to work out what you need and where.

Then how about the way in which you get hot water. Do you ever find that the hot water cylinder empties, leaving you with cold showers? Or do the radiators furthest away from the boiler never seem to get hot enough?

Boiler brand preferences?

Worcester Bosch boilers, for example, are well known for their reliability but they’re not always the cheapest option. However, you do tend to get what you pay for.

Brands such as Viessmann and Worcester Bosch are now offering twelve-year warranties on a new boiler, so spending a little more could provide you with more than a decade of worry-free heating.

Fuel type

While some homeowners might be restricted to the energy type available in the area, many homeowners are able to choose from either an electric or a gas boiler. A gas boiler is the most popular choice as this often has higher levels of energy efficiency and so lower bills.

However, the UK Government has pledged to reduce the dependency on gas, and new properties will not be able to have a gas boiler fitted to supply hot water and central heating after 2025. So that might mean that we see a wider range of new boilers using alternative fuel options very soon.

What should be included in your new boiler installation quote?

You need to know precisely what it is that you’re paying for. An itemised boiler quote is essential to, first of all, make sure there are no unexpected surprises from additional costs and so that it allows you to make accurate comparisons between quotes from different installers.

While that fixed price might like one of the boiler deals of the year, if it doesn’t include half of what’s needed, then it’s suddenly not such a bargain after all.

A typical boiler installation cost is likely to be between £2,000 and £3,000, so you really do need to know exactly what you’re paying for.

It’s not only the boiler cost that you need to consider; there will also be the gas safe engineers time for the installation and any additional hardware such as pipes and controls that are needed.

If the engineer isn’t keen to provide a detailed breakdown, then that’s a strong sign to walk away and find someone that will!

Here’s our list of what we’d expect to see detailed on a boiler quote

The new boiler details

 This should include the name of the boiler manufacturer, the exact model and the price of the boiler being installed. Boiler names can be very similar to each other so do make sure that the correct one is detailed.

It’s not unusual for a model of boiler to have five or six different power output options. So, make sure that the one that’s being installed is specified within the quote.

Additional hardware

If you’ve decided to have an additional filter, a new water cylinder or additional heating controls then these should all be listed along with their price. These extras can really increase new boiler prices, so make sure they’re included.

It’s important to make no assumptions about your new boiler installation; if it’s not on the quote, then it’s probably not going to be included.

Location for the installation

It’s not unusual for the person who comes to your home to provide a quote to be a different person to the boiler installer. So, even if you spoke about the boiler being moved to a new location, if that’s not detailed on the quote then you could be in for a stressful time come installation day.

If the boiler does need to be moved, then do make sure that a specific location is provided.

Moving things around can really increase the boiler replacement cost, so do think carefully as to whether the benefits justify the cost and upheaval involved.

If the boiler is going to be staying in the same location, make sure that fact is added to the quote.

Water treatment

A good clean of the system is always needed before new boiler installations are started. But, the type of clean that’s needed is going to depend on how dirty the water in your system is, to begin with.

Clean each radiator

Using this method, each radiator will be drained individually and then a garden hose is used to flush out any remaining debris. This type of clean requires no additional equipment but it doesn’t get the same results as a power flush.

If the water that comes out of the radiator is very discoloured, then it’s probably going to need more intensive water treatment.

Power flush

Power flushing uses a specialised machine to force a chemical through the entire heating system. This high-pressure solution forces out any debris and sludge in the pipes and leaves the water to flow without any resistance from blockages.

Do be aware that a power flush can take a full day to complete so that needs to be added to the installation time.


MagnaCleanse is designed to not only clean the pipes but also provide ongoing protection through the installation of a MagnaClean system filter. This then catches the iron oxide sludge before it begins to cause problems in the system.

The protection from the MagnaCleanse is provided for the life of the boiler, and there’s an added bonus of reducing heating bills by up to 6%.

Labour costs

Now you need to understand what the engineer is going to be charging for their time to carry out the boiler replacement. Do bear in mind that installing boilers needs to be carried out by gas safe registered engineers. While you might find someone unregistered who claims to carry out the best boiler installation at a cheaper rate, it’s actually illegal for them to complete the job.

Only a gas safe registered engineer is legally allowed to install gas appliances and carry out a boiler repair. Mot using a registered engineer is likely to invalidate your warranty and cause all kinds of issues on your home insurance in a worst-case scenario.

Warranty details

Make sure that you have all the information on what is and what isn’t covered by the warranty on your new boiler. It’s not unusual for manufacturers to offer different warranty periods on their range of boiler systems, so don’t assume that they’re all the same.

There will also be some terms and conditions that need to be followed to ensure the validity of the cover, and that might include:

Who installs the new boiler

Some boiler companies such as Viessmann require engineers to be trained by them for your new gas boiler to be eligible for extended warranties. So even if your proposed installation team are gas safe engineers, that’s not going to be enough to get the longer cover.

Installation of filters

Worcester Bosch offers an extended warranty on some of their boilers if their Greenstar System Filter is fitted when the new boiler is installed. While this might increase the boiler installation costs, it’s likely to be offset in the long term by the extended warranty period.

Installation checks

Once the boiler installers have completed their work, then a series of performance and safety checks will be carried out on both the heating and hot water services. The results are then recorded in the back of the instruction manual.

This is then part of the benchmark process which is a requirement for the warranty to be valid on your new boiler.

Annual servicing

Whether you have a Worcester Bosch boiler installed or a system from one of the other boiler brands, they will all require annual servicing to be carried out for the warranty to be valid. Carrying out a small boiler repair sooner rather than later can prevent the problem from getting worse.

Make sure that when the gas safe engineer carries out the boiler service, they also log the work in the service history booklet. That’s because if you do need to make a claim on the warranty then the manufacturer may ask to see the service history before authorising the work.

Questions to ask before you get the boiler installed

Are you a gas safe registered engineer?

We’ve already mentioned the need for the new gas boilers to be fitted by a gas safe registered engineer. If you want to double-check on an engineers credentials, you can do that on the website for the gas safe register.

How long will the boiler installation take?

Once the engineer has all your requirements for your new boiler fitting, then they’ll be able to work out how long the installation will take. Most of the time, the installation process is completed in one day.

But if you’re moving from a regular boiler to a combi boiler or you’re moving where the boiler flue is going, then you can expect extra time to be needed. Likewise, the installation process will take longer if you decide to have your boiler fitted in a new location.

Suddenly got a change of plans? Do speak to the installation team as soon as possible. What may seem like a small change to you might be a big change in terms of installation and that’s going to push up your new boiler costs.

Installations for different boiler types

New combi boiler installation

Combi boilers are the most popular choice of heating in the UK. Their ability to provide hot water on demand and not need a hot water cylinder or cold water tank make them a perfect choice for smaller homes.

There’s also now a much greater range of choice of combi boilers when it comes to higher kW output, with some combi boilers now able to power more than one bathroom and even store hot water ready for use.

If you’re planning on a straight combi swap for your new gas boiler then the installation is generally quick and simple. There’s unlikely to be a need for additional pipework and so the boiler installation cost is going to be at the lower end of the scale.

System boiler installation

A system boiler takes its cold water directly from the mains supply but then stores the heated water in a cylinder ready for use. Again a new boiler cost and the fees for installation are going to be lower if you opt for another system boiler.

But, if your hot water needs have changed, so perhaps children have left home, then it may no longer be the best boiler for your home. Heating all that water and then not using it does not make for the most energy-efficient boiler.

Although a combi boiler replacement will cost more to fit in this situation, you’ll make savings on your energy bill each month compared to the old boiler.

Regular boiler installation

Regular and conventional boilers are the same type of system. This is an older boiler type and needs both a cold water tank and a hot water cylinder. Regular boilers often struggle to achieve the energy efficiency levels of more modern heating solutions and so that then means higher energy bills.

There is also a more limited choice of new boilers for this type of heating, so that can be a motivator in finding the right boiler for you and your home.

However, if you have a regular boiler installed then going for a brand new system or combi boiler can be expensive in terms of installation cost. It may also not be possible without replacing a lot of the pipework, and that then causes a big increase in the boiler replacement cost.

After your new boiler installation

Once the installation process is complete, the engineer will carry out a series of safety and performance checks on the new boiler system. The results of these are then recorded to show that the boiler installers carried out their work correctly and that the hot water and central heating are all working correctly.

Do check that your new boiler is going to be registered with the manufacturer, as that will then activate the warranty. Some manufacturers allow the homeowner to do this but others require for it to be done by whoever installed the new boiler.

Also, ask the engineer to show you how the temperature controls for water and central heating work as these might be different to your old boiler.

Next steps for your new boiler installation

Now it’s time to get things moving and take the first step in having your new boiler installed. The easiest way to do that is to get a new boiler quote online.

This then means that there’s no need to worry about what boiler size you need or the kW output.

Simply enter some details about your current boiler use and you’ll be presented with details of the best boiler for your home, along with alternative suggestions, from a range of manufacturers, for you to choose from. and all the boiler prices are there for you to see.

With a fixed price quote, there are no surprises with the new boiler cost. You can even book the best boiler installation date at the same time as placing your order.

Then you can sit back safe in the knowledge that having a new boiler installed removes worries about repair costs, and you can enjoy lower energy bills!

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